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  1. Speaking of dependencies, I've been keeping track of all of the mods I use, with an eye to upgrading to KSP 1.3.0 and the eventual GPP release and continuing my current career game there. I rarely get very far in career games because either some upgrade (which has some feature I *really* want) breaks prior save games, or I decide to try a new mod that does the same. I was hoping to avoid that this time, but one of the mods, Near Future Propulsion (and the other Near Future mods), is a game breaker in 1.3.0. The mod is changing in such a way that you won't be able to continue with existing saves. This isn't a surprise, and this was announced well in advance. For anyone using Near Future Propulsion, it will be impossible to continue prior games. Since KSP 1.3.0 doesn't seem to add a lot of features other than localization, I'll be sticking with 1.2.2 and GPP 1.2.3 at least until I'm done with this career game. The downside, of course, is that all new mod versions are going to be for 1.3.0. I suspect a lot of people who use GPP are in the same boat as I am.
  2. I just got an "Asteroid Day" Sentinel contract for a Sentinel to look at Icarus impactor asteroids. I didn't see the orbit on the map. Hmmm. Zoom in. Zoom in some more. ARG! The orbit is closer than 500K Km from Ciro! It will take over 30,000 DV to get to that orbit. And it's gunna need a few radiators. (The final burn to circularize into the destination orbit is by itself about 20,000 DV.) It's doable, certainly (at least with NF). The challenge is to see whether It can be done for less than the ~200K that the contract pays out.
  3. tl;dr: Use ISRU plus advanced ion or nuclear engines from one of several mods. I just sent some craft to Icarus that are capable of Gael. While merely getting to Icarus for a one-way trip was easy enough (the upper stage was an asparagus style LV-N setup), getting back requires ISRU unless you're going to build something huge to carry all the propellant for the return trip. For this kerballed two way mission I'm using Near Future Propulsion's LF-9 Magnetoplasmadynamic thrusters. The lander is set up to mine ore, and the stock ISRU can extract lithium from the ore. The ISRU can optionally be docked to either the station or the lander. The lander has enough DV to get up and down with a full load of ore without needing to refine the ore, unless it needs to do a large plane change to get to the landing site. If necessary, it can take the ISRU down to the surface and refuel itself instead of just carrying ore up to the station. As far as ISRU is concerned, Icarus is pretty friendly. Gravity is fairly low for a planet and there's no atmosphere to worry about. Refueling is easy, especially with the high ISP of ion engines. Oddly enough, even though it's going to Icarus, this ship (station, lander, and 2x Gael-Icarus crew transfer vessels) has only a few contingency solar panels since it's got nuclear reactors to power the big ion engines. I also don't want to get caught in a bad situation on the surface where something is blocking the solar panels and there's no electricity to power the radiators. So almost everything is nuclear powered. The station/lab itself doesn't have any engines. For the trip, two crew transfer vessels and the lander all dock at the station facing in the same direction, and their ion engines provide the propulsion for the trip. The lander is docked on the station's centerline while the crew transfer vehicles are docked in the outrigger positions on the sides. Eventually the crew modules can undock and return to Gael on their own while the station and lander remain at Icarus.
  4. GPP comes bundled with several optional mods, one of which is KSC switcher, which does exactly what you're asking for. Instructions for installing the optional bundled mods are included in the OP. This is available in all versions of GPP from (at least) GPP 1.2.0 through the current GPP 1.2.3. Note that GPP is not yet available for KSP 1.3.0, so you'll have to keep running KSP 1.2.2 for the time being.
  5. And, of course, that famous quote was actually a Hollywood writer's invention for the movie. Kranz didn't actually say that. But the point is well taken. Everyone, regardless of their opinion of how this might eventually go, should realize that TT -- more than anyone else -- wants and needs this to succeed. They're putting their money on the line here. Will they do it right? Perhaps. Perhaps not. As has been noted, they've got some winners in their stable that they've "done right". Not all, of course, but nobody succeeds at everything. For that matter, "succeeding at everything" isn't even a good thing, as it usually means you're not taking enough risks. Everyone's been talking about all the risk that they see moving forward here, but I don't think anyone has really mentioned the risk of NOT moving forward. People are scared of flying since there's a certain amount of risk involved, but the risk of NOT flying is greater (e.g., taking a car or train instead.) The same is probably true here. It's entirely possible that NOT making this deal would have led to far worse things than what people are imagining TT might do. (Such as "no more KSP".) I'm going to hope for the best, and I'm prepared for the worst. Worst case scenario is I never download another KSP update or mod and keep playing the game the way it is now. If so, I've certainly gotten my money's worth here, many times over.
  6. Congratulations Squad! You've earned this, and it's something to be proud of. I do not share the negativity that some are expressing here. T2/2K has some titles I love to play, including my favorite game of all time (hint: it's not KSP). I suspect whatever changes come out of this will be more positive than negative.
  7. Congratulations! And, fear not, you'll still find time for KSP. The second child is much easier than the first. You know what you're doing this time.
  8. If you have downloaded the latest GPP and now have an infinite loading screen, chances are you (like me) only downloaded the file. It appears GPP has been split into two parts, and you MUST download and install both and Perhaps the install instructions could be made a bit more explicit regarding this change? Especially for those of us who have run earlier GPP releases, it's not that obvious that we needed to download two separate zip files. There's two files listed, but no explanation of the purpose of the new zip file.
  9. I had the entire CTT tree filled out before leaving the Gael system. Overpowered? Just a bit. On the other hand, it's actually a decent way to play. You still get contacts (which you don't get in sandbox mode), but it does away with the science grinding. It's a fine line between "fun" and "grind". Especially when you're restarting often because of game-breaking mod updates, or changing which mods you're using, or the next major KSP release, etc.
  10. Graphics cards (GPUs -- graphics processing units) are immensely powerful supercomputers on a chip. But like other supercomputers, they achieve their processing power through massively parallel computations. Saying "Graphics cards are good for rendering but not much else" is not correct. Any problem that is suitable for a supercomputer (i.e., weather forecasting) could be done on GPUs. There are many real-world applications out there that take full advantage of the processing power of GPUs. (Google "CUDA" or "OpenCL" for more information.) Whether or not KSP's physics computations could be done on a GPU depends on how easily the code lends itself to massive parallel processing. I suspect that it is not a good fit for running on a GPU. This isn't because GPU's are dumb, or limited, but because the basic problem isn't one that can be efficiently split into thousands of parts.
  11. Plants, being green, reflect green light -- they don't absorb it. Other wavelengths are more useful to plants. If you saw pictures of the plant growth experiment that was just sent to the ISS, the plant lights it uses are pink.
  12. I am seeing the exact same problem with Kerbalism and a stock-scale GPP (no resizing). I ended up expanding the station with the greenhouse part to add additional solar panels.
  13. Thanks for the help and suggestion. Sorry for taking so long to reply. I didn't have time to adequately test your suggestion last night and I didn't want to give you a half baked response. I set up a fresh install with only DM Orbital Science, Kerbalism, Module Manager, and Hyperedit installed. Without the above patch, the behavior is as follows: The Little Brother recon telescope acted as described in my original post (no repeatability). The Big Brother scope also wasn't able to repeat the experiment, as expected. (Separate issue: There appears to be a MM config error because only the Little Brother is creating a sample. The Big Brother is producing transmittable science. My main install also exhibits this behavior.) With your patch installed as a config file in gamedata, the behavior of the Big Brother (4-use) part changed as expected, and allowed the science to be rerun (remaining as transmittable data). It was, however, not changing the animation to show that film canisters were being reused, and it was able to repeat the science indefinitely. So the patch is working, but the theoretical part about Orbital Science locking after the intended N uses is not. Since this patch specifically references the Big Brother part, I also tried the patch modifying DMReconSmall (i.e., "Little Brother"). It continued to produce a "sample", and became infinitely repeatable. Behavior on my main installation (which includes GPP and 100+ other mods) was identical to the test installation. The KSP log (from the test install) can be found here:
  14. Thanks, got it. It' sounds like neither mod author is likely to change the mods to preserve that feature. (That's not a complaint, merely a statement of fact.) There is a workaround, of sorts: edit the save file to restore the part so it's usable again.