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  1. He posted a few weeks ago (just a couple of posts back) so I wouldn't assume its abandoned
  2. Hi, Thanks for the scatter updated version. I am having a very large amount of lag now however. Even on the KSC screen it takes over a minute to spin the camera 360, the ocean has also vanished. I've tried manually cleaning out Scatter, SVE and EVE and reinstalling them (from CKAN) but still the same. Any suggestions? Thanks
  3. Yeah it doesn't seem to be giving that option of late. When you remove all tanks you don't get the option for fuel mix of the engines fitted to the craft, just the show ui option.
  4. Will do cheers, go get yourself a coffee
  5. This is the only mod that does it, I have loads of other part mods that don't put anything in KIS folder. I'll check with them though.
  6. says 1.1.2 but its fine on 1.1.3
  7. @Crzyrndm Hey, getting a really minor issue with the icon. Its appearing on every scene (not just in the VAB/SPH). It only starts to happen after visiting the VAB/SPH, but after that its constant even in flight and the menu when you exit the game. Edit: In fact it only starts to happen once you use one of the 3 wing parts in the VAB/SPH and the UI window pops up.
  8. The loading error has gone with the pre-release version. thanks.
  9. That's sorted it thanks, wasn't aware it was caused by your mod so didn't know you had a version to test.
  10. @nightingale Thanks for taking a look, yeah that's odd, just double checked the folder and all the .cfg's are missing. Got a feeling ckan is the issue, removed it, but then couldn't see it in ckan even with incompatible or all selected. Just manually installed from github and its now showing missions. However its saying none have conditions met, all showing I don't have antenna or power, despite being most of the way through the tech tree and having many Kerbin Comms sats up.
  11. Can't speak for all, but hide and break are fine. Check you have the latest off github.
  12. Getting a slight issue with the part sorting on latest 0.3.3, seems a lot of the parts are added to the EVA items (added by Kerbal Inventory System) 2016-11-13 15.01.56.png?dl=0
  13. Seem to be having an issue with this again since 1.2.1 arrived. Not getting any contracts offered. And RT isn't listed when clicking the all tab. Also not sure if it matters but no RT logs in the CC folder have been added since 1.2.1 arrived I've also noticed CC is thowing an exception on every game load: ContractConfigurator.ExpressionParser.PartParser.ParseIdentifier
  14. Just wanted to say thanks for this mod, I normally only make ssto's and not much else with the SPH, so never tried this before. However gave it a try the last few days, really enjoying it. Fun to make various planes required.
  15. You either need to put one of the 2 parts on each craft, or set it as partless in the options. Click the settings button on KER in the VAB