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  1. I've noticed less that perfect accuracy from unfocused craft in my own dogfights, but if laser performance is (at least in part) determined by which craft is currently focused on, that alone justifies a laser ban. In light of this, I'm willing to withdraw the Solarius from the fight lineup for future skirmishes.
  2. They have attach nodes; they don't have docking port-side nodes, however. It's a stock limitation, the stock shielded ports behave the same way. You can get the dockingport nodes to appear with Editor Extensions, but that causes other problems with inline shielded docking ports.
  3. Here we go:
  4. Thought I'd try something new, so here's a cheap (35k) crew shuttle powered by SolidFuel. 'Flamespear Mk2':
  5. Decided to throw up a station complex on a whim. Not sure what I'll use it for, but it was a fun engineering and assembling challenge.
  6. I am summoned? Easy. It's late and I need to get to sleep, so texturing will have to wait until tomorrow.
  7. Update for KSP 1.3 is now up, grab SMX 0.96.1 from SpaceDock or GitHub. Changelog: Update for KSP 1.3 -implements new SpecialistHeatBonus values for drills/converters -MaxCooling values updated for drills/converters Basic recompile for 1.3, looks like asteroid drill temp got fixed, so the Extras/EngineerEfficiency MM patch isn't needed anymore On a related note, localization question: because all the menu buttons for SME are the same as stock (Activate Asteroid Drill/Start LF/O Conversion/etc.) it would be trivial to add localization for those, but the rest of the localized text - part name, description, manufacturer, search tags - would have to remain in English for the foreseeable future, should I implement this partial localization come next update, or just leave things as is?
  8. @Spaceception, Didn't mention the reactor the first time around, that explains things - from the way you worded your initial post, it sounded like you were trying to use the Pluto as a low atmo aircraft engine. With NFE, engine thrust is tied to the reactor's core heat, so the reactor has to warm up to optimum temperature before it'll produce its full thrust. I think ISP is also tied to core temperature as well, which would explain it sucking down fuel. @Fr8monkey: As mentioned above, almost certainly a NFE interaction. As JadeofMaar said, NFE adds NFE reactor mechanics to the Mk2 Nuclear engines which affects how they function, however you should be able to run them without radiators as the engines feature exhaust cooling, but radiators will be needed if the reactor cores are left running when the engines aren't being used. If you want to revert the engine to default stock engine behavior, remove the Mk2Expansion/Patches/Mk2X_NFE_Functionality.cfg MM patch
  9. @Spaceception: The Pluto is a vacuum-optimized engine, basically an upscaled LV-N Nerv, so high mass/low thrust is to be expected; it occupies the same usage niche the Nerv does. It shouldn't be sucking down fuel, unless you're comparing consumption rate to those of jets - it has the same 185-800 atmo/vac ISP of the Nerv, which means it's going to have terrible performance in low atmo. @HaydenTheKing: Correct, the HV Mk2-1 cockpit doesn't at this time have a RPM IVA. The Mk2 Inline cockpit wouldn't have one either because it's a stock cockpit.
  10. Update 1.7.5 for KSP 1.3 is now up, grab it from SpaceDock or GitHub ChangeLog:
  11. Update 1.3.5 for KSP 1.3 is now up, grab it from SpaceDock or GitHub Changelog: Chines have been reworked to fix the LiftVector issue, which has a side effect of partially breaking symmetry; Craft with chines will need to be rebuilt. Mirror symmetry/radial symmetry works for placing them radially, but radial symmetry must be used to place them when using their stack nodes.
  12. @Talvid: Almost certainly an interaction of some sort with another mod. The only thing that I can think of offhand that would cause that sort of behavior is if there's something causing negative mass somewhere; If I recall correctly the tweakscale MM patch needs some updates, so tweakscale might be at fault here. If you try with Tweakscale temporarily removed, does the problem persist? The log used for debugging is the Kerbal Space Program/ KSP_Data(or KSP-x64_Data if using the 64 bit version)/output_log.txt. For nupols Mk2 part, I'm going to have to say no, because landing legs are absolutely unfun to work with in 1.2.2.
  13. Fooled around with some more texture edits I'll have to do some looking to see what sort of license is needed/what restrictions apply for redistributing modified Squad textures, but assuming it's allowed, sure, why not?.
  14. It's a fairly simple texture edit (plus some MODEL node wizardry). ...Hmm. Now I'm halfway tempted to do black w/red trim recolors of the rest of the Mk1 aero parts.
  15. @msnbcorp: M3X works in 1.2.2, the PartLoader errors you posted are harmless - unless parts have custom DragCubes defined in their .cfgs, the first time KSP loads a new part, it checks if it already has a DragCube, and if not, goes ahead and creates one; the PartModule errors are from some other mod trying to add a StorageCryostat module to the wing pieces.