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  1. Install CKAN. It simplifies the mod search and installation process drastically. And it shows mods compatible with the installed version of KSP.
  2. Version 1.8.1 Changes: Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese translations added. Thanks, @fitiales and @cakepie!
  3. Version I’ve fixed a minor bug on scene exit causing failing to save the settings sometimes. @DomiKamu, this most likely won’t fix your problem. I’ve tried the mod set you use, but still cannot reproduce the bug. Wouldn’t you mind testing the mod with different settings? Install the version, then put this config.xml file into the GameData\CriticalTemperatureGauge\Plugins\PluginData\CriticalTemperatureGauge folder, and run KSP. Do the lags still happen?
  4. The homepage url in CKAN links to an invalid location: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/124336
  5. Hm… I’ll try your mod set to reproduce your problem. Thanks. Now, I’ve updated the version on Spacedock and Ksp-Avc.
  6. Known issue: A few second hang-up can occur at the first appearance of the settings window. I’ll try to do something with this.
  7. I’ve added the localization support and a Russian translation for my two mods: Auto Actions / Автодействия (localization folder on GitHub; 17 lines, ≈26 words) Critical Temperature Gauge / Датчик критической температуры (localization folder on GitHub; 20 lines, ≈54 words) Translations to any other languages are welcomed!
  8. Version Changes: Updated to KSP 1.3 Localization support added Russian GUI added
  9. It sets the initial state of the Precise Control option (the one toggled with Caps Lock key by default).
  10. Thanks a lot, Diazo! OK, I’ll do the same. Where can I read something about the new GUI system? (or, which KSP mods use it, so I can look at their source and learn?)
  11. Какое-то сербско-украинское название Serbal Space Program
  12. Hm… I do not actually do anything but drawing the GUI elements. I’ve already tried to locate the critical place in the code using debug log messages. The log showed that the time delay was during the execution of var activateGroupB = GUI.TextField( new Rect(5 + 3 * unit, 103, 3 * unit, 20), _activateGroupB.ToStringValue(nullValue: ""), 4, TextFieldStyle).ParseNullableInt(minValue: 1); It does not do anything complicated and is not even the first statement among the other similar ones. Moreover, if I change the order of the statements, then some other statement falls on the delay. It looks like something happening in a different thread causes the hang-up, not the code I am watching. Btw, the hang-up occurs only once and does not repeat until restarting KSP.
  13. Houston, I have a problem: I’ve updated a mod to KSP 1.3 (this one), and now, the moment before the GUI of the mod should appear the first time, KSP hangs up for an unpredictable time (0.2 to 10 seconds) for unknown reason. The log shows nothing, but I can trace that the hang-up occurs somewhere in the middle of DrawWindow() method (called form GUI.Window() in my OnGUI() method) between arbitrary GUI element rendering method calls. Apparently, this is not connected with localization since even the not localized KSP-1.2.2 version of the mod hangs up in KSP 1.3. The same thing also happened when I tried to update my another mod to 1.3. What causes those hang-ups, and how can I treat them?
  14. Version 1.8 Changes: Updated to KSP 1.3 Some refactoring Localization support added Now, also in Russian. Теперь и на русском Please do not hesitate to add other localizations of the mod. Known issues: A few second hang-up can occur at the first appearance of the GUI. I’m trying to find out what causes it.
  15. What about of the compatibility of Kerbalism with Realism Overhaul? Is it totally compatible, or some subsystems should be turned off in RO? Is it possible to use Remote Tech alongside Kerbalism?