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  1. Again we have two choices, either more people on the server or the mods. And you've encountered the problem that there's not enough people on the server a few times yourself, right?
  2. People are still too lazy to do that, and some can't install mods like transitbiker
  3. Now that I think of this, as awesome as our mods for the server are, they're kinda hindering more people from playing. In the earlier days of the server, there were a lot more active people playing than now which meant it was more exciting to play on the server. Currently the server's quite desolate, people are on only rarely. I'd love to get more people, maybe even some of the old guys back. Let me get to my point: We can either choose between keeping our mods and having a rather low player count Or we can remove the mods and hopefully get more active people. Of course it would be best to have both, but I don't think that's possible, partially because potential new players are too lazy to download forge and our mods
  4. @transitbiker Wow, that's amazing! We really need you back on the server... What exactly is hindering you from installing Forge and the mods? Are you afraid it could potentially install some dangerous malware onto your girlfriend's computer, or are you just not wanting to mess with the files and accidentally screw something up? Either way installing Forge and the mods is pretty easy, and I doubt it can cause any harm.
  5. This is a known graphics glitch... danny encountered it in some of his videos. I have no idea why it happens, but it certainly is hilarious
  6. Nice work! Transit, we really really miss you on the server, and things have started to go kinda nuts... Is there really no way for you to install the mods?
  7. When lighting the engines causes a medium earthquake.
  8. Yup @Kepler68
  9. I started playing Factorio two or three weeks ago, and it really got me hooked! I have 44 hours logged in on Steam, I even spent an entire Saturday playing it I tend to play on the Komunity Minecraft Server sometimes, but there's some weird stuff going on there I don't want to discuss here.
  10. I'm no owl, I'm a man-yak! @CAKE99? Or Kaiser von Saltenburg?
  11. Been there, done that My latest Duna mothership (and my first manned mission to Duna) was accompanied by two satellites, one for scanning the surface of Duna and the other as comms relay. As you might have guessed the scanner was put in a polar orbit, but I decided to leave the commsat in an equatorial orbit. Just now I noticed the Duna mothership had rather weak relay signal... and then I noticed the commsat was gone. Either the SOI kraken ate it or it crashed into Ike... Anyways, looks like the two Kerbals on the ship will have to play board games for the next year!
  12. You summoned the great gas mask wearing yak of doom... @legoclone09
  13. Hmm... Maybe I should always have a gas mask on.
  14. Nertea, those textures and models look amazing This will make a great alternative to Interstellar for people who don't have that much free time or will. It'll definitely go into my mod list for a future Galileo planet pack play through.
  15. Valentines is over! Luckily I have holidays on valentines, and that gas mask certainly helped.