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  1. I was supposed to put new flooring down in the spare room because my wife told me so.... Now I have the perfect reason to skip that and fly to Duna in style today! Thanks Chaka, you saved my weekend!
  2. I was looking for a decent command pod these past couple of weeks, one with an ASET/Rasterized iva. This one is really good. I mean really good. Black is not my favourite color, but the quality of the pod top knotch. Cheers, and keep up the great work!
  3. Looks great - used to use CHAKA and loved it then, and I am sure I will love it when it goes to 1.22. Great work Yanfret!
  4. I downloaded the the dev version earlier this week, and it seems to not be doing anything (no KCT present). I must be installing it incorrectly.
  5. Thanks for the clarification. Always good to see people helping the uninitiated :).
  6. Used to use MKS back prior to 1.2, just coming back into the game again, and noticed, that I cannot change the bigelow-style habitat from greenhouse to other types (like a habitat). I see you need specialized parts, but only oxygen, recyclables and machinery parts can be stocked in the habitat module. I must be doing something wrong, searching through this thread, the USI manual and various reddit pages have left me a bit confused. Any advice would be great. Cheers, Gaultesian
  7. All of my extraneous, EVA seats are safely taped back in the cockpit. Thanks Angel-125 for your timely fix!
  8. I can confirm, I have a similar issue (current spacecraft has a seat floating about 20 meters from the starboard bow). I can provide pics if necessary.
  9. Oh, OK, thanks for the re-reclarification ;). I checked my versions of Real Plume and Cryo Engines, and they are both the latest version. That probably means I may have a mod conflict somewhere, but I will have to check logs and then go through my mods to see if there is something amiss. You have me set in the right direction - I just need to find out the issue now on my side. Thanks again. OK......I did not have RealPlume-Stock folder installed for some reason. Dear lord, I think I may have to give up the internet and live in a cave somewhere.
  10. ......Oops, no it does not. My bad, as I saw the nertea graphics in realplume, and they had the cryo engines in that folder. I did not realize they need to have 'real plume signature of authentication' in the VAB description...I will check for that from now on. Thanks for the clarification @Nhawks17
  11. In 1.05, it used to 'splay' or spread out, for lack of better terms, when outside of the atmosphere (the altitude here is approximately 99km, using sigma dimensions). Cheers.
  12. My apologies if I am asking a question that has already been asked (been searching this thread and other related threads for verification). I have real plume, smokescreen and cryo engines installed, but I do not get the 'signature' real plume effect while in space (just a straight cone cone of circular plume). I used to have cryo, smokescreen and plume installed in 1.05, and they were my favorite deep-space engines. Is cryo engines still working with real plume? If it is, I must be doing something wrong (I will do logs if need be, or check out any other mods that may be conflicting with real plume). Cheers, and I love this mod (one of must-haves).
  13. So is the new command pod in the newest download? I cannot open mine until I get home from work :(. Can't wait to play this (beta?) mod!
  14. I guess we will have to wait for a MechJeb update (currently stated as 1.1.1 version, but the dev page has no new updates for 1.1.2 for now). However, until that time, I would like to know if others have had the same issue?
  15. Congrats on migrating it over to the Addon Releases section....this has been a work of art and dedication for quite some time, and I thoroughly enjoy using it in my KSP game. Cheers!