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  1. I don't know why nobody is mentioning argument of periapsis - from my experience, this is the key to matching a target orbit around another body (especially polar orbit). It starts from this - tweak the mid-course correction so that the argument of periapsis lies on the target orbit plane. Visually, it will be the periapsis marker of the maneuver lies on the same plane with the target orbit. Remember, you're not trying to match inclination at this step - you're trying to match argument of periapsis. So if it ended up with a highly inclined capture trajectory, it's fine. Because it's mid-course correction, delta V spent is minimal. Second maneuver, you would capture into an elliptic orbit (this delta V is unavoidable), then third maneuver correct the inclination at apoapsis (this delta V is minimal because we're at apoapsis of elliptic orbit), then you'll be in the same plane as the target orbit, and then it's routine Hohmann transfer or any transfer you'd like to do. It sounds very efficient to me, since the big boys are the capture burn and the same-plane transfer, which is not avoidable anyway.
  2. Is it by design that the integrated CP generator of IXSMainHull doesn't get changed? Looks like the one in QuantumSingularity reactor got changed but not IXSMainHull. I would assume it's a simple bug :-) And, I'm not seeing the most recent changes in github (since 1.14.4). Is it just because you're not pulling changes in real time? If so, I'm totally fine - I just want to make sure I'm not looking at the wrong repo.
  3. You probably misunderstood. "Land and taxi" means you land anywhere nearby, and then you stay on ground, "drive" on your landing gears to your destinations. Of course you would need a small amount of jet engine power to keep yourself going forward instead of using electricity for rover wheels. It doesn't require anything special - just a normal plane can do the job.
  4. Then you're only relying on your full deployment. This is exactly why you're seeing excessive speed problem - because you didn't semi deploy at all. The point of semi deployment is exactly to avoid being too fast at low altitude.
  5. How does that work? 0.37 (I assume you're not off by a decimal point, since you can't set 0.037 to chutes) is greater than Duna ASL pressure (~0.067), which means your chute is never going to have semideployment stage - it goes right into full deployment when it hits radio altimeter value. 0.37 looks like a value that I would use on Kerbin, but absolutely not on Duna. How is it useful?
  6. It's actually changed quite a while ago - back in 1.2.1 The thing is, this key binding stays in your settings.cfg. So if you copied your old 1.2 settings.cfg to 1.2.1 or something like that, then you'll still have backspace as the key. And then if you start fresh new in 1.3, you'll get the surprise. I get the surprise when I copied over my settings.cfg to my 1.2.1/1.2.2, and then people talked about the backquote and I was confused why I'm still in backspace. Poking around settings.cfg gave me the answer.
  7. Haven't been to Duna for a while but what I remember: 1. Chute min pressure in VAB isn't enough - min for chute/drogue is 0.04/0.02, but you can set them to 0.01 in flight. From what I remember, VAB default min isn't enough. To be on the safe side, if I'm just targeting a landing without location requirement, I just slide pressure to min and altitude to max. If I need a precise landing (like landing something near my base), then these settings are my in-flight controls. 2. Without engine, it's more likely to hit the ground at a higher speed. Duna isn't that flat, and if, say, you hit a slope at 10+ or even 20m/s - you'll get in a small trouble. One possible solution is to use retracted airbrakes as "bumpers" that are designed to pop upon touchdown, to get rid of extra mass as well as soften the landing.
  8. No. Stock AN/DN never shows equatorial inclination - the AN in the picture is inclination relative to the contract orbit, so 0 degree means OP is going in the right direction, regardless of whether the contract orbit is prograde or retrograde.
  9. All the delta V map assumes you directly burn from planet's low orbit to a transfer orbit. If you burn to escape first, then burn in solar orbit, it's going to be inefficient, and the number you require is going to be a lot bigger than what the delta V map shows. If you just match your fuel delta V number to the map, but you don't choose the right way to burn, then no wonder you're running out of fuel.
  10. Just replace the cockpit with heat resistant part like shock cone intake at the front and use inline mk1 cockpit instead - you should be good. The front-most part is responsible for handling the most convective heat, but mk1 cockpit max temp is pathetic, hence my suggestion. Or if you really want to be on the safe side, go with mk2. They are good at heat, very good at it.
  11. Stock CoM CoT indicator? RCS build aid?
  12. Well, everything else is better than testing launch clamp in orbit.
  13. For general drilling operation, I tend to drill and refine at the same place, so that I can just use a small Ore tank but huge LFO tank on the base for normal operation, and I don't need to move Ore at all, and also saves an engineer. For Duna system - I found my refined fuel mostly go to either repeatable Duna planes/landers, or interplanetary travelling vehicle (not as midway stop to Jool, but for missions that I'm really stopping by Duna to do something real). So the fuel storage is one in low Duna orbit, one on the surface. The low orbit station that serves orbiters have the additional benefit that I can do aerobrakes for tankers from Ike, so that I have maximum amount of fuel transported to low Duna orbit.
  14. Editing save does not help. In the save the only value that matters, is the GameSeed value of ResourceScenario section. So you can't fine tune anything in save - only throw the dice again for all the distribution in the whole solar system. Or - if you're allowed to mod the game itself rather than only the save file, then you can go to GameData\Squad\Resources\Ore.cfg. It's pretty self evident - you can probably achieve what you want by just changing (poor man's method: directly change the file; preferred method: write your own MM patch) the MinAbundance value to be equal to MaxAbundance.
  15. That's why I have different sizes of tanks on my station so that I can get what I want (each operation would be either empty a tank or fill a tank to full, so that the ratio is always correct).