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  1. The sides on an Interstage fairing in combination with a Fuselage side panel isn't meant to detach on any other point than the top node working as a normal decoupler. If you want an interstage with an "exploding" wall make sure to use a normal payload fairing. It then detaches the sides too.
  2. Your modlist, output.log or KSP.log from the Game Install would be helpful Maybe you can link those up to specify the issue or screenshot your GameData folder!
  3. Please install this version for proper EVAing. We need to update the CKAN install somehow.
  4. RCS_Test craft has the thrusters too close to the CoM to make an impact on attitude control, it is draining nitrogen though but the lever arm around the CoM is too short to make KSP realize what you want to do. IIRC that is due to stock code and implementation of the RCS module. I unfortunately can't open your second craft yet - going to install the part mods. brb EDIT: The Kestrel's RCS on the AJ stage works fine here.
  5. Can you share the .craft? I'd like to test that myself too. RCS didn't change and doesn't require any new mods.
  6. We had the exact same question on the IRC today. The thruster isn't placed at the Center of Mass?
  7. You could probably help people getting to help you if you post a screenshot of your vessel and post some specific circumstances under which it flips, like altitude or engine model, speed etc. Such a generic question will most likely only end up in guessing and that is not efficient. Cheers
  8. KW Rocketry: Vulcain, HM-7(B) SSTU: Vinci Forgotten Real Engines: Ariane 4 engines to name a few out of my head
  9. Both just updated earlier and RP-0 is now officially on 1.2.2 RP-0 really helps you going to learn the basics as you're following real life loosely and how they overcome the challenges (That's the nice thing: you see something work in real life it most of the times works in RO :P)
  10. List of Mods, output_log.txt and modulemanager.cache please, as usual
  11. there plenty, I'll have some videos and links for you shortly.
  12. "Ride the apoapsis" Get a decent thrusted engine and climb up to apoapsis by adjusting your pitch, then once past it pitch up or down to maintain 0 m/s vertically.
  13. check your MechJeb settings for "Max acceleration value" and the checkbox for "keep limited throttle above > 5%". Otherwise MJ cuts the throttle when the max acceleration value is exceeded.
  14. Then the usual please, output log, module manager cache and a screenshot of your GameData folder please.