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  1. L.A.C.E. stands for Liquid Air Cycle Engine, in which they take the air from the atmosphere, cool it down way colder than a precooler, and then turn it into liquid oxygen. This greatly reduces the lift-off weight needed, though technically you're making your craft heavier as it goes up instead of lighter.
  2. Would, hybrid rockets (for mostly, well, rockets), L.A.C.E. (for mostly spaceplanes) engines, and tripropellant engines (for both) be feasible in Kerbal Space Program?
  3. Would be useful, and as seen above, there are mods for it. Off I go!
  4. It's not a completely necessary engine, but it would certainly be useful for SSTOs and designing simple rockets (no not the game). A tripropellant engine would have 2 proposed versions, a mix of gaseous hydrogen, liquid lithium, and liquid fluorine, which would have a rather high ISP, and one that uses kerosene at launch due to its high density and therefore thrust, smaller tanks needed, lowering the weight, and making a great engine for rocket SSTOs, and then using the more efficient but lower density liquid hydrogen, all while using the same oxidizer of liquid oxygen. The former would be preferable for all those efficiency aficionados, and the latter would be preferable for those who just want the best of both worlds (AKA me). This is similar to a hybrid rocket (not referring to the R.A.P.I.E.R.s) in which they generally have a solid fuel and gaseous/liquid oxidizer, though vice versa and other combinations are possible and have been used, and of course, there are mods for it. By the way, there ARE mods that feature tripropellant rockets, which can all be found using a simple search. However, your post indicates a liquid oxygen and hydrogen rocket which also uses intake air. This would most likely refer to a air-augmented rocket, and in a more stock sense, the R.A.P.I.E.R. which only uses intake air and liquid oxygen separately. Air-augmented rockets do not exist yet in stock Kerbal Space Program, but they do exist in mods like Mk2/Mk3 Stockalike Expansion. Looking at your posts though, you want an engine that uses intake air, liquid hydrogen, and liquid oxygen all at the same time. That wouldn't be very practical, and I don't see much of a use in it, than say, boosted efficiency, which can all be found in R.A.P.I.E.R.s and the air-augmented rockets I mentioned earlier. Then comes the L.A.C.E.s (Liquid Air Cycle Engine), which is probably the engine you are talking about. Those are great for rocket-powered spacecraft in a oxygenated atmosphere, since they act a bit like pre-coolers, though instead they turn the air into liquid oxygen instead of just cooling it down like the ones in the S.A.B.E.R. (the engines the R.A.P.I.E.R.s are based on) engines on the Skylon, which greatly reduces the lift-off weight. Those don't exist in Kerbal Space Program either, but once again, there are mods for it (I think). I would like a bit of a storage tank containing intake air to help air-breathing engines last a little longer in higher altitudes, instead of using liquid oxidizer on the same altitude, to increase efficiency. I like your thinking. I hope this helped.
  5. For VTOL, your CoT must be exactly on the CoM.
  6. Now, how hard is it to get to C in Kerbal Space Program without glitches?
  7. Why doesn't KSP simulate sonic booms and their effects?
  8. One note: Some planes, including the Concorde, have an additional wheel at the back, similar to taildraggers. They are useful at preventing tailstrikes, especially for planes with a high level of attack, like the Concorde. This could be useful for planes with a high level of attack, so you could add that in.
  9. 3 suggestions: There should be conventional rockets (I.E. Skipper, Mainsail, Reliant, Swivel, etc. but in MK2 form). Sure, there's the aerospike, and the hybrid engines, but that's as far as it goes. Speaking of hybrid engines, it would be nice to have a hybrid engine with alternators. It would help a lot, especially for drones. The jet engines should have more power, or make one with more power. I'm trying to make an tail sitter, but It's not powerful enough to lift off on it's own with the jet engines. Thanks for reading, and even more thanks if you follow my suggestions.
  10. Saw this in KSP today (I don't know how to add imgur slideshows): Am modded, however I do not think mods caused this. Potential easter egg?
  11. nice looking spaceplane, but the download is broken
  12. The jump jet engine should be able to rotate to switch between V/STOL and CTOL mode.
  13. Nevermind, I got it working using CKAN.
  14. k
  15. also you should update IFS now; it's getting annoying