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  1. Thanks dude! Really appreciated On a side note I suggest that you make this into a general military thread, where people can post WIPs, replicas and fictional military craft alike, essentially everything military related. I have not seen such a thread in a long time so I think that this thread can greatly benefit from that
  2. Here are some of my crafts
  3. I remember I found this thread a few months back. Good to see the 44 class running again!
  4. Thank you for taking the time to make an alternative fix, I'll test it soon
  5. Looking forward to see the overhauled craft! Edit: This is my 100th post yay!
  6. Woah this is so cool! You and klond have created something truly epic! +
  7. Lots of nice craft! Keep it up dude
  8. New craft added! Kampfpanzer Leopard 2A4
  9. My best crafts are probably the BTR-80 and Panavia Tornado.
  10. Welcome to the forums. Looking forward to see what creations you have made.
  11. KSP BTR-80 It is still technically a rover right? haha
  12. Looks amazing dude! Great job Also would it possible to get those textures for the wheels somewhere?