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  1. I've been waiting so long for a replacement since this stopped working, and linuxgurugamer has gone and sacrificed some more sanity to keep an awesome mod going. Woo! I don't know how you haven't snapped trying to manage so many mods, and i wish i had some extra cash to donate
  2. Any chance that 6.4x scaled stock system (and maybe 6.4x OPM along with it) can/will be implemented?
  3. Mod question! What are you using to scale up the planets to 6.4x? I tried KScale64 in 1.1.3, but it also scaled up the surface rocks 6.4x, which is extremely unrealistic, and doubly awful since KSPRC makes them solid objects.
  4. Just as i had predicted, my imagination got the best of me, so i went off and completely redesigned my RNS system again. I -really- hope this is the last time, because its getting tiring having to redesign not only the shuttles, but also all of the mining, refining, storage, and refueling infrastructure around them. T-5 seconds until liftoff - Make sure to check your staging, folks... And also make sure that your procedural fairings will not detonate what they are enclosing because the ejection force is bumped up by 0.01 -.- - Test mission, seeing how stable it is with a crapton of stuff docked to the front. It's got the wobbles because of how week docking connections are in KSP - Lander variant, landed on the Mun. Very unstable and slidey here, because there's no &*($^@# FLAT areas to land on the Mun >:I - And the lander variant, parked on Minmus. Large fuel tank in tow, the lander variants will eventually be able to land and refuel (via mining rovers or otherwise), they will then either: -Take that fuel to LKO to supply a large refueling station, of which other RNS's will dock at. Then, they will return to Minmus and repeat. -Take that fuel to LMO, and have whatever RNS needs to be fueled up fly out to Minmus, refuel, and fly back to LKO. Both options will cut out the RNS's current reliability on Kerbin-launched Marduk fueling missions, of which currently cost upwards of 152,000 Krubles per launch.
  5. Is there any way to significantly increase, or just entirely remove, the arbitrary contract limit? I'm getting frustrated trying to figure out which contracts are which in the cheat menu, of which i have resorted to using to accept more than the limit allows. Tons of rep, max facilities, 22 launches under my belt...why cant i have a 70+ mission launch manifest like...SpaceX, for example?
  6. Few hours after posting that, after launching a couple more missions, the maximum grew a bit to 30 now. When i said 27, it was only allowing me to accept a certain number of 1, 2 and 3-star contracts, totaling 27, regardless of the overall limit of infinite.
  7. What value would i go about editing to let me accept an unlimited number of contracts, instead of only being allowed a max of 27? None of the values are really jumping out at me here
  8. It was brought up right when SpaceX unveiled ITS, but i think Shadowmage decided to wait a while for Raptor to mature before adding it to SSTU. The BE-4 has, until recently, been cloaked in secrecy, and even now, there isn't much to build a model from, so i suspect until we get more detailed info/renders, we won't see it added. Also, if they are already covered in the performance range by another, already-implemented engine, there isn't really much reason to add them and -another- fuel to go along with them. However, their uniqueness could potentially overrule the performance overlap restriction/guideline. - In other news, some screenshots from my most recent career game below. Warning: 5040x3150, because i'm too lazy to resize them and/or turn off screenshot_supersize. Edit: Wow, i sure am trigger happy with that screenshot key,. The folder has, over my last 2 years of playing, grown to ~4GB. Maybe i should delete some...
  9. Taken in the past few days, but i havent updated to 1.2 yet. Still trying to find time when i can wake up during the "off-peak" hours of my internet provider and download all my mods for 1.2. I would just download them all outright, but my daytime data is limited, and i don't want to waste it on mods
  10. That..has turned out to be some pretty good advice. And it has lead to the most recent (read: 20th) iteration of my Reusable Nuclear Shuttle. TWR: 0.23* DV: 7370* Mass: 185 Tons* *specs may vary depending on configuration - Perhaps the (hopeful) finalization of RNS will allow me to restart the recently re-discovered Project Big Giant Fuel Station... The station itself being refueled by an RNS moving fuel from LMO to LKO via a fuel mining/refining setup...of which is waiting on lander parts - And some other random shots from my career game, being used to subside my anxiousness for the return of the lander stuff and switch over to 1.2.
  11. What's the TWR on that thing? Seems like it'd be pretty low. Anything below ~0.60 gets annoying for me. Having to figure do multiple burns to get out of LKO (or any other body for the return trip) is not something that i find enjoyable
  12. In my made-up universe, slight political turmoil, and the resulting invasion/annexation of another country, has lead to the resurrection of the Proteus-Lavina Shuttle-booster program. If your wondering about why i made so much crap up, i've reeeeally been meaning to start some sort of continuous story/thing in the Mission Reports forum. Fairly large images below vvvv
  13. Yeah, let's forget the steaming pile of lard the console port is and force localization and random contests on everybody.
  14. All your current ships in orbit or on the surface of other bodies should be 100% untouched. That is unless you have ships in the vicinity of where OPM planets would be
  15. I figured that was an SR issue. This whole reuse thing is turning out to be more trouble than it's worth, especially with already cheap launches. Also, glad to see that the lander parts are gonna get a refresh. Hopefully the wheel magic you and others have been working on will make it less of a headache - Edit: Holy krap, now i'm remembering why i pretty much quit KSP. The stock legs/wheels are atrocious. If i even -think- about touching down on a planet, let alone coming in too fast and exploding, my game hemorrhages NRE's like nobody's business. I sure hope you can get it right, because Squad sure as hell hasn't.