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  1. ok, (is there a RSS leader board? ) 3-man Mission +10- 2-man Lander +10- 2-stage Lander (leave the decent-engine on the Mun) +20- Launch escape system in place? +10- Lander stored behind the CM during ascent +20- Lander tucked away behind some kind of fairing? +5- Flawless landing (no parts broke off, Neil Armstrong is watching you!) +10- After succesfull Mun landing dock CM and MM in munar orbit (no swapping ships without docking them first) +10- Plant flag on the Mun (no cumulative, i.e. two flags don't get you 6 points) +3- Spashing down on Kerbin (land on water) +5 103p.
  2. Here is my recreation of Apollo 11 in RSS:
  3. I couldn't resist recreating this mission as close as i could to the real thing:
  4. Orion flew to 5800km above earth. As kerbin is 1/10th scale of Earth. It would be closer to scale if the target was 580km above kerbin.
  5. I highly doubt that it would be possible to reenter the second stage top first. All the mass is at the bottom. It would be very aerodynamically unstable. It would require huge fins, mounted behind CoM, And CoM for an empty stage is probably not that far above the engine.
  6. I highly recommend the time control mod for long flights. I made mine at x20 time warp, with 100% physics accuracy. But the speed you get is highly dependant on CPU and part count
  7. nice one! the trust chart for the juno on the wiki looks to be very outdated. But how did you manage to get that far when you had only 5 units of fuel left after passing ksc? I had 25 units left and I did not get as far as you did.
  8. I tried to make a long range plane, I hade som initial promising results with a plane flew above Mach5, while using less than 0.04 fuel/s but it took two thirds of the fuel to get up to speed, so it only got 2500km. After several attempts I made a very light wight plane that flew slightly above Mach2 with a fuel consumption below 0.014 with drag of less than 7kN, That actually got 4500km before failing to land...
  9. Landing required? like this: I hope there is no rule against engines exploding on landing..
  10. Yes, It is easy to dock a small agile craft like that using only one engine, you can decrease the thrust by right clicking the engine to do the precise maneuvering required. I cannot really take credit for the eve lander as @Foxster made a very similar one. Mine is slightly heavier and but has less part count, It also have some more dV to be able to do the rendezvous and docking. I did try to keep the size of the ship down, with the goal to be able to lift it with a single 3,5m stack. A mammoth engine was not quire enough but a cluster of 7 vector engines could lift it.
  11. And I'm done! I did manage to complete the contract by putting the same landing can on all planets. ISRU was NOT used! The star of the show was this small lander: With its 2.1km/s dV it can land on all but 4 planets by itself, and it had various expendable attachments for Eve, Laythe, Tylo and Duna. Full mission:
  12. well the dV required for the transfer is depending in on the relative distance from karbol. doing the planets in increasing order or decreasing order is the same total dV . Doing Jool first has the benefit of not needing to carry the heavy landers further than necessary. I have now done all of the hard landings and hope I have enough dV to make the rest. Progresses so far:
  13. So many to choose from... But for me it has to be my 8.6t Jool 5 mission: