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  1. I'll mess with compatibility when my pack is used with yours so the visuals are kept
  2. agree (The mini-body idea didn't work anyway ) Unfortunately it may. I removed all entries for GFI values to fix contract progression (seems to have worked as the Olu'um contract pops up a lot later), which will cause this. Definitely not happening again because I hate doing it.
  3. @ModerndayLink64 mission failed Was a good idea though
  4. I thought about this. I could maybe have a moon on the same orbit as Olu'um (meaning hyper editing Olu'um would wreck it) But your suggestion having a tiny sma around Olu'um.... --->>That's a great idea! <<---
  5. @AndrewDrawsPrettyPictures you could create a 'barycentre' for the nebula, and apply a type "sphere" around it to make it look 3d. @GenesisPlayz it works on 1.3 but DO NOT apply it to stars. There's a bug where it causes lag and output log bloating. I've wittered on about this for a while now so I'll stop
  6. I doubt they will integrate more planets into the game. As ModernDayLink said, it would mean many mods would need to be altered to fit the change. It wouldn't be too much of a hassle (delete the certain planet files and create a MM config to move the stock version of it) but it would be unnecessary work. Mods already do this, so what's the point of integrating them? It's just more work. (I'm looking at you, asteroid day.)
  7. Hey all! GPO has updated to 2.4. Before the changelog, I MUST stress that GFI was completely removed from the planets to fix contract progression, however be ready for some crafts to switch around their orbits and whatnot. IMPORTANT - ALL GFI VALUES HAVE BEEN REMOVED. CRAFTS MAY JUMP AROUND - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Olu'um now emits light Olu'um classed as a T-Dwarf "star" Olu'um radius adjusted to match KSP scale, but proportionally reflects real world dwarf stars Olu'um ACCRETION DISK REMOVED - I didn't want to do this but there are many bugs with Instantiator. Sorry guys Olu'um temperature curve improved. You will overheat at Verdina's periapsis, making it a more dangerous rocky world. Olu'um scatterer configs removed Olu'um sunflare and coronas added Telos colourmap changes, and it is now tidally locked to Olu'um Updated Kopernicus by two versions Added Veronica's Flight Recorder to GameData > Olei. It's an easter egg so get looking! "Removed the Krake--[-]"
  8. As I said - no more atmospheric planets. There are already 8!
  9. @TheWanderer05 and I were discussing this on the discord before!
  10. It will keep the same gravity! Just looks better I'm not too keep on adding any more atmospheric planets to the modpack, but would you want Scorch to be more red? (Scorch needs some extra detail anyway, soooo....)
  11. I mean it has always been a sub-star (I meant proper sub-star, not star), I'm just allowing it to emit light. I can't use the accretion disk because it has a lot of bugs which I seriously hope @Artyomka15 or someone else is able to fix/maintain.
  12. I've managed to fix the issue I posted above, but I'm writing this because it might become useful. I had to disable godrays. God rays from multiple light sources conflict and really do not go well together.
  13. Managed to get Olu'um to work properly!
  14. Coming soon... I managed to get Scatterer to stop playing up for the moment, so the update is slated for the next few days. It includes some fixes to Volux and Telos's atmospheres, plus Olu'um will be a star Unfortunately I have decided to drop Instantiator (the accretion disk around Olu'um) because the plugin is too buggy and overloads the log file with exception errors. I might use Sunflares of @JadeOfMaar when it is released
  15. Well done , I didn't expect it to be found so soon!