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  1. Well, maybe also Mort. He's not the easiest to satisfy after all. You found the smile! It's definitely one of those "good enough" solutions.
  2. Here's my (first) entry. The plane is capable of taking off without a potential tail strike. Capable of landing in the water perfectly intact (as you can see with no difference in parts according to KER). It can take off an land on the same runway. It can fly (albeit quite slowly) on any two engines. IN summary: There is no chance of tail strike (20), No SAS to fly stable (20), has 4 engines but can fly on two (20), airbrakes (10), can ditch in the water with no damage (20), can take off and land on same runway without turning around (20). Power generation is via fuel cells. 1280 M/s + (112 Passengers X5) + (1659 KM/10) + (2/1) + 110 (bonus points) = 2116.9 points!
  3. Can't let Mort get away unharmed can you? As for the next few stories I've got some ideas, but in the mean time I might finally get around to doing a Behind-the-scenes/Analysis/Goofs thread for this series.
  4. The wild ride comes to an end with this finale episode of The Asteroid Sentinels! I thank each and everyone of you who've given this graphic novel a try! The Asteroid Sentinels was once planned to be a short little comic based on the Asteroid Day mod and it became so much larger! This was a great series for me to learn how to write a story! I'd like to give a shoutout to @Kuzzter for the great stories that made me try out a comic for this story, and for being both a source of great inspiration and feedback! I'd also like to thank @Just Jim and @insert_name for being great readers who've stuck around to read a lot of my recent stories! I also thank everyone at the Thread for Writers thread for being a source of inspiration and tips! Lastly, I'd like to thank the mod-makers of the mods I used—this story would not be complete without them! Thanks everyone for reading, I hope to see you all in the next story!
  5. I'm sure our dear kerbal Mortimer will manage to work through the err... Mortifying paperwork.
  6. While unlikely and would certainly cause an outrage across Kerbin, that is quite an interesting idea, that's for sure!
  7. Sneak peak of the finale episode, whose script I have now completed! In this shot you can figure where this probe is going, what happened to the nukes, and more! (It's a nice little puzzle, see if you can find some details!)
  8. I messed with a bizarre creation, a long range bomber propeller powered aircraft capable of reaching fighter speeds (~180 M/s) and capable of carrying at least 4,500 kg of bombs. I basically messed with the stock Albatross and heavily modified it to essentially be a very oversized P-38. Whether this unconventional design would actually be plausible in real life, I'm not sure.
  9. Thanks! I wasn't sure if that little diagram of the solution to the two asteroid destroyers would be confusing or unreadable, but I can certainly imagine Bill quickly writing on his K-Pad that drawing to show to Jeb and Val.
  10. Enjoy this excellent, long, penultimate episode! Thanks for watching the episode! Please leave feedback what you thought of it, i'd heavily appreciate this!
  11. Let's hope Luke Skykerman will swoop in and make sure the asteroid actually goes boom!
  12. Finished taking the screenshots on this big episode, though I may need to draw a couple things. Here's a teaser pic! Leave feedback to tell me what you think of the series and what I could improve.
  13. Just finished the penultimate episode's script, it'll be a good 7 pages long! As for the Series 8 so far, what's been your thoughts on it?
  14. Ker-Man's Sky; Unacceptable Disappointment Saturnian B. Kerman, Kerbal Chronicles The first universe simulator of it's kind, Ker-man's Sky, the most anticipated simulator of the year, has been a big disappointment. Even though in-game footage portraying a "photorealistic" version of the city Kirrim-Central was teased, players have complained that they found planets made of cheese and Kelgian Choke-olat that were "10X bigger than expected" (in fact, the footage of Kirrim-Central is now believed to be actual video footage of the city). The lead developer, Shaww Moray, has not yet published a statement, and the only "official" statement has been from a store clerk at a bankrupt GameMove who said "Bigger planets with cheese and stuff? Sounds good." We have been unable to reach him via K-Pad, potentially due to the fact that the Legion of Vechtenarians may have abducted him. Even stranger is a bug report (yet to be replied to) that has detailed a strange world about 6370 km in radius with bizarre beings approximately 2 meters tall who were either incredibly hostile, curious, or attempted to exploit the players. The most interesting of critics was Wernher von Kerman, who pointed out that the warp drives depicted in the simulator are impossible in the real universe, where the Great Kraken is rumored to propel a kerbal at higher speeds, though unpredictably. "It's not rocket science", he proclaimed, though the irony of this statement was pointed out extensively. The most unusual of criticisms came from players who believe the Monolith has magical powers, and were thus disappointed when they simply learned the word "Snack" in "ArFF!K-9 Speak" when they encountered the various Monoliths in the game. Updates are on the way, though many expect these updates to be the "Ker-Man's Sky of updates".