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  1. Just from experimental tinkering (with an aim of launching a couple of tons worth of necessary gear to get a Kerbal involved and safely back out of orbit), I'm looking at more than 70 tons just to get the first 350 m/s of delta-V (at an average TWR around 2, in two ascent stages so far.) I could, theoretically, build it on out and make it to orbit, but it would wind up being even heavier than my brute-forced retrosolar rescue attempts, and even harder on a CPU that barely handled those.
  2. Seeking clarity before I make an attempt: 1) You're making a blanket ban on all mods except those specifically listed, and thus ruling out any entries with visual enhancers? It's only a minor inconvenience to uninstall Stock Visual Enhancements and the like, but I'd prefer not making unnecessary writes to the SSD the game's on. 2) Are you asking for a launch with only a probe core, LESs, and Sepratrons (no decouplers, no structural parts, etc), or just that LESs provide all forward thrust for a vessel without wings? If it's a "stock parts and physics, no autopilot, but otherwise go wild" sort of thing, I may give it a shot.
  3. The level of difficulty isn't actually all that high. A big, dumb rocket can do it (as I've shown), and a little, smart one can do it too if you're more careful with how you spend your fuel. What difficulty there is in the challenge comes from figuring out exactly what mission profile you're going to aim for, then constructing a ship capable of pulling it off. Of course, I've had about a dozen failures for each of the two successes that I've posted, and am still having more as I work for a third (and faster) one. Take the Dwarf Fortress mental approach to it: "Losing is fun!"
  4. Yeah, brute-force methods require a ton of delta-V, and the faster you want to get it done, the more you need (as my own attempts have shown). I'm still looking for ways to pull off a rescue that would bring Burberry home (using the save file in the first post, modified to fill up the entire Community Tech Tree) in less than the time that it takes for the first orbital alignment between Kerbin and the Goliath. So far, the best I've managed was an intersect before Day 70, and that burned over 7 km/s of delta-V just getting the intersect, with a relative velocity of somewhere around 23 km/s at closest approach. If you assume that a quick return would require similar delta-V, then we're talking a required ship capability of some 60+ km/s after making orbit. Edit: With that initial phase angle of roughly 180º on Day 1, we hit an angle of 360º on Day 97 during the 1:00 hour. Thus, my ultimate goal is to get Burberry home before this mark.
  5. @Cpt Kerbalkrunch Thanks for the praise, but I wasn't done yet! @Physics Student You think the Olympia was ginormous? Behold... the Kilamanjaro! I managed to come within one day of cutting my mission time in half with this mission profile, and could probably have done better still if I'd actually been calculating more than eyeballing. Still, I'm happy with this one, so don't expect a third entry from me today. TL:DR version of the mission profile for those who don't want to go through the story in the album: Launch an oversized ship into LKO, lower orbit to intercept with the Goliath, reverse direction there instead of in orbit around Kerbin, pick Burberry up, turn around a second time at that lower altitude, lift back up to meet Kerbin, circularize, then deorbit and land wherever. Mission ends at UT 159d 2:31.
  6. I've done it! Burberry is on the ground in the grasslands west of KSC on Year 1 Day 316 at 4:53. Sadly, the craft file is too large to upload to KerbalX. That's why I've stuck it on Google Drive, so you can download it here. Unlike others in this thread, I tend to subscribe to the 'mod it till you break it' style of gameplay, but I've done my best to minimize that for this mission. MechJeb is present (via MechJeb and Engineer for All rather than adding a part), and is used for the ascent until shortly past max Q, for calculating circularization burns a couple of times, and for several 'match velocity at closest approach' calculations, but otherwise the maneuver planner is reserved for clicking 'execute next node' on one that I worked out myself. The ship itself uses only stock parts, arranged with the help of EditorExtensionsRedux and Hangar Extender, with the LFO tanks having been reskinned via the combination of Color Coded Canisters and Fuel Tanks Plus.
  7. I've been making efforts all week, and will share when I'm finally victorious. My last ship failed not because of physics, but because my computer froze by the time it was about 20m off the launch pad. I guess that a 4000-part monstrosity is just a tad too much. I have family functions to attend today, but some time this afternoon I'll be getting back to work on this challenge. Edit: The previous attempt (of which, in retrospect, I shouldn't have wiped the screenshots when I failed, since the album could have been fun) wound up a few thousand m/s of delta-V short of my targeted mission profile. It was a sad, sad error that I didn't realize I'd made until I was flying past Kerbin on the return trip, burning as hard as I could, and unable to establish an orbit.
  8. No, they really aren't. If you'll allow me to reference the Challenge Submission Guide: Is this challenge possible? Well, if it is depends entirely upon what "the dab" actually is in the first place. You've skipped the traditional 'good form' attempt by a challenge's submitter to complete their own challenge. What are we trying to do? You haven't given us enough information to work with. How do we win this anyway? Without any rules defined for what you even want us to do, there obviously isn't a way to decide whether or not somebody has 'won' or not.
  9. Even more successful a test flight than Blue Origin was expecting! I'd say this morning has been a victory, even if it was a bit over half an hour late. Edit: Gentlemen (and ladies), it has been loads of fun watching the livestream with you.
  10. That is beautiful! Extra points awarded for the booster surviving an LES firing at max-q. I may have to visit a museum some time in the near future.
  11. Hold again? This is the moment when it's entirely appropriate to scream in frustration, no? Are they having a hard time finding enough red mana to tap?
  12. At least we're back on countdown instead of hold! Looks like we get to watch it go up today after all.
  13. It's an unmanned flight for which they fully intend to press backspace at max-q and sac the booster. Light the candle already!
  14. I really hope not. I'm going to keep watching until they either cut the stream or launch the rocket, though.
  15. I don't know whether to root for a successful, unexpected recovery of the booster (and subsequent museum interment) or for the big boom on the desert floor. Edit: 5 minutes into this hold, I'm going crazy with anticipation!