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  1. Thanks to linuxgurugamer CKAN now pulls again the right version of Toolbar and should work as intended and usual
  2. As stated a few posts back or so by @Phineas Freak the terrain textures implemented via Kopernicus make the FPS take a giant hit the higher you get and make the already demanding set of visuals and RO (if installed) very unpleasant to play; reported by many people. I somewhat believe that it might be the scale of RSS in combination with the ground texture PQS being fully applied and rendered all the way up to scaled space and thus bringing a heavy load onto the system, in stock scale those hits might be minor as the rendered size is way smaller. The glorious terrain features of RVE aren't forgotten as @Phineas Freak eagerly awaits the return of EVE's terrain functions to be brought back alive. He contacted @Waz already iirc if he might take a look at it. The "old" RVE terrain could then be brought back and even be extended upon. Until that point of time, there is no better solution unfortunately. Unless someone of you might know a trick to reduce the performance hit with implementing the (beware: very repetetive unfortunately) ground textures via Kopernicus.
  3. That is because Shadowmage explicitly configured some engines to use a real world configuration and expands on the stock fuels for that reason.
  4. Technically speaking RSS isn't even compatible to 1.3
  5. I don't really care though my OCD kind of went off when it is the only body with "the" in front. I actually don't like that they switched the position of the science report - pre 1.3 it said the location in the top bar iirc and now it's in the first line of the main text window
  6. @Galileo's Planet Pack on 10x scale is for example a nice alternative once you get fed up on the RSS (which is funny but might happen )
  7. Except all the low thrust RL-10 replicas really have their TWR too low for stock solar system size. You tend to have way too long burn times due to the low thrust on a otherwise "normal" sized vessel. I use it in RSS&RO so it's not a problem anyways but last time I tested in stock it was quite limiting. Don't get me wrong, I am a sucker for realism but given the stock system it might need a little thrust buff on those scales. Other than that - yes SSTU has you covered with everything.
  8. Little Announcement: We now also have a #KSP-RO Community Discord Server. It is not as popular and specific as the #RO IRC Channel - where still most of the development and chat is happening, but @pap1723 and others thought about it and created this more modern solution; to give it time to grow and establish for casual talking and easy picture sharing and everything which comes along the features of Discord. If you want to get involved a little in sharing your experiences and talk about the related topics in a more direct way than forums - feel free to join and say hello!
  9. 1.3 is not supported so please refrain from trying in 1.3. Can you post a screenshot of your GameData? Same for @Munar pilot, don't install any other mods rather the base line for RO in CKAN and then try if that works first. After that you can start adding different mods and tell us which one crash the install! Source: I installed RO/RP-0 yesterday again with CKAN and don't have any crashes since I didn't install any further part mods from CKAN, so the culprit must be there somewhere. Some people reported they *think* it is caused by a raidernick mod but didn't provide any further info.
  10. Hi. You can download SigmaDimensions for any rescale you want to have. RSS currently is released for 1.2.2 only
  11. I was also trying to add some bottom nodes to the HM7 by RSB and will likely push them into the Repo. I am still trying to implement a toggle for the bottom node as it usually isn't used in the RSB set. (I ran into the same problem trying to build an Ariane 4 like you did and the KW Rocketry bottom is horrible, I agree).
  12. or this one so we don't even need to download anything
  13. The title pretty much confirms that RO works in 1.2.2. [1.2.2] Realism Overhaul v11.5.1 - 06/12/2017 Now please tell the name of the mod and upload an output.log as stated in red in the OP if you run into issues. As long as you installed through CKAN there are no incompatibilities or non functioning mods installed and RO should play like usual Thanks in advance
  14. These were first day issues when some mod authors had their .ckan meta files marked with 1.2.9 and CKAN then pulled those for a 1.2.2 install. I installed RSS/RO/RP-0 several times during the past weeks via CKAN and it works out of the box. Please try that again with a fresh 1.2.2 install. If we wouldn't support CKAN anymore we would state that, until then it is the preferred and proposed way of installation.
  15. There is currently NO need to install any mod manually outside of CKAN for the basic RO/RP-0 to work. You linked some older FAR commits which don't need to be installed, the released version is just fine for RO. You do want to check the Deadly Reentry prerelease though from the GitHub page. It has some EVA and reentry fixes, you want to install this over the current one which comes with CKAN. Thanks