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  1. Easter eggs, they're everywhere yet nobody finds em
  2. Yes, but it's just using a different image site from imgur. Imgur is the easiest one to use. If you landed below 250m above Gol, you will begin to overheat.
  3. It overheated. Why can't you use imgur? That's one of the only easy ways to share images
  4. Press prnt-screen when looking at the Easter egg Then go to and press Ctrl+v Then take the URL and paste it here.
  5. Latitude 89.89, Longitude (any). On the VERY north pole, zoom out and look down at the ground.
  6. Oh whoops Um I'll blame it on lack of sleep. Technically after the new revolution on Kerbin ---> Gaia, the year system would reset as it's a huge change in history. I could keep it like that but if anyone else notices I'll change it I can't see signatures on my PC for some reason (or mobile). I'm not sure why. I'm against life support mods to be fair because they add uneccessary parts to a ship that affect deltaV and whatnot. I like the goofy Kerbal style mechanics. (If they take up space in a folder, they're sexy. I have at least 2 useless files, one of them says List of Easter Eggs, with an Easter egg. The resource configs look awesome though, thanks ) Is spacedock down? I'm trying to check the mod page but I'm getting a timeout
  7. Mine! Jk, I don't know - what are you trying to make? @JadeOfMaar has made some sexy resource configs which will be used on the planets, I'm still getting my head around them! (Thanks jade!)
  8. The south pole is still open for easer eggs. To anyone: if you have a specific place on Gaia that you want an Easter egg at, PM me the latitude and longitude.
  9. Final image to stop bumping the thread up: The image gets resized by the KSP forums, but that's an 8k texture used for Gaia. The magic of the PQSMod VertexHeightVertCurve2 thingie makes islands look absolutely amazing, so expect a really cool Gaia terrain patch in the next update!
  10. Be happy you found it, you're the third person which is awesome that so many people saw it! There are many more. What's at Gaia's north pole? nobody found that yet