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  1. Yep, why do you want collect at exosphere when you can mine at eeloo or eve.
  2. Don't deploy your advanced collector at VAB. It broke the collector.
  3. It seems this thread quite inactive and OP last online is in April... May someone updates his mods? Thanks in advance.
  4. ksp avc allows you to copy the list of the mods it detected to the clipboard.
  5. So.. Does it work with 1.2.2 FAR stable release? Because trajectories had problem with new FAR release before.
  6. Got it. Does it work with both installed? I wonder if easy board would register the B key at the same time when we use shift/ctrl + B of "board into any vessel part from eva". Or the other solution is just changes the keymapping. Easy boarding doesn't respect keybinding I guess. (Nope it also respect your keymapping)
  7. So this is easy boarding with a different approach and Manual boarding (You can select what part you can hop on rather than the nearest). Good Luck!
  8. Look great. A rare systems mod with good looking planets. How many stars currently? How is the performance?(How much ram does it eat?)
  9. Damn, you're so smart. I could not understand it until I read your comment.So: ||= parallel to @= relative to V = Vector
  10. ESLD jump beacons may have a helpful guide on how to go to target with minimal corrections . Someone check it if it applies for warp drives please. Edit: I'm going to check it by myself too. nvm it's irrelevant.
  11. Well, I agree on the idea of adding config to remove version lock by your own. Add capitalized words/disclaimer description/warning next to that config line that you should take the risk by yourself as you enable it. We can crowd bug reporting by whoever dare to take the risk reporting the bugs. You can speed up the debugging slightly if you can find bugs faster. I think people who know how to and dare to enable it mostly will not complain incompatibility only but also describing how it doesn't work. with It's killing two birds with one stone. No need to hurry since rushing often makes low-quality products. Anyway I never made to other planets yet haha
  12. Did you get the fixed .dll? It fixed the start-up scatterer settings gui and disappeared water for me.
  13. My idea: add support for popular mods: Interstellar, Near future, Real Fuels, etc.
  14. Seems interesting. How do you think about the size (approx) when it released? Can you travel in the isis the black hole?