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  1. Definitely no. Pain is a kind of alarm system, telling you that something's wrong with your body. So even though pain is painful () its there to protect you from possible harm.
  2. Nope. @ZooNamedGames
  3. Yup! @legoclone09
  4. Oh, I didn't see him on the white background I'm really sorry for that
  5. That's cool and all, but where's Michael Colins?
  6. This is actually a very interesting question. I would say hydrogen, its required for fueling long-range craft. Though who knows what kind of engines we'll use in the future, so its hard to say what fuel we'll use. But for constructing spaceships in space you need other materials, like aluminium (or whatever they make spaceships nowadays). There's a large amount of resources you need for space travel, so its really hard to say which one would be the most commonly mined. Definitely something used for fuel.
  7. Do not let the magic boulder watch anime.
  8. RIP Han Solo
  9. 5/10 Partner didn't accept the excuses, but interesting read. An ogre's guide to gardening: Set up your own swamp, full with smelly plants, muddy water and a small hut with this guide! Also includes ways of defending your swamp against intruders, trolls, and destitute hobos. DISCLAIMER: does not include advise on saving princesses.
  10. You need some better equipment.
  11. 1624: You are greeted by an angry pitchfork mob and you quickly run upstairs to the next floor.
  12. 1621: Nothing special apart from a Yamato battleship.
  13. Oh well, looks like the Kraken soup got too close to the spaceship soup... Sorry for the inconvenience sir Waiter, there's a PanzerKampfWagen IV Ausf D in my soup!
  14. I do! I started playing more than a year ago and took a looong break, but I've picked it up again. There's a land campaign now, and I'm having tons of fun designing tanks. I would upload some screenshots but I'm not at home right now, therefore I can't reach my main computer. I'll get home on Monday, so expect some screenshots on that day.
  15. Sorry for all the inconvenience Vanamonde, when there's a bunch of random people from Kraken knows where and Kraken knows what age things like these may happen. Our moderator squad just got three new memebers (I'm now a moderator too ) so things like these should happen a lot less now. Anyways to some good news: Paradise redstone tree farm is nearing completion! I've been building this thing for a quarter of a year now, stuff occasionally broke or I didn't build it right so it got delayed a lot. Now I only (actually its as large as the farm itself ) need to add the TNT log harvesting chamber, and then we have infinite wood to do whatever you want... but please don't litter crafting benches all over the place... Here's a pic of one of the problems I came across: Yeah, one third of the circuit section got torn away... But luckily it wasn't hard to fix.