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  1. How much memory does your computer have? I have a "very good" computer too, but KSP running GPP with all the recommended visual mods takes a LOT of memory. I upgraded my system from 8GB to 24 GB, and honestly it needs all of it. I'm usually around 10GB by the loading screen, and when actually playing (with about 65 active missions) I've hit 20 GB from time to time. At least on Windows, KSP will still run if you have less memory than is needed for KSP, the OS, and everything else, by swapping unused memory pages out. This is common, but if enough pages are swapped out, the system will really bog down. And that's when you're using an SSD as your swap space. If you're swapping to a hard disk it doesn't take a lot of swapping to bring a system to a crawl. How much memory does your computer have? KSP/GPP is barely playable with 8 GB, and isn't that great with 16 GB either.
  2. Based on the vast majority of responses (everyone not named Galileo as far as I can tell), the only way that RB works with GPP is if you're using the unofficial (and disavowed) version of the dll that we've been asked not to use. That's certainly been my experience. I have no explanation as to why it might work for Galileo, unless it has something to do with his development environment somehow enabling the old RB dll to work. Nobody other than Galileo has reported here that RB works unless they're using the dll that was recompiled for 1.2.2.
  3. Personally, I think the conspiracy theory rule has the potential to cause the moderators a lot of grief. I run a website which amongst other things has some pretty lively forums. I don't think I'd ever try to actually have a written rule forbidding conspiracy theories. Don't get me wrong: I'm 100% for keeping conspiracy theories off both my forums and yours. The problem is that LOTS of people actually believe in this stuff. And they really, really believe it's true, too. You're not going to be able to get people to avoid saying the sky is blue when they know it's blue. You also won't get people to stop saying the sky is green when they know it's green, because they think everyone who believes it's blue is absolutely crazy. Just like we think they are nuts. I know a few people in real life (like my next door neighbors), who believe in some of this stuff. They're very nice people. Very interesting. Great neighbors. But they have some decidedly oddball beliefs and they are true believers. They're not Internet trolls. They don't say these things to get a rise out of people. They truly believe. We quickly learn simply not to talk to them about that stuff. The same applies online. If you shut down a conversation because it's a "conspiracy theory". You are essentially telling someone that they're crazy and/or they're not smart enough to distinguish fact from fiction. There's no way that's not going to result in hurt feelings, anger, and lots of unpleasantness. Also, behind the one person posting about the conspiracy theory will be 100 more believers reading the thread who haven't said anything, and you're going to offend tham as well. On the other hand, calling it "off-topic" has the same effect of shutting down the conversation without all the drama. This approach has worked well for me in the past. Anyway, good luck with the new rules. I think they're really good. They make me want to rewrite my forum's rules.
  4. It's a problem either with github or with AWS. They'll probably correct it quickly enough; It's likely affecting a whole lot of people.
  5. A quick question: The pictures that appear in the wiki (e.g., look like they're intended to be part of the in-game KSPedia. However, they don't seem to exist in the GPP zip file at all, and they're certainly not showing up in my install. Is something broken on my end? Is this a WIP? Or should I just be thankful for the Wiki? Aside from the question, I really must commend everyone who worked on this mod. It's fantastic. It's like playing KSP 2.0. It was definitely worth having to triple the memory in this computer!
  6. There's a really good visual aid to help you get the exact time and orbit position to start the burn. Assuming you also have Kerbal Alarm Clock installed, in the Transfer Window Planner there's a button to create a KAC alarm. Create the KAC alarm, then open up the transfer window alarm in KAC. At the bottom of the alarm info window there is a button to show the transfer angles when you're in map mode. This will show you EXACTLY where the transfer node should be. Just align the node with the arrow and you should get perfect transfers. Note, however, that you need to do this when you're really close to launch time. Kerbin is orbiting around the sun and that arrow moves around Kerbin as time goes by. If you set the departure point too far in advance, it will be off a little when it's really time to depart. I always make sure to adjust the departure time when on the final orbit before departure. That's usually good enough to get an encounter at the destination without a mid-course correction, at least for the shorter journeys.
  7. Actually, it's a bug in the toolbar code that used in every mod that uses toolbar. Contract Configurator merely exposes the bug. Mods (LOTS of mods -- probably every mod that can use toolbar) need to be updated to include the fixed toolbar code. See for more information. In the meantime, you may need to avoid Contract Configurator until the mods that you use get updated.
  8. 231E and 128W are essentially the same longitude. They're just counting in opposite directions. Maybe if you set the terrain detail to high you'll see the ship?
  9. Another way to do this is to have a "Set" button. Changing the number doesn't do anything until you hit the button. Real avionics work this way: Many radios display an "active" and a "working" frequency. You dial (or type) in changes into the "working" number, then hit "swap" to make the number you just entered active. (It also swaps the old active frequency back into the working register because often you're only temporarily changing frequencies and will go back to the original. That's helpful for radios, but not so much for autopilot commands.)
  10. That will work. I really enjoy this mod -- as well as your other mods. Thanks so much for everything you do!
  11. Unfortunately, 1.3 breaks part of my existing career save game. I have a few "long term orbital reconnaissance survey" contracts in progress, and the last item in the contract now says "Return or transmit data from at least 2 of the following experiments" but no longer actually lists any experiments. It looks like the contracts can no longer be completed. These are "little brother" contracts. It looks like the experiment name must have changed, so the contract is now referencing experiments that don't exist. (I doubt you need the log, but just in case: ). An existing SigInt contract seems to properly list the experiments.
  12. I think that the science multiplier is actually 50%, so you'll be getting half the science once you install OPM. I disable that feature since I figure I need the tech nodes (and therefore science) just to reach the outer planets. By the time I'm gathering science from the extra planets and moons, I'll have to have already filled out most of the tech tree just to get there. Another consideration is that Eeloo is moved in OPM, so if you've got any ships enroute to Eeloo they'll be on a long trip to nowhere once OPM is installed. I'm not certain but I suspect that ships already at Eeloo will stay at Eeloo once OPM is installed. Finally, I found that uninstalling OPM was impossible. Any saves from when OPM was installed would not load without OPM. Unlike other mods, once I installed OPM it was there forever.
  13. I hope so too -- but I'm preparing myself for a long wait. Wheels in 1.1 are a new beast altogether and this may be one of the most difficult mods to update. I'll be pleasantly surprised whenever it gets updated. As an aside, I just had *stock* landing gear on a base blow up from the stress of coming out of time warp, and that's with KJR installed. Wheels are tricky.
  14. I read your post and thought, "Yes, I'm seeing the same problem." And then realized I'm using the STOCK fairings. Maybe the problem's in KER and/or the game itself?
  15. I have seen this happen also. It *seems* to be related to using KAC to jump to a ship while in the mission control building. Possibly while in other buildings. Since I've started avoiding using KAC to jump to ships from KSC the problem has not occurred again. Jumping to ships while in flight doesn't seem to cause the problem.