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  1. Make sure to have Advanced Tweakables turned on in the settings.
  2. Guys, guys sorry. I thought /s was known to imply the end of a sarcastic statement, keep calm please.
  3. To prevent this SQUAD should make the game files inaccessible for the user or implement anti cheat /s
  4. No clue if I can rely on the dates modified but if they are true then you're on some older versions. Especially make sure FAR is on the 1.2.2 compatible dev branch.
  5. There is no RSSVE folder to begin with. Download the latest stable version of Real Solar System Visual Enhancements and uncompress it's contents. Then, copy or move the "RSSVE" folder inside your GameData folder. The final installation tree should look like this: GameData/ ModuleManager.X.Y.Z.dll EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements RSSVE scatterer
  6. I can't look at it right now but hearing ckan Installation I am pretty sure it made you install a config pack for EVE after clicking on download. Make sure you don't have boulder co or SVE in your game data. "name": "EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements-HR" please delete that. Manually, it can't be deleted via CKAN. Or better: follow the OP instructions for installing RSSVE and do not use CKAN. So for the easiest way: Deselect Environmental Visual Enhancements in CKAN, grab the manual download of EVE as instructed (Just the mod itself, 1.53MB - The rest is taken care of by RSSVE.
  7. @ziporama Agreed. I just installed RSS and RSSVE from stock with all updated mods, it works out of the box for me. @Ct9ars Indeed. Very bright especially from orbit. Now as I see everything working without further hassle And without changing any files I try to pick up helping PhineasFreak again, finally have time again.
  8. Do you have by any chance the latest EVE release from 4 days ago? I am pretty sure RSSVE was built on the one before that, might be a first starter.
  9. Soon to be fixed. Thanks for reporting this.
  10. easy because you bend time and physics at liftoff on the launchpad and create a wormhole to orbit with this amount of thrust?
  11. So, just read again then please. First of all, the mod title is stating 1.1.3. Second, the text in red is referencing nothing but manual mod install and the fact some threads got deleted so people are advised to actually search the correct version of this mod for 1.1.3. There is absolutely no need to state anything about a working 1.2.2 when the first thing you see for this mod thread is a 1.1.3 so all of the rest complies with this fact. "But until Realism Overhaul for 1.2.2 is released we kindly ask you to check the download links provided in the respective threads to grab the version which is compatible to 1.1.3 if you intend to do a manual install. Most mods have a version history on either or " [snip]
  12. You can get a cute Kerbal plushie or a mug.
  13. TBF I didn't read any information if it is priced at all or am I blind? EDIT: CONFIRMED BLIND, it costs money Now I go in a corner and laugh
  14. Was it mean to forget to tell you could just download the current tree.cfg from the last release of RP-0? Sorry I thought I mentioned it, but now you know more and can bring it to good use, also you have more parts configured in the up to date tree.cfg There are none that I would be aware of, you should be good!
  15. Compile the tree.ymml from the RP-0 branch into tree.cfg with a PERL compiler, otherwise the parts won't be tagged correctly.