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  1. Fooled around with some more texture edits I'll have to do some looking to see what sort of license is needed/what restrictions apply for redistributing modified Squad textures, but assuming it's allowed, sure, why not?.
  2. It's a fairly simple texture edit (plus some MODEL node wizardry). ...Hmm. Now I'm halfway tempted to do black w/red trim recolors of the rest of the Mk1 aero parts.
  3. @msnbcorp: M3X works in 1.2.2, the PartLoader errors you posted are harmless - unless parts have custom DragCubes defined in their .cfgs, the first time KSP loads a new part, it checks if it already has a DragCube, and if not, goes ahead and creates one; the PartModule errors are from some other mod trying to add a StorageCryostat module to the wing pieces.
  4. @kiwinanday: I've looked into the issue, and it looks like you're using a legacy version of ASET props, which could explain why its not playing nice with the latest RPM. Since the latest version of ASET props breaks even more stuff, the M2X ASET IVAS will be getting reworks @jadeofMaar: You can use the scilab, but keep in mind it's getting a remodel for the next M2X update which may cause some issues if you're using a MODEL reference for the Kuisine part. If you'd prefer a custom model, that should be easy enough since an IVA isn't involved, just sent me a message with the reference images you want used.
  5. A MM patch would be easy, the multi-fuel generators basically are standard FCs, just with a second fuel option, so all that's needed is to strip out that second ModuleresourceConverter:
  6. Update 0.96 is now up, grab it from SpaceDock or GitHub. Changelog: All drills now have particle FX when running, a lot of balances and tweaks, and a new 2.5m generator. I was planning on adding a 2.5m inline Klaw as well, but I was having issues with getting it to work, so something for next time. The EngineerEfficiency extra MM patch changes asteroid drills to be 100% efficient (instead of 5%) without an engineer, which fixes them overheating when an engineer isn't present. Having an engineer will still convey the +0-25% bonus Ore yield.
  7. @N3N: Looking into the issue further, it looks like 'overheat when engineer not present' issue only affects asteroid drills, surface drill and converter heat generation/cooling worked as listed for the part. Your stock Convert-O-Trons overheating is because the big one can only run 2 ISRU processes simultaneously without overheat, and the small one is designed to overheat even with only one process running. Easiest solution would be to turn off ISRU heat in the settings or Alt F12 menu.
  8. @N3N: Efficiency bonuses/debuffs from Engineers can be changed incredibly easy, it's simply a matter of changing the SpecialistBonusBase value in the parts'.cfgs from 0.05 to something else. I'm probably not going to change drill/converter base efficiency values since doing so would more or less render Engineers completely unnecessary, but I can include the changes as another SMX/extras optional MM patch.
  9. I'm not seeing any PRs on Github? I've looked into the heat production issue, and it looks like engineers are responsible - with a 5 star engie the 1.25m stack drill can be operated with the stated 100kw of cooling, without one it was overheating even with multiple large 1000kw TCS radiators; I got similar results with the stock radial drill as well - guess that 95% efficiency debuff from not having an engineer aboard effects heat curves as well as Ore yields.
  10. @kiwinanday: That looks like a RasterPropMonitor issue, as it adds the HUD element that's glitching there; RPM probabl;y hasn't been compiled for it yet. @"": Chine symmetry is a known issue. When attaching then via their attach nodes, use Radial symmetry, not Mirror - Mirror works for the initial chine segment, though. @JeeF: RSS/RO compatibility? M2X tanks should be RealFuel compatible/enabled, but I'll have to double check, things might have changed since the last time I looked. M2X doesn't have a RSS calibrated thrust/engine curves patch, but someone did write a compatibility patch, though to the best of my knowledge it hasn't been updated in some time. The RSS/RO thread might know more.
  11. SMX isn't dead, though I will acknowledge that I have somewhat neglected it - was it really last September I last updated it? Krakenspit. An update is in process; its mainly overdue balances and fixes, but expect a few new parts as well.
  12. Some last minute tweaks have been done, but as long as you have a X-10 armed version of the craft, it should be good to go.
  13. Well that's 4 tons of fuel that no longer need to be carried; my craft has been similarly updated.
  14. The Sea Kestrel has been thrown to the sharks added to the TKOL hanger.
  15. @Jivali: Do you have TweakableEverything installed? If so, it's disabling the other node for some reason. Not sure what the workaround is, though; you'd have to ask in the TE thread.