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  1. Tried searching with no luck. Not a major issue but it's annoying. 1). when I have a prop engine from KAX, as soon as I hit the air strip, the engine noise is going even when the engine is off. 2). In the parts menu when building a plane, the propeller portion of the engine is black with yellow blade tips... like an inverse of what it should be. I tried updating, removing, and readding KAX - same issue Ideas? Thanks
  2. I've got a bit of a desire to get a Redbull air race type course set up in KSP. I know it's possible but I'm not sure exactly how to do it. Also, KAX is the only mod I know with a similar type engine but it's severely under-performing. Is there another mod with a better engine?
  3. I'm flying the albatross right now just for kicks. I notice that every 3 or so seconds the smoke effect stops for about half a second. I've noticed this elsewhere too, like while landing on minmus. Not heavily modified, running the latest KSP. 3ghz quad(?) core with 8 or 16gb ram and a radeon 5850 gpu. Should be able to run this no problem. Any advice?
  4. Having a mod that allowed automatic drone launch, flight path, return and landing would be the coolest thing ever.
  5. In this case I use the electric motor of KAX. That's the only non-stock part I use though.
  6. Yeah, ideally I want to let this thing fly to see if it can surpass a year in the air.
  7. I've been tinkering with various aircraft capable of perpetual flight. I have a few that are working very well (20km ceiling at 200m/s) that I'd like to test over long periods. Is there a way to keep the aircraft flying on it's current heading and altitude without having to have it active on the screen? As an example, build a craft, set it's heading, go back to space station and send another one up on a different heading? Anyone else into this type of thing? If so, let me know the longest flight time. I just hit 40 days on one craft. Computer was on for about 2 days though.
  8. Tried to get in on time but fell asleep early last night. Super lame. Congrats to the winner.
  9. Thanks High Guard. I think that's what I didn't know. Also, I have a bunch of fins for my test plane but how else can I mitigate side slip?
  10. I'm trying to circumnavigate kerbin at about 315 degrees. I've noticed that before long the plane is at 270 degrees and falling. I tested with a plane that will hold 90.44 degrees all the way around kerbin at 16,000 meters and experienced the same issue. Is this normal for a straight flying plane?
  11. could you link the leader board to the individual post by that person achieving the challenge rather than their profile?
  12. I've got a good ship but my ascent and decent need work. Any tips on the most efficient take off and landing?
  13. I had to mod my velocity plane that was steady at 1686m/s before... wouldn't get half way around the planet after the update. I can now get it around under an hour. Still testing to see if I can do a bit better.
  14. I was within seconds of beating juzeris time. RAWRRRR. juzeris, you should try again and see how it goes. Are we going to have to do another challenge for 1.0.3 now? :/ Also, how often does this get updated? I did get the 3+ circumnavigation successfully but the OP hasn't been updated.