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  1. I'm not very experienced with Mac computers, I'm afraid. But I believe there should still be an executable file that you can run manually. Do you have an exec file when you right-click the application and "show package contents"? If your problem is different then you might find the answer here: https://kerbalspaceprogram.com/en/?page_id=19 or here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202491 I wish I knew more about Macs to help you, but I think you can change the title of your question to ask for help from Mac users. Or maybe post a followup question in the http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/forum/70-technical-support-pc-modded-installs/ sub-forum with a title that specifically asks for help with Mac installs. Sorry I couldn't have been of more help there.
  2. Yes, @Lo Var Lachland you can simply copy the entire KSP directory to another location on your computer and run it from that other location if you desire. There is no DRM or copy-protection software installed. It is allowed to make as many copies as you want for your own personal use - for modding, testing or backups as you intend to do. In fact, it is recommended that you make such copies in other folders if you intend to install mods. That way you can mod the copies and leave the one in your steam folder completely stock so that when you update to newer versions of the game it won't cripple your modded saves. In your case I would simply go to the folder where Steam is storing KSP, by default that should be "Steam\SteamApps\common\" and simply copy the entire "Kerbal Space Program" folder then paste the backup copy in any other folder on your computer. You can run directly from the new copy by running the 32 bit file "KSP.exe" or the 64 bit file "KSP_x64.exe". If you want to remove your mods then simply delete anything inside of "Kerbal Space Program/GameData" that IS NOT named "SQUAD". You MUST keep the folder called "Squad". Again, it's recommended to keep the copy in your Steam folder unmodded, and use the other copies for modded versions if desired. As always, you should NOT share copies of KSP with others who haven't bought the game. Many of us have purchased multiple downloads of the game for friends and family because it is the right thing to do. Happy Kerbaling!
  3. Interesting that you had the opposite problem of what we were thinking. If turning on some autostruts fixed your problem then what @bewing said about having parts clipped together might have been the cause. Or, maybe this was just an isolated case of the jitters. I'm glad you were able to save the mission anyway. Have fun!
  4. Hello @Defective2000 welcome to the forums. Sorry you're having trouble though. My best guess as to what's causing your ship to tear itself apart is overuse of autostruts. Specifically, when autostrut to heaviest part is used and then you decouple the game has to reattach the autostrut to the new heaviest part on your now separated ship. But often the act of decoupling causes a slight bend between joints and when the autostrut reattaches it can amplify this bend. If more than one part is autostrutted they can start pulling against one another in weird ways. This assumes that you are using autostruts. You can force the game to show what parts are strutted by going into the Alt-F12 menu during flight. Under the Physics tab there is an option to Visualize Autostruts. I would recommend turning all of the autostruts off before you undock.
  5. I'm sure that's true. It's been a while since I've tested it out. Of course, for borderline orbits you may be close enough when the satellite is overhead but too far away when the satellite is coming over the horizon.
  6. As Spricigo and Aegolius13 have said, the 353Mm number for the HG-5 is the range when talking to the large ground stations on Kerbin. It's not sensitive enough to communicate with the Communotron in a one-thousand kilometer orbit. But if you move your relay satellite into a much lower orbit of Minmus it should work just fine. Try more like 50 kilometers or less. Think of it like this. A big antenna is sensitive enough to pick up the faint signals from a small antenna, and a small antenna has no problem picking up the powerful transmissions from a big antenna; but two small antennas talking to each other aren't powerful enough to be heard by each other and aren't sensitive enough to resolve such faint signals. The huge ground stations on Kerbin have such big dishes that they can easily resolve the extremely faint transmissions of Communotrons and still relatively weak HG-5. But the HG-5 still has a relatively small dish, and is only slightly more powerful than the Communotron. If you can get it closer to the Communotron it should be able to talk with it then. And since we know that the Kerbin ground stations can hear the HG-5's at Minmus you will then have a functional communication chain.
  7. There's also a fair amount of science to be harvested from the different buildings of the KSC. Early in the game you can make a makeshift rover out of a cockpit, small jet fuel tank, Juno engine, and small landing gear. Throw some science experiments and batteries on it and you can get different science points from the launch pad, space plane hangar, VAB, tracking station and its dishes, astronaut complex, administration building, runway, crawler way, and several different buildings in the R&D complex, etc... Just be careful to not get your "rover" stuck in a corner because you won't be able to back up (unless you put an engine on the front facing backwards and toggle it separately.) Adding an experiment storage unit to the craft will make it a lot easier to quickly collect the science results each time too since it can collect the science results from all of your experiments without having to go out and collect them from each instrument every time.
  8. "A monstrous tripod, higher than many houses, striding over the young pine trees, and smashing them aside in its career; a walking engine of glittering metal, striding now across the heather; articulate ropes of steel dangling from it, and the clattering tumult of its passage mingling with the riot of the thunder." - H. G. Wells, 1898
  9. @The_Cat_In_Space Cool station and lovely screenshots. I see you docked the habitat ring together in modules (nicely done), but did you launch the glowing blue ring all in one piece? I'm curious as to what mod the blue ring comes from and what's its intended purpose. It certainly adds a dramatic touch.
  10. So this is rather an obscure question, I know. I thought I had seen that it was possible to trigger the destruction animation for the KSC buildings without needing to use the "object thrower." Maybe it was a mod, I'm not sure, possibly I'm misremembering. The ability to trigger the destruction animations multiple times in a row without having to repair the buildings each time would be extremely helpful for an idea I'm working on if such ability exists. Searching the forums yielded no luck so I thank you in advance to anyone who may be able to point me in the right direction.
  11. I wasn't aware of that option, thank you. I guess there's no way to trigger the animation during gameplay without hitting them with something then.
  12. @OneSmallStepForKerbal Any luck?
  13. I admit that I'm not very good (or patient enough) to rendezvous with asteroids, but on the upside if you bring mining equipment with you the asteroid will lose mass as you convert its ore to fuel. Based on previous threads I believe that asteroids stay persistent once they are safely on the ground, but I have no first-hand experience to confirm this. I would be very careful about letting your ship explode during the landing process however. If your probe core explodes while the asteroid is moving through the atmosphere (even for a little bounce) and there are no other ships within physics range, then the game might delete it.
  14. Hello @Ethen Sun and welcome to the KSP forums. As Ultimate Steve said, if you aren't focused on the asteroid the game will consider it destroyed as soon as it enters the atmosphere. However, if you want a challenge, it is possible to grab an asteroid in space and land it on Kerbin with a ship designed to safely recover it. I've never attempted such a feat, but I know there are others here who can give you pointers on what it takes to land one.
  15. I understand. You know when you see that yellow bar at the bottom of the screen before it would go to the menu? That is the part where the game is loading in all of the files it needs to operate. But if it doesn't find some of the files it needs then it might not be able to go any further or load the menu. Since it isn't loading the menu that means some files are corrupt, missing or in the wrong place. The game can't find what it needs to go further. Or something is trying to load that is interfering with the normal operation of the game. Old or incompatible mods might do that. I know it's no fun when your game won't work, but it's hard for us to help you because we don't know what files have been changed or where they are at. Can you give us a list of everything that is in your GameData folder? And can you be sure that you haven't moved or changed any other files outside of the GameData folder? Did you try any of the steps I mentioned in my last post? If so. What did you try? It looks like you are playing on Steam, so it would really be a good idea to verify the integrity of your game files as I explained in the previous post. Make sure to make a backup copy of your "Saves" folder first. And just to be sure, what version of KSP are you running and where did you get the picture of the screen that you uploaded? The version number shows that to be a very old copy of Kerbal Space Program. The most current version of KSP is
  16. @HebaruSan @Cpt Kerbalkrunch I don't think that the original poster is looking to gain specifically by using the Mun for a transfer, but simply has ships already at the Mun for other reasons and can't get an efficient escape from the Mun to go interplanetary. Another option is to drop down towards Kerbin when your periapsis near Kerbin will be at the angle you want to make your interplanetary ejection burn. The speed you build up by falling towards Kerbin uses the Oberth effect to make a more efficient transfer burn.
  17. The trick with going interplanetary from a moon is that you have to wait until the MOON is at the point in its orbit that matches the ejection angle you need. Basically, pretend that the moon is your ship. If you need to be at a 120 degree angle from Kerbin's line of orbit to launch interplanetary, then you need to wait until the Mun is at a 120 degree angle from Kerbin's line of orbit. When the moon has reached the right place then you create a burn that sends your ship in the moon's prograde direction.
  18. Your game can't run without the Squad folder and all its contents in place. Did you delete it? Can you recover it from your recycle bin? Do you mean that you put the Squad folder and all of the files and folders within it back in the GameData folder and it still doesn't work? Using an old version of Modulemanager can also cause a game to crash or freeze. Remove anything that says ModuleManager from your GameData folder and try again. If KSP still doesn't run then I think you may have accidentally corrupted your installation. Are you running the game on Steam? On Steam you can verify your game files by right clicking the name of the game in your Steam library and going to Properties. Then select the "Local files" tab and click "Verify integrity of game files." If you installed without Steam then you may have to download and reinstall the game again. It would be a good idea to make a back up copy of your "Saves" folder so you can transfer them back over to your new install, but be aware that anything you built that used modded parts cannot load if you don't have that mod installed. In the future always check to see that a mod has been tested to run on the version of KSP that you are using.
  19. Hello @Mukita12 it's good to have you here. Have fun!
  20. Hello @Terryl and welcome to the Kerbal forums! I hope you're having fun with the game, and let us know how you're getting along.
  21. Well, in real life rovers are only used to travel very short distances. If the EVA jet pack wasn't so overpowered on the surfaces of the Mun and Minmus then rovers would fill their niche of giving you a faster way to travel between bases and biomes without the ability to just fly over there. And of course they still travel much much faster than any autonomous rover ever did. So it's entirely possible to drive farther in a few minutes than any autonomous rover has in its entire mission.
  22. Did you happen to delete the Squad folder inside GameData when you were removing your mods? KSP needs the contents of the folder called "Squad" since that is where the default game data is stored.
  23. I went through about three different iterations before settling on the design you see here. I had the overall designs complete after about four or five hours work spread out over the course of a few days when I had time to work on them. While adjusting the legs was a bit tedious, once I got into a groove it wasn't too bad. The main problem is that while a tripod is stable as long as the center of mass is somewhere over a triangle formed by the three feet, flexing of the legs can easily cause the mass to sway outside of those lines and -- well they ended up on their back a lot, with lots of fireworks. The other problem is trying to give them a sense of being in motion. A tripod would have to walk similarly to us by shifting the center of gravity forward allowing them to "fall" onto the foot that is coming down in front. This can't be done with static models in KSP -unless I'm quick enough to catch a screenshot before they fall on their face. It is possible to have the model stable on two feet if the center of mass falls on a line directly between the two points of contact with the ground. That's something I have managed to do for my next series of scenes.
  24. Close but not entirely. @EpicSpaceTroll139 is correct about which mods were used for what. Procedural wings for the collar, TweakScale to taper the legs and for the heat rays. Since they can't walk they were placed with VesselMover. Very possibly. At first I tried to make the collars using stock wings and panels, but the angles were driving me crazy. I've seen some remarkable use of stock wings by players more skilled at reproductions than myself, so I'm sure they could be done better. I figured that the key to getting the legs to look right was to make sure they had a gentle taper and TweakScale was the only way I knew of to accomplish that realistically. But constant diameter legs wouldn't look bad either.