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  1. It's definitely not something urgent. Don't worry about it
  2. Hello @Nertea, I have spotted a tiny typo in Near Future Propulsion, the title for the lithium tank lithium-25-3 is #LOC_NFPropulsion_lithium-25-2_title (LFT-A20 Lithium Tank), where it should have been A10.
  3. Well, you are the boss! Please let me know if I can be of any help.
  4. 1. I do because that is what I studied and what I am doing to make a living. But I guess that question was more in jest. 2. The proposed change will not affect what is displayed, it will only change the warp stopping behavior. Warp will only be stopped if any of the buttons in the Here and Now window is clickable.
  5. Thanks. I don't know how much more I'll get to contribute. I am a professional software developer myself. So if I get going with bigger changes I'll make sure to clone the repository and work locally on VS. But even on the web interface, I feel like gh would provide the ability combine multiple edits into a single commit, which would then become a single pr, etc. Btw, for anyone else who has been looking for a work around, I have checked out the cost calculation, and as far as I can tell, as long as you are not using customized kerbals, you can rebate yourself the cost for hiring kolonists proportional to their default costs. That is to say, if you are using default configs, the base cost of a kerbonaut is 50k, whereas the cost of a kolonist is only 1k. This base gets modified by a number of factors. All of these factors apply multiplicatively except for the costs of customizing a kerbal. But if you are not using the customization option, and hiring a kolonists costs you 150k, you can rebate yourself via the cheat menu knowing that kolonist should have costed you 3k! (150k/50k * 1k)
  6. Oh I am sorry. I should have known better but I have just recently begun using git in general, and this is the first time I have ever done anything on github. I just created an account so that I can add a comment to the relevant issue. I had intended to note the relevant file and change in a comment to the issue, but when I created an account, github allowed me to edit the file, and I kind of got excited! haha Anyways, I hope my contribution will be helpful!
  7. I have created a pull request for this!
  8. I think I have successfully created a pull request for the resolution of this issue.
  9. Hmm this conversation kind of got buried in the thread. Can anyone point me to the correct intended hiring costs for different classes with default MKS settings? Are the hiring costs supposed to be fixed or scaling? I understand that astronauts (pilots, engineers and scientists) are supposed to be more expensive than kolonists, but what about all the other classes like quartermasters and botanits? Does anyone have a workaround for the current situation? If not, I think I can just use the cheat menu to compensate. Thanks a lot in advance!
  10. What a great mod! I loved it! I hope @jandcando and @damonvv come back to continue updating it! Also, a suggestion, maybe you can drop the science multipliers from the pages (they are covered by [x] Science and/or DMagic's CelestialBodyScience mods) so that you need to maintain less changing information as I believe planetary sizes and orbits should be more stable information.
  11. Hello @Nertea, thanks for the update! I just noticed in the op that there seems to be a typo that states that Cryogenic Engines are designed to work well with Cryogenic Engines.
  12. Tenks for the update!
  13. Stock with SVT (and SVE and EVE and Scatterer).
  14. I did, it seems to be working alright.