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  1. The jump jet engine should be able to rotate to switch between V/STOL and CTOL mode.
  2. Nevermind, I got it working using CKAN.
  3. k
  4. also you should update IFS now; it's getting annoying
  5. is it okay if I censor?
  6. Do I have to have KSP running and which part of the Output_Log.txt?
  7. Bug: For some reason when I load the game, I don't receive the parts. Everything is downloaded properly. The only change I made is that I updated Interstellar Fuel Switch. Also, you should update Interstellar Fuel Switch. Mods: -KAX -BDArmory Continued -Updated IFS -This mod. Update: Redownloaded on Github without updating IFS, same result.
  8. yes i put all my mods in the GameData folder. When I load ksp, the parts arent there.
  9. the two mods don't work for me? I have them installed, but when I open KSP, they arent there. what shall I do to fix this?
  10. wow...
  11. Every time I open KSP, my saves don't show. I've checked the save file, and all my saves are there, but when I run KSP and click "Resume Save" It shows a blank GUI. I believe DarkMultiPlayer caused the problem, and so I deleted it and every other mod, but it still doesn't show the saves. Any idea on how to fix this?
  12. while making a save file on custom (harder than hard) i though of the question in the title. so like craft designed in hard are designed for it, making it work better in easy, not vice versa