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  1. Nope. First launch is supposed to be in April of 2018 if I'm not mistaken.
  2. Oh my god I was completely unaware Freeman's Mind 2 was a thing. Thank you for informing me of it's existence.
  3. This is a bit more expensive but much better, an extra two cores and the faster RAM.
  4. Post anything about music! Your favorite album? Good music videos? Anything! Just has to be music-related.
  5. Yeah? @max_creative
  6. Has more cores as well, but needs the X299 motherboard which has the on-board "physical DLC" stuff on it, AFAIK, as well as having a relatively outrageous price compared to the cheapest 16c Threadripper, which is expected to be $849.
  7. Joke. Get a Ryzen Threadripper or EPYC instead.
  8. 8GB is a bare minimum, I would recommend 16GB if you can afford it.
  9. Yeah, I'm used to people wanting high/ultra graphics, I tend to recommend 570s/580s for PCs. 1050Ti is a strong card, of course!
  10. @LoSBoL Yeah, a 1050Ti should be more than enough for KSP, but a RX 570 or 580 would be what you'd want if you were playing more graphically demanding games.
  11. Alright, so it's a very aging build, I would try to upgrade soon. I'd keep an eye out on PC Part Picker or r/buildapcsales as well, you can find good deals on the subreddit and find out when AMD GPU shortage is over.
  12. Awesome! Are these included in 1.3 or are they coming in a future update?
  13. It might be a laptop, and laptop processors are throttled due to temperature, and most laptops with GPUs around $1000 I've seen have 1050s, 960M, or 3GB 1060s (mostly around the $1200 price point for 1060s)
  14. No sites have AMD GPUs in stock, and they'll be $275+ for a RX 480/580 on eBay due to the insane demand right now.
  15. @SpaceEnthusiast23 This would be pretty good for KSP, but AMD RX series GPUs are out of stock everywhere due to them being so good at cryptocurrency mining, so factor in about $220 for the GPU (doesn't show price on PC Part Picker)
  16. I think this thread should be alive again. Here's a song that I bet none of you have ever heard.
  17. It might be a little tall for that...
  18. I love them!
  19. Yeah, don't get any older AMD chips. Either get a Ryzen 5 or wait for what the APUs/Ryzen 3 has to offer.
  20. I had to post this wonderful example of text to speech. It's amazing.
  21. Awesome! Can't wait to see what comes next!