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  1. Does the new version for 1.2 work in 1.2.1?
  2. *scoff* my Bismarck Superstructure adds up to about 450 parts... still, beaut' ya got there, i should start working on modern ships, alas i wish i had proper tumblehome hull pieces..i dunno if im missing them, or they just dont exist.
  3. personally i wouldnt install over 10 part mods.
  4. no solution has been found yet, your best bet is using a mod called AirPark
  5. its a known problem, that will be hopefully solved on the release of KSP 1.2
  6. its too high part count in the end, LBP is a much better alternative :/. its unfortunate you have to be so blunt and disrespectful with your response. @SpannerMonkey(smce)
  7. i would like to emphasize the fact that WWII large boat parts has little variety, specifically in the hulls..i recommend again, having proprietary parts, such as (German Battleship Soviet Destroyer, American Cruiser, German Cruiser, Japanese Battleship etc) hull, bow, stern
  8. wait a moment hpw do your scatterer shaders look that good?
  9. cool
  10. will the color change invalidate my hulls ? :<
  11. Deutschland Kriegsmarine Bismarck Class Schlachtschiff Kantai Collection Bismarck Drei just for giggles
  12. yep, ill have the Hulls of dear Admiral Hipper and Bismarck that are Tweakscale and LBP only~
  13. is bringing crafts to the next update really that simple?
  14. it makes me sad that my Bismarck and Eugen will be lost after the update..
  15. i wish i had the actual bismarck secondary turrets, oh well i suppose, gotta work with what i have