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  1. Pilots only is a bit too much (though could be an option within the mod) - allow any crew member to operate the throttle - you've already got SAS restrictions and such for that, and would likely be incompatible with other mods that create new professions. The fact that people bother to put a probe core on a vessel means it can still hold attitudes (prograde, node, etc.) and SAS could be available there (perhaps you could have a rule that if no probe core and no pilot, nothing is allowed - whereas if there is a probe core any crew member can do burns/operate MechJeb). For 5, the way I'm running this in my career is that if a crew member is within physics range, the burn is allowed - even if the burn time will mean that the pilot is no longer within physics range at the end of the burn. Not entirely sure how you'd code for this. The complication with my career is that I have RoverDude's MKS + Life Support, meaning that any interplanetary vessel kind of needs a minimum of around 30 tons of supplies, habitation space and suchlike. Not easy to put up SatNets around Moho with this on!
  2. I've been running suicidejunkie's "Pilot's Union" rules in my own career game, and I'm really enjoying the additional challenge. I also have "Better than starting manned" and Life support mod installed, making this even more challenging! (Lots of planes to start!) Because of the life support thing, I've decided to run this in two phases. First phase: No robot shall be in command of an engine. Burns made by a robot/probe are ok as long as a member of crew is within physics range at the start of a burn (this is to allow early interplanetary burns without having to take actual crew). There are two exception -- deorbit burns for discarded stages are ok, so I don't have to delete debris. Burns beyond Kerbin's immediate influence (i.e. Solar and other planet burns) are permitted as well. Second phase: This phase begun after a Kerbal successfully made an EVA in orbit of the Sun (around day 40 in my case). The rules are slightly relaxed to allow a further exception: The start of interplanetary burns is also permitted in addition to what was allowed in the first phase. I've done loads - completed the tech tree, sent probes to other planets, have a 900 ton Mun base (8 separate vessels), and have 3 major flotillas waiting for transfer windows in Kerbin orbit. Really enjoying Pilot's Union so far!
  3. Heya, I can't currently repaint Kontainers, either in VAB or out on EVA with an engineer. Anyone also have the same problem? I assume it's a mod conflict of some kind - I'm running latest everything. Here's the mod list: * USI constellation including life support * PlanetaryBases * NearFuture* * Stock Extensions (SXT) * Extra Planetary Launchpads * UnmannedBeforeManned (Community Tech Tree) * Planetary Domes * KIS * KAS Any ideas? Edit: Fixed it, a complete reinstall of MKS sorted it out, yay!
  4. For MechJeb... Obviously, get close enough first. I normally go for a rendezvous of 60 metres unless the vessels are particularly big. First vessel - select "control from here" on the docking port, click on the remote docking port and "select target". In MechJeb menus, go to Smart A.S.S. and click TGT+ Switch to the second vessel - and do exactly the same again. The vessels should rotate (well, as long as they had reaction wheels) to line up their docking ports. Very large stations you want to adopt a different method as they're a bit fragile. Finally, switch to whichever vessel has the RCS capabilities and go to Docking Autopilot and click Autopilot On. That should be pretty much it. If one of the vessels is a bit twitchy, you can switch to it and set Smart A.S.S to Kill Rot instead and attempt to line it up manually - MechJeb will be controlling the other vessel.
  5. Er. > Jebs pod smashed into the badlands at high velocity... You remembered parachutes, right?
  6. I've played with a few of the additional planet packs, and whilst they're great, they almost give too much to do in some instances. I think what's missing is * More interesting places to visit on the surface of bodies. You know, Kerbin is great, we can go and visit Baikobanur, the pyramid, the island runway (and a few beauty spots). The mun is great, we can visit the Mun arches, the Apollo lander. Beyond that though, the places to visit are few and far between. * A retrograde moon. * A proper MacGuffin. Let the monoliths lead us somewhere! Force us to build a submarine for Laythe! Let us do some science experiments that lead somewhere! (Actually, if there's already a mod that adds this can someone let me know what it is?) * Another oxygenated world would be really nice. Something like Tellumo in GPP is fun (imagine Eve with oxygen). Building planes for other worlds is kind of awesome, and even more awesome when they actually work. * A small, lifeless cinder of a planetoid very near the Sun. * Tekto equivalent - small, lowish gravity (somewhere between Ike and Moho strength), but with a dense, oxygenless atmosphere - at least as dense as Kerbin.
  7. It's just from the lights on the station. And it's supposed to be purple :-)
  8. Here's my Laythe station built with MKS parts (it's an out of date version of MKS as some parts got deprecated and I could no longer upgrade MKS in my current game):
  9. Presenting the Leonard Euler station around Laythe Shipped out in 3 sections, it's a little over 400 tons, has a crew capacity of 115, and life support to last 20 years (and can be easily topped up). Has docking ports for pretty much every class of vessel - including planes to go to the surface of Laythe.
  10. Yeah, to make something go below the ocean surface (in stock), you will need to make your craft really dense. Most parts have a density below that of water, so you'll happily bob about on the surface. What you need is full ore tanks - these should help your craft sink just fine. You also eject the ore to bob back to the surface too.
  11. > Congratulations to @bigcalm, for completing the Dres Awareness challenge, with an absolutely beautiful textbook mission! I hope to see more missions like these in the future! Thanks! Glad you liked it - and a lot of credit to RoverDude for creating the wonderful USI mods. They contribute a more in depth feel to visiting planets (or difficulty!) - there's a lot more planning required to send a manned mission - no stuffing your Kerbal in a Mk1 capsule for 2 years, it requires a big transfer vessel with room and supplies. And then when you get there, they'll need somewhere to stay. And that somewhere to stay needs resources. Which you absolutely won't find in a single biome, which means mining drop ships that can move around the planet. And ships to get from the surface to orbit again. And a polar sat to do the initial scan for resources to find roughly where you need to land. And rovers to get to the surface to find an ideal landing spot, generally in one biome and next to another, and as flat as possible. And then you start to add parameters - make the surface base produce its own supplies, its own machinery, and you add fun stuff to that like the Canyon Jumper, and suddenly you have a 22 vessel mission :-) Love Dres.
  12. I agree with wadusher's recommendations - go for the USI / MKS constellation of mods with Kerbal Planetary Base systems for the look of the thing (my USI only bases all look like oil refineries, which I guess they kind of are), and add Extraplanetary Launchpads too.
  13. Did mine not count because I used USI mods (see above -- )
  14. Well, let's hope that you let me have USI mods - they make it harder - have to cope with life support and the fact that Kerbals get homesick if given squalid quarters for too long. The network: Most vessels in orbit are just shunts (= my nuclear powered pusher that moves payload from one body to another). There's 6 satellites in the relay network - 1 polar, 1 at 45 degrees, 1 at -45 degrees, 1 polar, 1 low equatorial, 1 high equatorial and 1 on the rover-bus. The spacestations: Two, neither are that huge (one will serve as a return vehicle back to Kerbin or elsewhere) at around 40 tons undocked and 160 with the attached shunt. Presenting 'Henri Lagrange', and 'Gottfried Leibniz'. Henri was previously sent to Moho, but naturally, he prefers Dres. The plan is to take the parts from one of these and build it into a class E asteroid. Of course, for that, we have an Asteroid Tug (currently in the process of being refuelled): Rovers? Sure. We've got a Rover-Bus that transported 5 of the smaller variety. We've also got another special one called the EV-18 - this serves to mine resources from anywhere on Dres and deliver it where's its needed, via orbit if necessary and can refuel itself. And of course, no expedition to Dres is complete without a "Canyon Jumper". Mad props to Mosy Kerman for being willing to try it (and survive!). Landers? Sure, apart from the EV-18 in the Rover class, we brought along 2 EV-17s - these can land, refuel themselves, carry up to 8 kerbals at a time, and are used for exploratory expeditions away from the main base, and can also mine and carry solid resources. We also brought along an unmanned "Returner" so that the scientists back on Kerbin can squee with delight when they get a shipment of rocks and science from Dres. Base? Sure, this is the 'Lynn Margulis'. She's a bit fat - after landing and docking all the separate sections together she was around 200 tons, and is currently 1300 tons and climbing - she'll weigh over 2000 tons when completely full but it'll take a lot of time to process all of the relevant materials. She can mine all resources, store all resources, and create all resources except for enriched uranium, and has a habitation rating of 100 years, because once you've reached Dres - why would you ever want to go home or anywhere else? Situated conveniently close to the big canyon. However, I know this will count against me - only 6 Kerbals made the trip - the base has a crew capacity of 109 however. Finally, a screenshot of the mission plan (NB. Second column is the initial kerbin orbit where things are docked to shunts, third column is updated as I move through maneuver nodes or else I tend to miss something - it gets an x when I have a good Dres intercept and an alarm clock entry for the SOI change). Here's the imgur gallery link:
  15. It doesn't matter hugely, as long as it's above 1. Basically, with a TWR of < 1 you won't actually lift off - gravity wins. With a TWR of just over 1, you'll just about move off the ground - most of your fuel will be wasted in gravity losses in this situation - you're not really using that fuel to do much more than hover. With a massively high TWR, you'll accelerate very quickly, but potentially then run into atmospheric problems - (unless you're just using solid rocket boosters, you can always throttle back) - and becomes a question of how aerodynamic your craft is.