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  1. Or, we could get stock adjustable landing gear.... and have an option to switch between off road and on road wheels. Instead of adding yet another landing gear part, which are useless and can barely fit on any plane designs and you have to make huge compromises to your replica fighter jets to make the landing gear work....
  2. Like I said, select the version from the drop down menu in the steam betas tab. Or on the website, log in and if it the game is tied to your account, you will have access to a repository on the website
  3. Ok I'm done, I'm in a rush because I'm going away for the weekend and forgot pictures and I think the rover is 1-2 parts over. But I added the SUCC to the Mun base. It's based off of a very light utility rover I sent to the Mun way back in .21 and I think it's a pretty good replica of it (if not even smaller). It was initially SLUR, Super Light Utility Rover. But a Kerbal thought it would be funny to call it SUCC. So now its the Super Utility Command and Control rover. (it is not super utility, or command, or control, but that's what the engineers decided on to make it sound glorious)
  4. I think this has been said before but it would be great if we could download the older versions. Like, select the version you want in the beta section on steam. Or log onto the KSP website and have access to a repository of versions. I would love to go back and experience some nostalgia. It would also be great to use some old mods that aren't updated anymore for fun and nostalgia as well. Hell, I could do a recreation of my space program back in .21 when my space program reached its peak. Started in 18.4 and got so frustrated with docking that I decided to ram my orange fuel tanker into my station! Ahh the good ole days!
  5. That's there, That's what I connected to lol. Check the pictures
  6. IDK. I send a hab module and there was nothing there but the core
  7. DONE! Send a hab module to the mun station but forgot the kerbals! When I circularized around the mun I realized I was orbiting opposite of the station so I reversed my orbit on the spot for a cost of 800+ M/s of delta V. When the service module crashed into the moon it still had LOTS of Delta V left
  8. Yeah probably not im going to bed
  9. Just got home from a weekend robotics competition. gonna start right away even tho im wiped out!
  10. A N C I E N T
  11. Mine was the North States of Kerbin, With SSK being the South States of Kerbin. Basically, there was a civil war, the NSK broke away from the USK, we defeated them but we still remained NSK and SSK. The story early in the series is kinda bad. Didn't really put much thought into it because my channel was just starting out and wasn't that serious about youtube. Then in the second season. The UFK went to war with the SSK and the NSK. The NSK provided planes and armaments to help in the defense and eventually we won the war agaisnt the UFK which we gave independence and then they formed the Krussian Federation. Which in season 3. AGAIN went to war with the USK. We both suffered heavy heavy losses and then an Armistice was signed. The Krussian Federation re-formed into the DKRK . The reason the DKRK was formed was in the chaos of a famine, a large band of people grew into a small army, took over old military equipment, and established order, the impoverished people saw the hope in the order of the DKRK and then joined. Then the DKRK conquered its smaller neighbors for resources and land. The USK, once the protector of freedom and democracy (murica) was in a position unable to fight the DKRK due to its economic problems and severely handicapped military following the previous war. So the DKRK expanded and took over most of Kerbin, with a few larger powers still standing. The USK had a patrol aircraft mysteriously disappear, then early the next morning a search and rescue plane went out to look for a possible crash site and stumbled into a DKRK Patrol Boat fleet and got shot down. We quickly retaliated with a Reaper drone but now we were at war with the DKRK. Vastly out numbered and out gunned. I think the only reason we haven't been annihilated so far is because the DKRK sees us as a little pest and is not allocating a lot of resources to take us out, although that may change soon, as we have begun a total mobilization of what little assets we have to try and fight off the impending doom......
  12. So I just found this and noticed you used the name NSK. The NSK is a country from my Kerbal War Program series which started back in August 2015, and they are allies to the SSK (me), then we unified together to form the USK. Just thought id point that out ^_^.
  13. Take steve off the list but he can go first thing when he is back. Because its confusing. Also Rockets don't make toast you are behind me on the list, I think HiThere is next.