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  1. По этому адресу открывается ветка master, обычно при правильной разработки программ, там лежит стабильная сборка. Однако в данном случае, мастер это ветка которая тебе нужна, последний апдейт был три дня назад. Скачивай все зипом и бери нужную папку уже оттуда
  2. Не совсем. В исходиках в зип архиве есть много чего. Тебе оттуда нужно всеголишь папку GameData взять и все файлы из этой папки положить в свою GameData, то есть так же как и устанавливать обычные моды
  3. Let's have a hope man! But yes, I don't think SQUAD will actually implement something like that. It is too obvious feature for them I assume.. But let's be positive, they implemented some good staff before, and after that some mods become obsolete. So, fingers crossed, SQUAD hear us!!!
  4. It looks almost like Bordeland graphics. Love it!
  5. Well, if we are talking mods here, there is one with the exact functionality Atmosphreautopilot However, that is just such a logic thing to have in stock, like KER or KAC.
  6. How many people should say: "I support this" till we''' got the responds from SQUAD? Well, at least, how many till they notice it?
  7. Oh, well I guess that is just my lack of knowledge. Thanks! Although it still would make sense to have an ability to collect all science/restore when the scientist is present, is not it? I mean we have automatic process for both of it in the game when using hardware, but not with a manned mission then.
  8. @Fenyx я конечно никогда не играл в RO, но вот тут люди подымают тот же самый вопрос что и ты. Как я понял - нужно идти на гитхаб в главный репозитарий мода и скачивать папку GameData и раскладывать файлы как обычно.
  9. I was wondering, is there a mod which allows to restore Goo and others if the scientist is present inside this vessel just by one button? That is something that bother me all the time during my play through, I need to EVA, fly to the parts, collect science and restore them if needed. It was fun at first, but I just already got tired of it.
  10. Questions #1: Would be there a pre-order with some sort of extra features? #2: Now, once we will get a pod with working RCS, will the rest of the pods be reworked to have the same functionality? It really bother me to see rcs ports on the textures, but no thrusters.
  11. I guess just a personal parachute for kerbals worth few backs! I am really happy that squad finally decided to go for dlc model. It should encourage devs to think about new features and develop them on the high level
  12. @HebaruSan ok, you got me there although the scoring in Тетрис was still in English, and labels like - levels.
  13. So guys, what do you think this secret feature is? I am super excited about the update, maybe because I never actually tried to play Asteroid day mod. Also for me it will be fun to try to play in my native language (Russian), though I am playing games in English from the age of 10 I guess. Started from Diablo II, then Civ III and so on. The only game I guess I played in Russian was Space Rangers, but this is just because it was developed in Russian first. Anyway, really looking forward to learn rocket science in Russian, hopefully all the terms are in correct form
  14. In terms of game logic, kerbals are much cheaper to maintain then probes. I guess due to their biochemistry they can self hibernate, energy they are getting from mystical source. Probes on the other hands require electricity and connection. From that perspective it is seems just fine to have manned crafts before probes, just because probes are more advance in this universe. I guess, if any sort of Life Support will be introduced into the game mechanics, than it would make sense to put unmanned first.
  15. This sort of feature can actually grow into contract system. For instance, perform one mission and the pilot who did it will be awarded with Hold Horizon SAS option.