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  1. @Rune It works ! Thanks, didn't know that. Kinda glad I did not know it before, had a lot of fun using the boat to move the drill. It will save me a lot of time in the future, so thanks again for some education.
  2. Today, drilling for ore on Kerbin 591.8 meters under the sea from a floating rig. Pretty proud of this one, now where is my badge ?
  3. Test succesful, the rig and the drill works. Going to work on a new prototype. I need the rig to have converters, lights, tanks,more lights etc etc. Some final pics: There you have it, drilling ore on Kerbin 591.8 meters under the sea from a floating rig. Pretty proud of this one, now where is my badge ?
  4. Thanks, will check it later, descending as we speak, it goes very slow, so I have time to post some pics: tbc..
  5. How? When I connect stuff to it in the VAB it's stuck to the winch, not the cable, tried it , didn't work. But please if you know how to do it, please share it. Allthough it would take out the fun off using a thugboat to deliver the drill or other stuff (submarines, probes underwater bases)
  6. I was thinking about that too, but I stay away from the black stuff, but if anyone will do it, it will be awesome. Next up: drill tests. I have to connect a new drill because I forgot to ad "compressed water" so the drill won't sink.
  7. Congratz on your succes, I know how you feel, just had my moment...VICTORY IS OURS ! Cable is only 50 meters long, can't have that, changed the cfg file. Cable is now 1600 meters. Edit: Very interesting side effect, lowered the cable hitting the bottom at 591.87 meters. Usefull info for lowering the drill. " I can science me. "
  8. Now there is a result I did not expect...After plugging the drill the thugboat reversed automatically towing the whole rig back to shore....
  9. Thank Major. I need a plug... New to KAS.
  10. Continuing the ore rig project, made a test platform. Think I'll need to bring the drill by boat, sounds fun. tbc....
  11. I remember my first...
  12. I love the F-5, the silhouette of your model is spot on !
  13. I can see why, making a proper rig is going to be a lot of work.
  14. It's an interesting subject, the oil rig, watching a docu now to learn more.