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  1. Based on what I see on the pictures (page 23) he's using RO + Kerbin. @Quarkz ?
  2. @Starwaster @Virtualgenius I am the author of the rocket from previous page. Ascent works perfectly on my RO/RSS insallation without any reaction wheels, fins or limiting the acceleration but what I've noticed is that he is trying to launch from Kerbin, not Earth, maybe this is something that makes crucial difference.
  3. Mk-3 parts are scaled to match Space Shuttle and mk3 cockpit. You can copy them and resize to match B-52 like I did:
  4. Do you have still those configs somewhere around?
  5. I no longer need it:
  6. Download link:
  7. I did this in KSP 1.0.5, 1.1.3 is broken and I have pretty much the same problems with wheels as @spacegenius described.
  8. Today I've finished my second Mars mission:
  9. Constellation Essentials for RS-68 and BNTR, Spice Launch System for SRB, AIES for J-2X and Chaka Monkey for RL-10 used in landers.
  10. Infographic about my upcoming Mars mission: VAB for scale:
  11. Infographic about my upcoming Mars mission: VAB for scale:
  12. Each part is from different mod. Engines are from Constellation Essentials and Chaka Monkey, tanks from Procedural Parts, command pod from SSTU, habitat from Habitat Pack, MTV truss from Constellation Essentials.
  13. MAV and Copernicus MTV:
  14. No, it's just a terrain glitch in the heightmap and I found it completely accidentally when my probe was orbiting Phobos.