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  1. OK! I moved you down a place, moved @Soda Popinski up! So @Soda Popinski its your turn!
  2. all for 1.2.2? COMPILE THAT SHEIT
  3. Just checked the post history and its right
  4. I have a feeling my name got pushed to the back of the list but im not sure....
  5. @Joseph Kerman Whats taking you so long
  6. my polar station= bonus points. Needs a docking adapter sent up. Only has 1 SR port
  7. I dont know if FAR is yhet
  8. @LazySoUseHyperedit I was gonna test my shuttle to the Mun next turn to give that some love. Then send something to Duna since I've sent a module to Minmus and landed a rover on the surface base of the Mun
  9. I'm actually using stock struts. And when I'm in orbit and its time to use the arm I have an engineer get out and take a screwdriver drill from the cargo bay and take them off. The standard KIS complement for my shuttle is 2x KIS Strut endings, 2x Wrench, 2x Screwdriver drill, 2x K4 explosives (for demo tasks) and 2x connector ports (for refueling without docking).
  10. This is cool. But this is going to be very very hard lol
  11. Fun fact. the next day in the save is a solar eclipse. So stay on the lookout for that @Soda Popinski
  12. My Shuttle Carrying aircraft! The shuttle has the robotic arm detached to simulate what gliding in will actually be like. Also I have distant object enhancement installed. So when I'm sitting on the runway and timewarping at night you can see all the stations and stuff orbiting around zipping thru the sky its really cool