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  1. While i wait for 1.3.1 to come out, i might as well give you guys a little update on the UCS project. The reason im saying 1.3.1 is, because i've had some problems with big aircraft's ever since i tested the 1.3 prerelease . At least 3 out of 6-8 aircraft's that i tested, exploded as soon as the physics kicked in. These include: an old cargojet of mine, witch was heavily inspired by the TU-154 "careless", a new stock MD-11 replica that i built during the prerelease, and a new replica of the Fireflash, that i also made during the prerelease. I kinda wanted to make a bug-report about it, but, since it seemed like such an obvious problem, i taught it would probably have been reported by that time and would get fixed by the time 1.3 comes out. So, im kinda hoping the 1.3.1 update will fix this issue. So you can probably guess why i don't want to make giant replicas right now. Tough i could have just stayed with 1.2.2. as i did for a while, but a project of mine forced me to make the upgrade. And since i broke my main save during this version shuffle (don't worry, i didn't lose any of the crafts), i wont be downgrading anymore. Plus, most of the crafts will be incompatible anyways because of the new struts. So, sorry for the delay. Now for other news regarding this project. I went trough all the suggestions, and the first three ones that i will make are: 1. HE-111 H-6, Suggested by @Columbia. Seems like the perfect mix of fun, challenge and beauty. 2. BF-109 G-6, Suggested by @Servo and @MightyDarkStar. The most highly suggested/liked. 3. JU-85 Stuka (one of the earlier versions), Suggested by no one. In the top of my "Want to make" list. Oh, and you can still put in suggestion on the comments if you want.
  2. Yeah, as Selfish_meme said, you have to build them yourself. In this case, a 0.5m intake makes up the engine cowling, while a nosecone works as the crank case. The sylinders are small communitron antennaes, and the propellers are bigger communitron antennaes. It uses jet engines mounted in the rear of the inboard engine nacelles to propel it.
  3. Yep, both are fully stock.
  4. Small crafts eh, well, here's a couple of craft you'll be seeing once KSP 1.3 comes out. They where built in the 1.3 prerelease, and are now inaccessible because i reverted back to 1.2 to get some proper stuff done. The first one is what i call the ITB (interceptor test bed). It was a scaled down interceptor model used to test all kinds of fancy doodads. It also served as an aerodynamics tesbed for a next generation interceptor, that eventually turned into the KF-18 Fornet. A lot of our engineers that took part in that project said that the original ITB was just too cute and fun. So, instead of scrapping the prototype R/C jet, they brought it back to the KSC and are now using it as a "big boys R/C park flyer" The other aircraft is a four engined "Protected cargo plane" that served in KW2 as a personal transport for many high ranking officers that wanted to feel a little safer/comfy while flying into the front-lines. This one is of course a scaled down replica of it built by a small group of KSC staff as "party piece" to be used in airshows and conventions.
  5. I think that what it's actually supposed to be demonstrating, is the big hangar door, and the airlock doors on the main corridor/neck. Witch i think is pretty neat . It actually says it on the first pictures (the one on the album) description too .
  6. Some of my original ideas for UCS stuff included the F/A-18 (my favorite modern jet) and the Panavia Tornado (cuz people in the past have wanted me to make one). So jets will be made . The engines will propably end up being upscaled stock engines (my original engines for UCS jets where going to be from the MK-4 fuselage pack) with some dummy intake fans made from rotatrons, wings and nosecones (may need some tweakscaling). The F-5 would make for a pretty nice build, tough personally i would go for the T-38 Talon instead (two seater version with some slight differences here and there), but the choice is yours choice .
  7. If you have any suggestions/requests, don't forget to drop them, as i could really use some more suggestions to help me narrow down the definite choices and widen the possible choices.
  8. I have now updated the post with a categorized list of all the planes that have been suggested/reguested so far. And thanks for all the suggestions so far .
  9. Ah yes, that stubby little thing that i'm not much of a fan of . I'd rather go for the Gloster Gladiator, not only because it's a biplane (gives me that extra help due to extra lift and maneuverability) , but because i think its damn good looking as well . The P-36 Hawk (aka Hawk 75) could work as-well i think.
  10. I think the G-6 is going to be my choice, cuz that's what the Finns used in the continuation war . The HE-111 would make for a pretty interesting and fun little build.
  11. I think the BF-109 is going to be an inevitability. Wow , guess i can take the FW-190 off my list . The P-47 has never really caught to me , but, the P-38 tough, what an absolute beauty! The Wright flyer is the father of powered flight, and that alone makes it worthy of a proper replication. The Camel and the Triplane would make for an awesome pair . The Albatros D.V would be an absolute beauty aswell. Man, i wish i could use KerbPaint for these , that would make them 200% more awesome . The parts, THE PARTS . It would make for a great minibuild tough . The C-130 would make for a pretty nice build, tough making a working cargo ramp, that might end up being a bit problematic at these scales.
  12. I think that the same goes for the B-29 as for the B-17. Tough this time i think it's about as good as it can get without it being too part heavy. So i don't think i really feel the need to make another . But, as with all the suggestions here, if support is high enough, then why not . Because i don't think ill end up doing that many of these (it's alot of work for something that isn't very functional). So that's why i'm asking from you guys that what you wanna see the most. Then i can take the top suggestions and make em, as well as propably making a few of my own picks. So, if they end up being the ones people wanna see the most, then ill gladly make em .
  13. Just taught id drop by to tell a little bit about what i have lined up in the workshop right now. I have also resently been working on a whole bunch of WW1 inspired aircrafts. I have also done quite a lot of stuff for the KBM-300 project comeback: trucks, tanks and even a new launch system that John Kerman thinks is honestly a bit old fashioned (i just gave you a hint on what its based upon). Oh, and as you can see, ALBUMS ARE BACK .
  14. Ah yes, my all time favorite aircraft. It would be quite lovely to make a USC scale one...but i'm not sure if it would end up being that better compared to my previous attempt at making a super detailed replica of it. Well, it can always be made better , but how big am i willing to let the part count be Definetly gonna have to think hard on this one.
  15. I would actually quite love to make that since it's my favorite chopper . Not sure how i would be able to power it tough. KAX rotors and what not get a little tiny at these huge scales. Hmm, im going to have to think about that one. So basically the Concorde or the TU-144? Hmm, Might be interesting to try, tough i fear that the part count might be a BIT of an issue.