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  1. Food ? Sleep ? Jeb ? Need to build ship now.
  2. Today we started formation flying with some new recrutes. Tomorrow we will start more formation flying with the same new recrutes....
  3. Out of likes, but from me.
  4. I guess I'm not the only one taking surface samples from the northpole and bring them back in sandbox mode.
  5. @Castille7, always building bridges, connecting people. I'll nominate you for the Kerbal Nobel prize. Great work dude.
  6. Have a cookie: Kruolan, get ready to be shot down.... #TeamTape
  7. So if we are gonna do this, we need rules, let's set up a Keneva konvention... Let's start with a base: I will put "Tape Kerman" in this tower and my goal is to protect him at any cost, the treators will put Birdy Kerman in their base tower and do the same. 3 jets/tanks per turn, more will lag for youtube and are hard for the viewer to follow. Weapons used for jets/tanks *to be negotiated. Base defence *to be negotiated. Any idea's on this ?
  8. Wow, that logo... My sick mind loves it somehow though... It's a fun thing, I'm flying Russian jets against Kruolans... I need to design some more capitalistic fighters. Let's get off the radar from B/K rebels, I'll p.m. you all the battle details..... And YOU warn ME for moderators ??? I see you try to hide it but Tape is no IS.
  9. Nope, I did install Burn Together, but that won't let you have planes follow you. I used a function in BDArmory to do formation flying (wing commander). The picture shows it: thank for helping forum members, I wouldn't have played this game for so long without the community helping me.
  10. I see, alliances are being made.... Yes, let's join forces and crush those Brent/KAL Kruolan lover girlscouts ! #Tape4aFreeWorld
  11. This is not Kreola, we have freedom here, something that is unfamiliar to you.... #KertheniaRulesKerbin
  12. O. go jump from the VAB....."Kruolan Soldier".... you'll be cannonfodder to ShavedBeardy (yes, the rumours are true, he had to shave it cause his Kreolan school didn't allow him.). #TeamTape
  13. Some rebel Kruolan scum K-18 came by the base today, we have to work on our QRA...
  14. You Kruolan nerfherder, just help the man ! #TeamTape #KertheniaRulesKerbin BDArmory mod, wingmen module: Hope it helps.
  15. "Triop signing off, goodnight peoples"