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  1. Constellation Essentials for RS-68 and BNTR, Spice Launch System for SRB, AIES for J-2X and Chaka Monkey for RL-10 used in landers.
  2. Infographic about my upcoming Mars mission: VAB for scale:
  3. Infographic about my upcoming Mars mission: VAB for scale:
  4. Each part is from different mod. Engines are from Constellation Essentials and Chaka Monkey, tanks from Procedural Parts, command pod from SSTU, habitat from Habitat Pack, MTV truss from Constellation Essentials.
  5. MAV and Copernicus MTV:
  6. No, it's just a terrain glitch in the heightmap and I found it completely accidentally when my probe was orbiting Phobos.
  7. I've found it before your post but thanks anyway.
  8. Could someone tell me where I can find RO config for procedural fairing (I mean fairing, not fairing base)? I would like to increase max temp and use it as a heatshield.
  9. Ares, not Orion.
  10. RD-701 proposed for MAKS but I think NERVA engines are more important.
  11. Kepler MTV made of Procedural Parts, SSTU Orion and various structural parts (stock, SXT):
  12. The Sky Calls - 1959 Russian Sci Fi Movie
  13. Proc. Fairings makes that the CoL is sometimes so high that you need to place large fins on the bottom to make it flyable.
  14. Here is my 1:1 scale replica, made of Procedural Parts and Proc.Fairings:
  15. Awesome! What are you planning next? EDIT: from which mod is that rear machine gun? It looks a bit like DShK 12,7mm used on russian tanks.