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  1. Content aware fill in Photoshop <3 (I'm guessing that's how you collage real world height maps. I've been experimenting with those, too but not on a massive scale like you)
  2. An amazing screenshot taken by @Tutur
  3. This series is amazing! the plot thickens!
  4. Last time I tried it works only for certain probe cores? Try the rovemate. Send it into orbit, make sure it's powered and has an antenna, and a scanning thing (the silver one which opens out like a radar), then try. Last time I tried it worked. You have to have comnet enabled too
  5. Again, it isn't happening for me and I don't see at all why (I doubt the issue will be in the log file either) Will take a look at Kerbnet when I'm home as I usually have it disabled.
  6. I cannot disagree there. I've recently loaded a lightly nodded GPP save and it's a lot of fun - it's like a new start to the game (Maybe because it is!) Blasphemy!
  7. Welcome to version 2.1 for KSP 1.3: IMPORTANT - Terrain changes to Sonus, Sheathe, Olei. 1.2.2 SUPPORT HAS BEEN COMPLETELY DROPPED, THE LATEST UPDATE WILL NOT WORK FOR KSP 1.2.2! Sheathe radius increased Sheathe gravity decreased Sheathe terrain detail added Updated biome maps for Sheathe Updated biome maps for Sonus Added a lot more varied terrain to Sonus Added more detail to Sonus Added more clouds to Sonus Added more detail to Olei Updated biome maps for Olei Updated terrain and colourmap for Olei Many bug fixes and improvements thanks to @TheWanderer05 on the forums. Other more subtle features and changes.
  8. That button will not appear if your craft is out of electric charge. If you are using a probe and run out of power, you are not able to control your solar panels. This problem is not being caused by this mod from what I can see
  9. I think it's because deactivate altitude and fadeEnd of the PQS {} are the wrong way around. Either that, or I didn't specify a deactivate altitude and so it defaults to the Mun's. I'll experiment with this tonight when I'm home from school
  10. What are the solar panels being blocked by when you right click them? Also, which ksp version are you playing, and list any other mods you are using Thanks!
  11. I saw that Dr Doof who regularly streams GPO had this, but I had no clue what caused it. I think I now now - the deactivate Altitude for Gol. Can you do this for me: Go to Gamedata > Olei-Gaia > Configs > Gol.cfg Scroll down to ScaledVersion { and change these (if they don't exist, add them) fadeStart = 20000 fadeEnd = 25000 THEN UNDER PQS { change these: fadeStart = 25000 fadeEnd = 30000 deactivateAltitude = 50000 If you're having problems editing, open them in notepad++. If you have problems knowing where things go if they're not there, look at a different planet config as a guide. I'm sleeping now, so if you manage to succeed in getting rid of the flickering please let me know!
  12. Do not try to recompile planet mods to 1.3 without the mod author doing it themselves, mainly for security, licence and general use reasons. But if you want to know, it is because in each update, parts of the game code change. Kopernicus.DLL will try to look for that code but it will find it was changed or or no longer exists, and crash. Simply delete Kopernicus and Modular Flight Integrator and redownloading the later version of Kopernicus and install that.
  13. With the pack progressing very well and coming along nicely, I must warn you of something which happened to a couple of modders including myself. I would send this as a private message (you can continue the discussion there rather than here if you wish), but others may want to see it too. At some point, your mod will be reviewed. I will not mention any names, but it is a guarantee that it will be noticed by someone. What happened with me was that my planet mod was reviewed by this person a very long time before I was ready for it. This lead to people getting wrong idea about the mod, because back then it didn't look anything like it does now. And in turn this means people are more likely to dismiss the mod instead of downloading it, which I have certainly not failed to notice. Don't let this happen with your mod, because it definitely plays a huge part in your actual career in real life. You can mention it on your CV depending on what job you get, and the reviews of the mod will decide whether it will be noticed or disregarded as 'just another one'. A simple notice on the OP thread saying 'not open for reviewal yet' would stop this from happening - if it does, he is in 'the wrong' and not you. I might seem overly protective, and a review of the mod may sound absolutely amazing (it does) but think of it from the way I see it: Looking back to the past nearly 5 months ago, when my own mod was 1 month old, if I was not a modder I would not download my own planet pack. I'd think to myself that there is better, like Galileo's, the classic OPM, The White Guardian's creations, Kargantua, Kolyphemus, Kerbol Origins, Kerbal Star Systems. I'd think, looking at what the mod looked like back then, that it's just another attempt at things that already exist. It's a pessimistic view but I'm a pessimistic person. I set myself a high standard which I will always try to achieve, which is either good or bad, possibly both. The thing is, the review will give you a short boost in terms of 'popularity'(*) but in 5 months time, perhaps the opposite. (*): I don't want to say popularity. Modding is not about the number of downloads, videos made, screenshots or comments on a thread. It is a passion which is why we do it and haven't stopped. Sure, it is nice to see pictures, videos or even people's opinions of your own work and it is certainly motivating, but you cannot truly be finished when you - yourself - step back for the last time and appreciate everything you have gone through, to finally turn your back to it at last and say to yourself that you have finished what you set out to do. I hope this hasn't been a rant, but just keep the above in mind. - Linx.
  14. It's fine (You can load a save backup which KSP does automatically.) You can find it in KSP > Saves > (Save name) > backup. Rename the persistent backup to Persistent.sfs and move it to Saves > (SaveName) replacing the existing one.