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  1. New craft added! Panavia Tornado IDS
  2. Looks amazing dude! Great job Also would it possible to get those textures for the wheels somewhere?
  3. I like how the Gargantua looks . Cool stuff, keep it up!
  4. I am happy to see that you still take your time to update and improve this mod! I can`t really describe how much I love it haha It is great for building vehicles and spaceships/space stations with interiors Here are some of my crafts using this mod
  5. Woah nice dude! Extremely happy to see someone actually play around with my crafts!
  6. Well I don`t think that I have this issue as I have downloaded multiple mods today and only this one keeps giving me errors and I don`t see any certificate issues either. Thanks for the emergency DL though! I really appreciate having the opportunity to download a mod from a another site when things don`t work properly. Also thanks for updating this mod!
  7. Weird. I still get the 404 Mod Missing error message.
  8. Thanks dude and no problem! I do use too many mods to write them down here individually (I am rather lazy) so here is a screenshot of my gamedata folder: Let me know if you are wondering what some of these are
  9. Unfortunately they all are heavily based on modded parts and various mods. I might make some stock crafts someday though
  10. @ZooNamedGames I did post my F-16 here
  11. Added download links for QVB-140A Lastochka and F-16
  12. Welcome to AdrianK`s Craft Junkyard! "If it is lying by the side of the road we`ll sell it!" This is the place where I will post all of my stock and modded crafts from now on!* I am more of a aircraft and ground vehicle builder so don`t expect to see a lot of space stuff here . *Please note that I won`t provide download links on request, I`ll only post DL links if I decide to do so. -------------------------------------------------------- Panavia Tornado IDS "Tonka" F-16 Fighting Falcon "Lawn Dart" QVB-45C QVB-140A "Lastochka" --More craft coming soon™--
  13. Okay, many thanks for the rather prompt reply!
  14. I love this mod and I really appreciate all the effort you put into it, but... I am wondering if you could make these gorgeous parts TweakScale-able (Except for the cockpits and crew modules)? It would make all of those parts extra useful! Oh also here is one of my recent crafts that I made using your wonderful mod
  15. This is a great mod, makes planets "fresh" again and fun to explore! Keep it up dude! Edit: Would it be possible to make Kerbin more interesting too?