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  1. Yeah Im working on a concept to be able to show, I was just interested to see replies to gather whether or not people were interested or liked the idea, and whether or not this has been tried or discussed before. I was waiting just for general feedback. I've a multitude of ideas in my mind regarding all of this. I'll try to put into visuals so it's easier to understand, might take a while! =) But thank you for your feedback!
  2. Well I was hoping for a reply after 125 views... Anyone has any idea if this is at all possible to mod?
  3. Hey guys, I've been playing modded KSP for as long as I can remember and I just had an Eureka moment, a new large mod idea, something to change the game quite a bit and, for me at least, greatly increase the fun of research and development, which I think it's a part of the game that is really lacking. I couldn't find a similar idea on the forum on my quick search, so forgive me if this was already discussed before. The idea is taking part development to the next level. Instead of having a set of parts offered by the game or other mods that you can simply unlock based on the science points you have, you actually develop these parts yourself. For instance, you can dig for ore, find a set of metals with different properties, develop a new type of combustion chamber based on these new metals that allows for a higher compression rate, combine different techs into testing benches, experiment with different compression ratios, materials and fuels and watch them blow up when you go overboard, finally settling down on a value that proves to be efficient and reliable, and using it on your rockets. Then maybe on another planet, you can dig a new type of metal that allows you to build more powerful engines, etc. I love the idea of trial and error. Maybe smelting 2 new types of metal you just discovered, creating a brand new type of metal with new properties, comparing them to what you already had, building, testing.... Mod would provide the player with a testing bench which provides part information, such as temperature, thrust, weight, ISP, and more, and would let the player control the amount of fuel injection and compression rates on the fly during these tests, to find out the sweet spot. This doesn't have to be limited to engines, I guess, but would be a good start. I for one would certainly spend hours and hours creating new tech out of nothing, testing again and again to find the sweet spot, and finally using it and feeling proud of it. Would be pretty awesome seeing people here on the forums discussing about the new compounds they've created and discovered. The mod would be set to give each metal/compound/material/ore random different properties when you start a new game, so each time you play it's a different experience, instead of already knowing which ones are the best and what combination works best. Mod would also add the option to uprate an engine to around 125% of it's intended thrust, for heavy launches, but with a higher probability of catastrophic failure. I don't know if I managed to illustrate my idea well enough, I've got so much going on in my head at the moment, lol. I know a bit of 3D (for creating new parts) but kinda hate coding so I'm probably not the right person to start the development of something this big... but the idea is out there for anyone interested. =)
  4. Am I missing something? I couldn't find anything in this expansion that wasn't already modded into the game.
  5. Im hoping to save a working copy of 1.2.2 on my harddrive before 1.2.9 comes out. The only mod missing as of now to make that copy perfect is Realism Overhaul. Any hopes it will be out before 1.2.9 is released, or is the update to be released directly for 1.2.9?
  6. Don't know if my simple video qualifies as decent cinematics to be posted here, but... here we go
  7. List of my installed mods. If you want only whats used in the video, I'd have to break apart the rocket to see what's inside, I wouldn't know from the top of my head.
  8. My first attempt at a serious KSP movie, hope you all enjoy! On a side-note, would love to know how to match the plumes to the engine size once you resize them. =/
  9. Today on KSP I did this. My first attempt of a real KSP movie. Hope you guys enjoy it. On a side-note, I'd love to know how to make the plumes resize with the engines. =/
  10. Thank you, Zod! It's working very nicely now, I'm just fine-tuning the values. Now another problem I'm having is, depending on which direction the front is pointing compared to the rear, some of the wheels start spinning backwards, acting as brakes. I understand why this happens, as that section of the body is pointing in a way where "ahead" means another direction. I just can't find a way around it, other than having 4 sets of wheels in the first section providing all the traction and leaving the rest as merely powerless wagons, which defies the purpose of the whole thing. Interestingly, the angle deviation on one specific section necessary to cause this issue is nowhere near 90º, it can be as small as 5º, which doesn't make much sense. This one is a thinker... I figure if I make the linkage extra firm this won't happen, but then the whole idea goes down the drain. (for those wondering: the purpose of this is to make a rover capable of carrying ALL of the scientific experiments available to roam the surface of moons and planets and collect a lot of science in one trip, rather than make several different landings in different sites. I want this thing to be able to mine ore and be completely independent, able to roam for years without running out of resources.So I need something with a really good traction, maneuverability, speed and able to climb steep mountains when needed)
  11. Quick question I was trying to build a modular rover, girder block with 2 wheels, connected to another girder block by one horizontal and one vertical uncontrolled rotatrons, with the intention of giving more mobility and traction to each of the blocks in bad and uneven terrain, in other words, the ability to each block and wheels to be unattached from the each other, a better suspension, if you will. The problem is, there's no limit of travel for the rotatrons, so the horizontal ones fold on themselves and the entire rover-worm turns into a ball once any power is applied to the wheels. Is it possible to develop a rotatron that freely moves once pressure is applied, however tends to stay centered, like springs? So if a certain force makes it turn, so it does, but once that force is removed it gently rubber-band back to it's original position?
  12. Gah Hate when people do that.
  13. Have you guys thought about an all-in-one mod? RO is very popular, but has so many dependencies, each being an independent project. Some times one of them for some reason fails to download from CKAN or the download is not available on that day or has been updated and conflicts with X or Y and a previous version which works well with everything is hard to find, or the whole thing is on halt waiting for Z to be updated. Instead, what if an all-in-one package was created, in a way people could download a single file containing RO and all it's dependencies, versions that were extensively tested together and are known to work really well? Every now and then, these versions could be updated to a new version after users reported here that they are working well and fine with the rest of the package. I personally don't care much about having the latest of the latest in each of my mods, the updates which contain a tiny little new feature. I prefer to have everything working very well as a whole, and eventually down the line download updates when there's plenty of them with many many new additions. I'm sure I'm not alone on this. Simpler? I could see more users trying RO when they don't have to go through a spreadsheet to know what's what and what to download where and why. Yes it will all be in CKAN when it's done and ready, but you all know CKAN, it can be a pain.
  14. I was contemplating rolling back to 1.1.3 to use RO since I find kinda boring playing KSP without it. However before going thru all that hassle and then RO getting release a week later, thought I'd ask here. How's the project going? Any idea on an ETA? (please don't call me names, I know the rules, I'm politely asking, not demanding). TY
  15. And what tools do I need to compile it? I don't know much about programming =/