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  1. These just get better and better! Keep it up!
  2. Thanks for the quick reply! I completely understand that new track parts require a lot of effort and thus I thank you for even considering to fulfill this request!
  3. I am sorry if this have been brought up before, but is there any possibility of any new track parts being added into this mod? A track part nearly half as wide as the T-64 tracks would be absolutely awesome. It would allow for a whole new series of wonky crafts and replicas.
  4. Very unique design, I like it!
  5. Great, looking forward to it!
  6. I have now added a new craft to the original post, this time the mighty MAZ-543 АА-60(7310) Aerodrome Fire-Fighting Vehicle!
  7. Suggestion: Rectangular 1x2 panels for times when you do not want to have a frame in the middle when connecting two 1x1 together. This would be perfect for truck windshields
  8. I am happy that you like it! +HMG is from SaT: +The whole colored structure is made out of B9 Procedural Structural Parts: Procedural Structural Parts +Infernal Robotics for everything that moves except for the HMG and wheels: +Kerbal Joint Reinforcement for holding it togehter: +TweakScale: +B9 Aerospace for some parts of the chassis: +Stock parts +Patience and way too much spare time Made in KSP 1.2.2 That should be it all. On a side note thanks for all the rep!
  9. New day, new craft. IVECO LMV have been added!
  10. New day, new craft. This time a Kerbalized IVECO LMV
  11. DSI - 120km DSII - 160km Kerbin - 600km Impossible without a bunch of mods haha
  12. @The_Cat_In_Space Instantly more activity here! Thanks for turning this thread into its current form
  13. Thanks dude! Really appreciated On a side note I suggest that you make this into a general military thread, where people can post WIPs, replicas and fictional military craft alike, essentially everything military related. I have not seen such a thread in a long time so I think that this thread can greatly benefit from that
  14. Here are some of my crafts