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  1. Edit: Found the answer. Altering the "Gameseed" value under ResourceScenario in persistent.sfs rerolled the entire system's resource distribution. Not quite what I wanted but as I have no other land bases just yet to worry about displacing with the nuclear option, it got the job done. I'm sure this has been answered before, but I can't for the life of me seem to be able to find anything on it. I'm using Kerbalism and scansat, and trying to set up a fuel refinery on the Mun (I'd use Minmus, but I despise super low gravity worlds, they make bases and rovers just.. unfun). Problem is, with Kerbalism if you don't have access to water you're basically SOL.. and scansat is telling me that there is no water anywhere near the poles where I'd like to set up shop (permanent sunlight). In fact, the only water is more or less at areas between the equator and poles.. making it less than ideal. I'd like to change that, but I can't seem to find anything that screams "alter this to add water to Mun's polar lowlands!" I assume it's in the save file, persistent.sfs. I've found a section for the Mun, with a SCANResources bit.. but it's all nonsense to me. Is this what I'm looking for, and if so.. what would I need to change to add water to the Poles and Polar Lowlands?
  2. Not sure what is causing this, but I noticed that when I'm building a craft in the VAB everything works fine.. until I add a greenhouse. The moment I click the greenhouse in the part menu my FPS drops down to a stuttering mess. Playable, but quite annoying. Discard the greenhouse, and it goes back to the normal smooth FPS. When loaded onto the launchpad it's better, somewhat. The difference between having a greenhouse and not is noticeable but not quite cringe-worthy. I've a pretty powerful PC (it's set up to run a Vive), and it normally handles KSP just fine.. so I can't help but think something must be wrong with this particular part. Edit: Just to be clear, it's the planetary greenhouse I'm having trouble with. The little greenhouse container (and kerbalism's greenhouse) work just fine. Edit 2: Oddly, today the part seems to be working fine. Nothing changed, so I'm not sure what was causing the problem before. In fact, where before it was causing massive lag as the only part loaded.. now I've got it sitting on a 2 million ton 146 part rocket with no problems at all. Though, now that I think about it I did change one thing (not that it's necessarily related). I disabled Kerbalism's part failure module because I got sick of pieces I couldn't possibly replace on my station having critical failures (or high quality solar panels that are supposed to last 20 years failing en route to minmus).
  3. One trick that I've found that makes docking super easy is to have one vessel face radial+ (away from planet) and the other radial- (towards planet). Mechjeb does a great job with this, but even the stock game's SAS works. Target+/- works too.. but things start wobbling as the two vessels get closer. Radial+/- changes very slowly as you orbit, and is unrelated to vessel seperation distance. You can then rotate the vessel to whichever orientation you want, and you've eliminated any problems with the docking ports not lining up because you've already put them in the same plane. Then you just move "up/down, left/right" to move the little purple "target" circle to the center of your nav ball, and then move the green prograde circle there too.. now you're lined up and just have to move forward with minute adjustments as you get closer and the navball predictions get more accurate.
  4. Well, I'm fairly certain anything I send up is going to work.. but for me, it's Max-Q. It's hard to be sure everything will fly correctly at that point. Switching to a landed base or time warping at one is also stressful because there's a high chance it'll just blow up. Biggest flaw in the entire game in my opinion.
  5. Adding storage should be easy enough. Just find a KIS part with storage, look through its .cfg (using a text editor like notepad) for the module that adds storage to the part, then copy that whole bit and drop it into this part's .cfg file. Edit the volume to your liking, save and play.
  6. Depends on what body you set them up on, like all science. If memory serves it's about what the experiments on your standard stock mun lander would net you, so maybe doubling the science gain from each "landed" biome.. minus surface samples. Personally I find they fit in well with the community tech tree, NEOS (an orbital experiment pack similar to this), and Kerbalism (which eliminates science lab science generation). That, and it feels more like "gameplay" than simply go here, press button to get science, go home. In more stock-ish games I tend to stop using most stock science entirely (to keep some challenge) and just rely on this and some of the other science mods that have better gameplay value.
  7. I'm in 1.3 KSP, and the KerbalHealth.version file says As for steps to reproduce, I'm not sure. I just copied my stock KSP game, dropped in mods from my mod game (except for USI-LS) and put kerbal health in instead. Mostly using BDB parts, if that matters at all. The station was entirely out of BDB lab/hab units, and the apollo mission was using their Saturn V remake minus the ullage motors. The mission was an apollo lunar rendezvous profile, that went fine until I realized Val had all but died.. and a bug caused by BetterTimeWarp started screwing with my orbits and rendezvous nodes. Their lossless physics option is.. experimental. That caused me to miss several intercept attempts, leading to several phasing orbits to line up others.. and Val's demise. As for the demise of the entire station crew and LEM crew upon docking following hyperediting them home.. I can't begin to imagine what happened there. I'd offer logs, but I deleted that install of KSP after settling on giving Kerbalism a go in my next playthrough.
  8. The landing legs are insanely useful on larger landers. They're heavy, but when you're landing a 50 ton cryogenic lander that's half the height of the VAB on its own.. then they're worth it. The superdraco engines are so much more fun than parachutes, but landing can be a pain. Might be able to trick the stagerecovery mod into autorecovering the capsule as a "spent stage" though.. Carrying what would normally be discarded service module engines home can be financially effective.
  9. How about rescale mods like Sigma Dimensions? I'm playing a 2.5x stock system, could I drop this in and have my Duna replaced by a 2.5x version of this Duna?
  10. In my 2.5x rescale stock system, Kerbalism isn't displaying the radiation belt overlays. Am I correct in assuming the issue is due to the rescale, or is there some toggle I'm missing to show them? The belts appear to work fine, and radiation hits at the appropriately higher altitude.
  11. Not sure if anyone's noticed this.. but the chemical plant has some issues with physics. Namely, conservation of mass. The gases are all really light weight, so anything that turns gas into a liquid (especially fuel) just destroys physics. For example, I created a simple test vehicle consisting of a big orange tank, some landing legs, an engine, a constant power source (itinerant service module I believe it was, from near future?), a chemical plant turning hydrogen/oxygen into oxidizer, and enough hydrogen/oxygen tanks to give me a bit more than what I'd need to fill the oxidizer on the orange tank. At the start of the test my vehicle weighed around 27 tons (the liquid fuel was still full), and after 110 days (with just one chemical plant) it weighed something like 52 tons after converting all the gases to oxidizer and filling the orange tank. Now, this means I could upper stages totally empty of fuel but with a chemical plant and some gas tanks, then fill my oxidizer en route or in a parking orbit, halving my payload mass at launch. Liquid fuel can be similarly produced, with water as a byproduct. I haven't tested if monopropellant production is advantageous though, but again it converts oxidizer to mono/water.. and oxidizer can be made from super lightweight gases. Altogether, the combination of these processes can be used to launch a vehicle into orbit that weighs a tiny fraction of what the final product will, though the entire process is self contained. This seems.. wrong.
  12. I was afraid it was something like that. Kerbalism pretty much tells the stock science system where it can stick it.. or, well maybe not in this case. I'll probably just disable that module for now as it doesn't play entirely too well with other mods in general. KIS activity of any kind on a vessel carrying science data totally erases all that data, and I'm a bit worried it's not going to play nicely with the surface experiment pack either.
  13. Not sure what's going on here, but the "analyze science" button doesn't seem to do anything. I drive up to a red dome, it turns green.. the button appears, but when clicked nothing happens. I'm using the Kerbalism mod too, anyone know if that could be interfering with Rover Science somehow? It changes a bit about how science is collected.
  14. Interesting. Unfortunately that doesn't help with the KEES experiments as they work a bit differently as one time use experiments that aren't really meant to be "removed" at all. I like how they interact with kerbalism in that I can "remove" the data and process it in a lab instead of actually returning the experiment to the surface, but if the data disappears as soon as I collect the experiment with KIS then they won't work at all. Suppose I'll just have to keep this in mind and maybe place the components on pieces that I'll be decoupling anyway, that way I won't need to remove the experiments at all. A bit of experimentation and I might come up with a workable solution. Edit: "Finalizing" the KEES experiments so that Kerbalism removes the data and puts it in the pod, then EVA'ing a kerbal and having them remove the data from the pod before disconnecting anything with KIS will prevent KIS from destroying the data stored in the ship.. because the data isn't stored in the ship anymore. Unsure if putting something in the kerbal's inventory will do anything though, as I used my scientist as the data holder (floating off in space) while the engineer did renovations.
  15. It seems that this mod removes all the orbital level biome specific stuff. EVA's from low orbit no longer have a biome specific experiment either, instead only a single "above the Mun" EVA needs to be done. This seems to drastically reduce the science you get from anything that isn't a landing, but that's okay by me because it balances out all the other science mods I use like bluedog design bureau's multitude of experiments.