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  1. Thank you for steering me straight!
  2. Hey all, just a quick question. I notice that for the Materials Bay & Materials Bay Jr, and as well those small 'materials' packages (sorry, not at my home PC and no notes, but I think Aeronomy, Engineering, Meteorology, and a 4th) that you need to return them for complete science. I don't remember this from 1.12 (my last long play), and figured it was part of 1.22. I can justify it in my mind, for proper analysis of the materials being exposed you need to see them in a lab, so I was cool with it. However, I just orbited that Optical Observation Satellite, that has the shutters that open and the camera lens scans back and forth (sorry I don't have the exact name again), and was shocked to find that it wants it Returned to the surface for analysis before you can get Any science. At this I think, "what gives, its only Pixels of data." And; "Its a telescope, why would it be a Single Use (needs to be reset by a scientist) item?" So, is this functioning the way it is supposed to, or is there a settings tab I missed somewhere that is preventing any transmitted science from this part? Or, is it Kerbalism that is causing it, which is providing the pop-up messages which tell me that no data can be transmitted? If anyone knows off the top of their heads, I'd be pleased to see their reply. If my complete mod-list would be needed, then I will have to re-post my querry on the weekend. - Cheers!
  3. Good morning- I installed this over the weekend, and I have CLOUDS! I would upload a photo if I had it, but suffice to say Kerbin looks beautiful, I *never* thought I would be able to play with clouds. Thank you so much for this, everyone involved in its creation. I did have one question though; when I click on the EVE tool-bar button at the Space Center, the first display seems to show part of a config but says only things like "error" or "undefined". However, everything seems to be working ok. Is this how it is supposed to look? I didn't click on anything in the config, just closed the window.
  4. But then think how much time will be required to get those satellites in place. The best, non-modding solution is; 1) build a big, "fancy", DSN satellite, costing a LOT of money; make it look pretty, and tell yourself it has a range of 50Tm and all your communications needs are solved. 2) disable Relay.
  5. Good afternoon! A question; does this mean that under clouds a planet's surface will still appear as a sunny day? Is this obviously... 'odd', or does one get used to it fairly swiftly?...
  6. Thank you also! If I can get clouds on Eve I will count it a major success, and then I will look into that OPM mod for further endeavors. I may just try Para-Sci High Performance for EVE and see if that is usable for my paperweight first, and resort to hacking EVE's cloud configs if that is still an unplayable step for me.
  7. *nods* I understand, but I can endure that for 6-8 missions. I am already dealing with a 12 minute trip to orbit taking 2 hours, so as long as it is "clear" around Kerbin it should be bearable around Eve for the thrill of discovery.
  8. Thank you! I will give that a go, and hope it doesn't still slow down my fps (I don't see any reason why it should).
  9. Good morning everyone. I have started a new 1.22 game (going to wait for teething trouble observations before 1.3) and as expected EVE just slogs my potato PC to a crawl, so I am playing without clouds. However, before I try to get to Eve I thought I would ask; has anyone heard of a mod for ONLY Eve? Landing on Eve (the OPM Triton analog too I guess [name escapes me]) would be so much more mysterious and exciting if there were dense clouds there, but I can't abide the slow down for Kerbin operations that come from EVE, Is there a possibility for an Only Eve EVE?...
  10. I find myself visualizing the entrance exam for @Ferdoni's Kerbalnauts; 1) Are you an enthusiastic person? 2) How do you rate your enthusiasm? 3) If Enthusiasm were a color, what color would it be? 4) What kind of enthusiasm do you most commonly sprinkle on your breakfast? 5) Are you at all, in any way, aware of what the word "sad" means?...
  11. It might have to be for rights reasons, but I'd find a way to buy Bob a massive steak dinner somehow anyway.
  12. My present game has been dormant long enough that I am already thinking about re-starting. Presently I am playing with life-support for the first time, but though I am playing with Antenna Range I didn't have "line of sight" ticked, which I now perceive to have been rather the torpedo in my efforts at simulation. If I restart, it will be at 10% science rewards and the correct settings for communication, and I will Treasure trying to do the most with the least, and see if I can do a Grand Tour probe with part count limits and with bargain basement engines. That will be Fun. :]
  13. At the risk of self-promoting a desiccated husk, ... I attempted something quite similar a while ago, and despite initial enthusiasm it gained no traction. However! I think it would be cool- for those who wished to add such a mod.
  14. I think this deserves some kind of award. Beats me what, but it does. *impressed slow applause*
  15. This is a fascinating conversation, and boy would I love working at a telescope if it were practical (it is not; children, life, ), but I think my very esoteric question doesn't seem like it can be answered. It doesn't seem there is a "photons/sec" metric for telescopes, one simply continues gathering light until you have gathered enough, whether that is a 12 minute exposure in the back yard or a 40 day exposure like Hubble Deep Field. Concerning KSP and astronomy, I added a mod that places a star system 10 trillion km away, and then didn't add any tech to my game that would let me explore it- and just "looking" in the tracking station didn't feel right. My solution? I orbited a massive "radio telescope" to posit that I *could* see the detail in the tracking center. I really look forward to JWST's first assessment of the local stellar neighborhood. If only somewhere we find a single pixel of the color green...