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  1. Windows excited? Also, yeah, I saw the panels, they were pre-alpha. I've NEVER seen this.
  2. What am I looking for? Is it 2.5M?
  3. @Beale: May I ask, where's the Block G of the N-1?
  4. Never seen this pic before. Probably pre-alpha pics. IE: Smaller MM on the apollo.
  5. Just curious. At the very least the DAV/Hab. Wanna try them out
  6. You mind sending us the version of the Constellation DAV in reference crafts?
  7. Well, I can lob About 45 tons to Duna at 2X PERFECT for Duna Direct. (90 tons to Duna in stock). Moreover, I can launch an Artemis xC mission all in one to the Mün without the EUS in both versions.
  8. Looking good with the parts so far Cobalt So I've been screwing around with the repainted Saturn parts and re-read ETS and decided to build THIS @e of pi@nixonshead Saturn Superheavy (basically the Ares rocket used for Mars Direct) from part II of ETS, post #30 . https://www.alternatehistory.com/forum/threads/eyes-turned-skywards.208954/page-65#post-7429675
  9. @Rory Yammomoto: For Altair/ETS's Artemis lander, I use NFT square truss, scale it up with Tweakscale, put procedural parts in. Then use Alcor+ @Nils277's airlock offseted inside. Then offsetted some stock the fuel tanks. All using tweakscaled RL-10s.
  10. @CobaltWolf: Looks like their is no need for an IUS.
  11. @Phineas Freak: Still nothing on the blue ball? Have a solution for that?