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  1. Looking at the contract source for that parameter: There's a mismatch between the flavour text "Gather Science from space around the Mun and Return it home, DO NOT TRANSMIT" and the parameter setting which requires the science be gathered while landed ("situation = SrfLanded"). The contract is not completing because the thermometer reading was not taken while landed on the surface.
  2. MM allows you to reference parts with spaces in their names provided you replace the spaces with ? wildcards. e.g. @PART[Decal?curved]
  3. It works fine provided you DO NOT use the included version of Firespitter. Download the latest version from here and use it instead.
  4. The logs are automatically generated whenever you start the game. You don't need to do anything to enable them. This thread tells you where to find the logs:
  5. There's no conflict between MKS and PortraitStats. In fact PS has code specifically to handle the additional professions.
  6. The shapes are procedural - as opposed to being defined by a mesh file. The parameters in the config define the rules for the procedural algorithm to generate a specific profile. Edit: In order to have shape switching I think procedural fairings would need some sort of collection of shape nodes in the config that could then be switched between on demand sort of link procedural parts' tank shapes. This would involve code changes in the PF mod however not really something part switchers like B9 are designed for.
  7. Depends how you want to balance things. I've never found it to be much of an issue but I almost always play with Community Tech Tree (or RP-0) which needs a LOT more science to unlock. Another way you could reduce the rate of science gain would be to turn the science rewards from contracts way down in custom settings or maybe use one of the administration building strategies to turn science points earned into funds or reputation. Then there are mods to change the science multipliers from the different bodies.
  8. It' should be in the main game log. Just search for "[ModuleManager] Error".
  9. @Enorats OK I've looked at Kerbalism and RoverScience in an otherwise clean 1.3 install and I can confirm that they are not currently compatible. Kerbalism seems to remove the science container module that RoverScience expects to find when it tries to generate and store its science result. This throws up a series of errors that prevent it from working. I also tested with "Science = false" in the Kerbalism/settings.cfg and confirmed that RoverScience is compatible with the rest of Kerbalism. So at the moment I'm afraid your options are to either disable the Kerbalism science module or not use RoverScience. I'll try to find a solution that will work cleanly but this will probably be rolled into an extensive rewrite of the UI and general module architecture that I've just started and expect to take several weeks to complete.
  10. Not absolutely required. It adds a bit of branding to the main menu Kerbal Space Program logo. It can be seen in the first image of the above post but is a bit difficult to make out against the technicolor background.
  11. No that's the equation for orbital velocity and 13ms-1 is about right for Gilly. Have a look at this thread:
  12. Here's a good reference for the basic (and some not so basic) orbital mechanics equations:
  13. From context probably SMA. Depends what the equation is supposed to calculate.
  14. For small parts you don't need any extra KIS storage since workshop must be manned (in its default configuration) and each Kerbal has seat inventory. Unless there's a large demand for it I've no plans to re-instate volume limitations to the workshop module. Also I'm a coder not a modeller so no plans to add any extra parts to this mod. Various other mods (including those linked in the OP) add workshops of different sizes and profiles.
  15. Err, is that maybe a mistype? Because Gilly's SOI (according to the wiki) is only 126km.