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  1. Definitely Engineer. Half of the vessels I make never fly. But I put together a lot of cool stuff.
  2. Last game I played plus KSP? Kerbal Six: Siege. Elite counter-space terrorist Kerbal forces breaching and clearing space stations. That'd be awesome.
  3. That's a really good design! I'd never have though of something like that!
  4. 6/13/13 from the official KSP store. God, that was nearly four years ago. I remember making orbit for the first time back in Jan of '14 vividly.
  5. @tylerraiz congrats! Love your channel!
  6. Maybe we'll get the old parts redone in Roverdude's style. God, those 2.5m decouplers are AWFUL.
  7. I've got Peter Schilling's The Different Story | World of Lust and Crime from 1989.
  8. I wouldn't try to get it until it's fixed, Bitworks is working on making the console version playable, the original release was awful.
  9. We gotta protect people from those that want to kill them. Speaking of this image, the combat shirts and pants are super rare and go for like $750+ on eBay. Crye Precision G3 shirts/pants but in Flecktarn. Super rare, and they look so good.
  10. >not .50BMG AR-15
  11. Guys, you really can't just keep breaking the rules like this. I gotta lock this thread.
  12. You aren't normal. Missing Tantares, who wouldn't use that beautiful pack? AFAIK it was just updated as well.
  13. Went to the shooting range, rented a Glock 34 and I got to shoot 50 rounds. wasn't enough
  14. @robopilot99 This really cuts the budget close, but it includes a mouse, keyboard, 60Hz 1080p 24" IPS monitor, and a Ryzen 5 1600 (6-core/12-thread and 3.2GHz stock clock speed)/RX 580 8GB. It did seem you needed a network router, so it might end up around $1010, a little over budget. The AM4 socket is going to be used until DDR5 RAM is introduced AFAIK, which I've heard will be around 2020. Intel's LGA1151 socket is being phased out as well, so an AMD Ryzen processor will have the best futureproofing right now. The RX 580 8GB blows the 3GB 1060 out of the water as well, I can run games 1080p Ultra 60FPS with my RX 480 8GB. Later on he can get a aftermarket cooler and overclock the processor up to ~4GHz.
  15. One word Edgenuity It is currently 1:45AM PDT and I have been sitting on the damn website for 6-7 hours. I'm probably going to fall asleep at my keyboard with Running in the 90s playing.
  16. This was the video that showed me the game for the first time. Good times, June of 2013. I actually need to play KSP some more, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and Rainbow Six: Siege have been taking my time up.
  17. But that doesn't exist in real life. This does, however. This reminds me I have a lot of stuff to buy for airsoft...
  18. Most posts like that are ironic, purely for a comedic effect.
  19. Hey you can't just go change your avatar like that at will. :D

    1. Vanamonde


      The evidence is to the contrary. 

  20. If you're in the US USPS flat rate should be like $6 to ship a processor, flat rate international is ~$20 I think. Not too bad of prices.
  21. Yes. @ZentroCatson
  22. Banned for having more rep than posts.
  23. Wait why is this in accouncements? I assume a mod moved the thread so more people would see it.