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  1. Wait we're posting music now? My time to shine. Maybe I should try other music. Nah. Too much effort.
  2. Definitely Centerfold, as @XB-70A said.
  3. How did I miss a hype train thread? I'm ready. Ticket is totally not my ticket to the 1.2 hype train with .9 scrawled on it. Totally not, no need to investigate. edit: uh oh
  4. You realize that's just a joke, the person who did that isn't that ignorant.
  5. As soon as I saw your avatar in the notifications box I knew you were going to say this.
  6. I think it would be a 3/4 majority to go into effect. If it was a simple majority rules of 50%, there would be 49% of people mad and 51% happy, which is a lot of angry people.
  7. I mean, considering the effect of internet memes in recent politics, that's definitely going to happen.
  8. How about we just do strawpolls with these things and get them over with simply, not through some complex process that takes a few days and could get the thread locked. Simpler and faster.
  10. Ah, okay. I set it to that when I went up there to see the Falcon 9 launch in January. I should set it back to something witty.
  11. No, why?
  12. Yep. I knew stuff can be screwed up but I didn't see the text on the cable until after I killed my HDD.
  13. Well... I was cable managing earlier because my management is horrendous. I get a 2-port SATA power cable out of my Thermaltake PSU bag and unplug my 4-port one, I only had two ports being used so I figured why not consolidate. Guess what brand that SATA power cable was? Corsair. Not Thermaltake. Boot up, hear a click, smell burnt plastic. Unplug PC immediately and ask PCMR discord for help with what went wrong and they said try another SATA power cable. Tried the previous one I used and it worked fine... on my SSD. There goes about 400GB of games. And this all happened on my birthday...
  14. With how great that LEM looks, it seems we have developer capability for an art pass.... and that's awesome!
  15. I think it's due to the highest end Intel Core 2 Duos being on a system similar to Ryzen.
  16. Congrats everyone! Wish I entered but I got writer's block when I sat down to do it, next time though!
  17. April of 2013. Also I can't wait! I'm more than happy to throw money at SQUAD for this!
  18. @Camacha Ah, didn't hear about CCX things being fixed. It definitely is a great price, and I'll probably get a R5 chip later this year or next year, whenever I need to upgrade my 4670k. Thanks flr the info, though!
  19. Only problem with the R5 series is that the 4c8t still run off two CCXs, we'll have to wait for the APUs to get one CCX module CPUs, so if I upgrade I'll likely get a high end APU.
  20. Yeah, that'd work. Site hosting might get expensive if it keeps growing as well.
  21. Reddit will still be a thing and r/kerbalspaceprogram has about 100000 subscribers, very active sub.
  22. 16k? DX12 forcing might help with that.
  23. He uses Krita on his computer.
  24. I saw that and didn't see the text above it until I highlighted to quote you on how it's a dead meme but then I saw you said it was dead and cringey.