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  1. I believe he is also using ResearchBodies.
  2. It would probably be a bit difficult to maintain a base on Duna. Just a bit, though.
  3. Actually, in a vacuum there's nowhere for the heat to go, so it would be so slow you wouldn't even notice.
  4. Yeah you're right. My crew is leveling up fine now that I've progressed.
  5. Is it possible you could create an expansion to this mod that adds new star systems that fit the style of New Horizons?
  6. Parts would have minimum temperatures, and some would passively radiate heat. When minimum temperatures are reached, the parts wouldn't explode or anything. They would merely stop functioning. However, based on a setting in the difficulty options, if a command module or spacesuit reached minimum temperatures, the kerbals could be at risk of freezing to death. Different kerbals would have different time limits for staying below minimum temperature, basically like gee tolerance. Something else that should be added would be parts specifically meant for heating the spacecraft. Drills, converters, fuel cells, RTGs and active engines would passively generate heat. Liquid fuel tanks and idle liquid fuel engines would have an incredibly low minimum temperature. Landing legs and airbrakes, as well as xenon tanks and ion engines would have a fairly low minimum temperature. Wings (whose aerodynamics would simply not work quite right when too cold), command modules and passenger modules would have a medium minimum temperature. Probes, batteries, solar cells and reaction wheels would have a high minimum temperatures. Finally, surface temperatures. Planets would all have ground temperatures, including the ones without atmospheres. However, part temperatures would be affected by the ground much more slowly than by the atmosphere. Therefore, you could probably last on Eeloo or Minmus for days without a heating system. You wouldn't have to worry too much about Jool's moons, as they are heated by tidal forces. With Duna you would probably want a heating system, seeing as it has an atmosphere. Also, unlike atmospheric temperature, surface temperature would change depending on whether it was day or night.
  7. Maybe you could make Kerbin orbit close enough to Sonnah to make it tidally locked? Also, I seem to be experiencing a bug where my crew won't level up, and I suspect it may have something to do with this mod. Can you check on that?
  8. Well, based on a conversation I had with electricpants, I don't think Sigma Dimensions likes your mod. I'm fine with updating it every time.
  9. Well, what you could do is edit the top post and put a link to my post accompanied by a warning. Also, I can take your updates and reconfigure them into updates to the one I made.
  10. You're right. It did explode. However, I was able to safely zoom out far enough to easily see all the stars. Therefore, all that's needed is a warning to not zoom out all the way, which, unfortunately, I did not take the time to include in the folder. Anyway, here it is: 2.1.2 Real
  11. I think a Sigma Binary patch should be made for some of the binary stars.
  12. Well, RO has several guides on its forum thread, including how to fly spacecraft with RSS and RF.
  13. I'm going to guess that the culprit is Dimensions.
  14. I think the TrES-2 and HD189733 systems should be added, just because of their amazing planets. And Kepler 438 and 442 for their Earthlike planets.
  15. I'm actually not entirely talking about challenges. I'm pretty much only interested in the challenges that involve exploring new worlds. Also, I really don't think the warp drive should be added regardless of whether we have a new star system. You'd be surprised at how far you can go with just stock parts and a computer that isn't built for gaming. Speaking of my computer not being built for gaming, I will note that when I use mods I get constant lag. Also, with star mods, the sun-tracking solar panels tend to just clip into the spacecraft and stop working, so I'm limited to using RTGs.