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  1. I was playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R. why disturb me Maybe @max_creative
  2. I found a flash drive from what, three years ago? It had two Minecraft worlds on it.
  3. 5/10 Odd but relatively interesting.
  4. It's probably a LGA1150 socket, then. I'm not sure if there are LGA1150 ITX mobos with 32GB support.
  5. (also I've finally found another person who uses DuckDuckGo)
  6. @CobaltWolf The progress you've made since I first saw this mod last year is absolutely amazing, making it easily my favorite mod in the game. I just want to thank you so much for all the hard work you've put into this for all of us, for free. Thank you so much. @MrMeeb That cinematic is awesome! Easily the best one you've made so far! Anyways, I should really get back into KSP, haven't played it in two months due to me somehow ruining my install when I attempted to give all of the BDB parts cheese textures.
  7. Oh! Congrats on becoming moderator!

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      Haha, thank you. :)

  8. I should make a Rep Grand Group Discord server and PM invites to those with >1k rep.
  9. I'm using Light-novel protagonist as an insult from this point forward.
  10. 10/10 I mean, it's KSP.
  11. @sal_vager If you ever find yourself in San Diego I'd love to meet you! Thank you for absolutely everything you've done over the years!
  12. I've gotten a probe to Duna (lander) without even having 2.5m parts before.
  13. Price will likely adjust, but I can't see it being more than 15 USD.
  14. I'd just grab a RX 470 when there's a mail-in-rebate on one for about $20 and get it for $140.
  15. I feel I've seen this thread before, or at least the video in OP. On another note I do agree minions are annoying and I can't stand them.
  16. @Star-Eagle AMD's APUs (not the Ryzen/Vega based ones coming later this year) will have awful performance in KSP. Older i7s are still good, a i5 2500k on desktop is still a good processor for gaming. Separate graphics will definitely be better as well, but a laptop with a dedicated GPU will be upwards of $600 in most cases. And AFAIK you can't upgrade laptop GPUs, unless you have a laptop with a Thunderbolt port, a new GPU, and the GPU docking station, which is about $500 for a RX 480 and all the other stuff, as well as it not working on older systems.
  17. I was bored and had a whiteboard. (Aqua from konosuba)
  18. BFBC 2: Vietnam brought BFBC2 from modern era to Vietnam era for $15 and it's what DLC should be like. It added a ton of new guns and maps, unlike, say, Call of Duty where for $15 you get 4 maps and a gun,
  19. Procrastination.
  20. Yep. Quite vividly. Who remembers the marsh by the space center?
  21. Hope you have an awesome travel around the world! Can't wait to see what do did and where you went! Best of luck!

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      Thanks legoclone, I won't have internet unless I can borrow some wifi though :)

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      I hope its fun!