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  1. No. The mirror gets burnt through near instantly - see @Kryten's note on efficiency. Using a high-albedo material for all of your armour (good example - aluminium) is a potential mitigator. But, basically, you're ought to go looking for a strong, heat-resistant material. Aerogel (OK, not necessarily strong), basalt fibre, boron carbide or nitride, carbon-reinforced carbon...
  2. A gas laser is still a laser. It still produces a beam; the hot gas exhaust is a byproduct of using a different medium. The operational version of Skif was to use a CO2 laser to engage targets over hundreds of kilometers.
  3. I dare say that power isn't even the key limitation, it's the energy coupling. Bullets are more efficient at demolishing targets than beams; whatever power source you come up with for your laser, I can plug it into a railgun and get superior mileage in all but a few very specific situations.
  4. @tater, http://heavens-above.com/ Didn't spot a thing on my first attempt thus far. My stargazing spot of opportunity was right under the landing approach to Vnukovo, though.
  5. A kerolox rocket engine is a lot more efficient than any chemical airbreathing system, even if used as just the first stage. With non-chemical airbreathing systems, you move into very vague territory, so see And as to @tater, Or what time period the authors are into.
  6. Scramjets can handle only about a third of requisite dV.
  7. Well, if anything, there is a history of chucking cubesat-like spacecraft into Lunar orbit from passing manned ships.
  8. @tater, I agree with @kerbiloid that this system is overdesigned for LES work alone. Basically, there's no point of having it around at all if you're not using it for propulsive landing. If you can recover a fairing, why not recover a fairing with some expended solid motors strapped to them?
  9. I was unaware that they've completely ditched the use of the trunk for fuel carriage.
  10. But if they are now opting for a parachute landing (what I'm taking from Musk's quote) why even have the engines?
  11. https://arstechnica.com/science/2017/07/spacex-appears-to-have-pulled-the-plug-on-its-red-dragon-plans/
  12. Highly unlikely, especially because the things most affected - computers and crews - would still be present and just as vulnerable. You need high thrust, thrust even VASIMR can't provide. Control drums to full reflector, stand by to engage atomic rocket thrust!
  13. And it's been nuked by Mattis anyway.
  14. Moon orbits are a menace, viciously unstable. The proposal was to put it at an Earth-Moon Lagrange point instead, but funding for such an op was pulled along with funding for Apollo 18-21. Other than that, there was no real obstacle. Lunokhod 2 kinda reached the dark side by operating very near the limb. https://www.xkcd.com/676/