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  1. Hey @HuXTUS, that looks perfect! Thanks!
  2. Quick suggestion for next version: Add option to auto-color each stage's components with a random color. This would get them all colored something so that if they got moved around for some reason they could be put back without too much problem.
  3. Any chance of the new version of Extraplanetary Launchpads showing up? Version 5.7.1 is in CKAN but @taniwha released 5.7.2 more than 2 weeks ago.
  4. I'm sure @linuxgurugamer has a few microseconds he could spare...
  5. I know you're only trying to help, but it still doesn't answer the question though. XSparrow, no, there has not been an official update for 1.2.2. I can only guess the author thinks it's not needed. Good luck.
  6. How do I get to that nice settings page? I don't see an obvious way to open it; well, obvious to me at least. Thanks.
  7. Thanks DStaal. Yeah, I was wondering if the "Scrap part for Equipment" was coming from KBPS or some other mod; it's hard to know for sure when you're using several. I'll post my query about that in the Pathfinder thread where it belongs. However, if I want to use KBPS' part recycler does it work the same as EL's? I didn't try docking the ship I want to recycle to the Part Recycler (from KBPS) I have on the station, but will give that a shot tonight. I'd rather get scrap metal for the craft than equipment anyway, I think.
  8. I'm sure it's me just not understanding something. Please excuse me if this has been discussed up thread but I didn't have any luck finding the answer. I'm trying to recycle parts of a craft docked at a space station using EPL and KPBS. I can build craft at the station using Rocket Parts, so I assume EPL is working. I don't know if recycling has anything to do with EPL anyway, but regardless. I have a smelter and a recycler along with a level 3 Engineer on the station. I have free storage for just about every kind of resource there is. If I EVA the kerbal and send him out to the end of a docked craft, I right click on the part and get the "Scrap part for Equipment" in the menu. Selecting this item results in a poof of the part and a message saying the part was recycled. Yet when I go back to the station I do not see any increase in any of the resources. What I expected to see was some scrap metal added to the smelter, but nope. I've tried doing it with and without the recycler activated. What am I doing wrong or not understanding about the whole recycle process?
  9. Don't often see [WIP] mods here. Usually they're in the Add-on Development forum. Regardless, looks interesting.
  10. Don't you have another mod called Extensive Engineer Report Continued or some such? Sounds like they do about the same thing, right? Yep, just checked. Why would someone use one over the other?
  11. I wonder why the Github site says 1.1.1 was released on August 22nd...
  12. Cool. Cool. I'm actually amazed at the speed with which 1.2 compatible mods are being released. Seems to be much quicker that it was for 1.1.3.
  13. No pics, no clicks. (FYI, for all you fuddy-duddies: that was a joke (or an attempt at one anyway). YMMV.)
  14. Looks good Angel. Thanks for maintaining this. FYI, in your second KSPedia image the arrow for Duration is not pointing to duration but the name of a Vessel called "Long Duration Spacecraft". Just thought you'd want to know.
  15. Define "here". By "here" one could infer you are also working for Squad.