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  1. If you build it (the periscope)... They will look through it. I see your light on top there HAHA!
  2. fairing grid fins would be cool , but sadly I think the odds and ends Soyuz stuff would be great sooner than later (periscope, orbital module light, big Igla antenna, and one part I miss the most is a SA/PAO decoupler with the lattice structure in the middle). Contares is good for extra parts, but I tend to move away from mods that have dependencies from other mods..
  3. Sort of I suppose, I don't recall seeing 1x3 PVAs, but BDBs Blue Gemini panels look somewhat ok. I just think 1x4s look too long... and I think a small .9375 to 1.25m adapter (placed between parachute and female docking adapter. The LK dish looks good on there, but a dish that kind of comes straight out and doesn't 'turn' would look more accurate. Did you also have a small hoop antenna also that was for the Vostok parts as well?
  4. Dimitri and Harvlov Kerman sip vodka from Kosmos 182 (Soyuz 7K-L1 Zond 4-8) as they near the Far Side in this triple capture.
  5. If anyone is interested Mad Rocket Scientist has produced a lovely 1.25m NK-33 - It's a pretty beasty engine
  6. I've downloaded the NK-33 (which looks fantastic) to test with Tantares; will see what happens! And if I may, that NERVA looks like a beast! If you plan to configure it for use with Hydrogen, may I recommend scaling it to 5m for BDB? It would look phenomenal on top of a modified Saturn V!
  7. Awesome. The Soyuz 2-1v will be a great addition to the LV family.
  8. @Beale, down the long road here, is it a possibility to get standalone single engine parts (NK-33/NK-15) from the N1?
  9. is it possible to just copy/paste this into the farshot .cfg?
  10. Hey @Beale, sorry to bug, but is it me, or does the 'Farshot' engine still have no fuel cell? IMO though, I think monoprop fuel cells would be more useful than the normal run-of-the-mill biprop ones, as @CobaltWolf has them on Gemini ' The most notable difference between the original Soyuz and LOK was the power supply system. Unlike solar panels which provided electrical energy for the 7K-OK spacecraft, the LOK would feature liquid hydrogen/oxygen-powered fuel cells, EKhG, similar to those used on the US Gemini, and Apollo spacecraft. In addition to generating electrical energy, fuel cells would output critically needed breathing oxygen and potable water as byproducts, thus greatly increasing spacecraft's life-support capacity.'
  11. Thanks Cobalt and Beale! Progress M2 can actually carry the actual weight of ~500 kg of supplies, or and extra 250 kg in the forward orbital module ive sunk into the craft
  12. Progress M2 is ready to roll out and service MIR-2 on the Zenit LV
  13. Wildfire in Nevada! Andromeda Strain is a great book and OK movie, I prefer this one though, because dying in interplanetary space is just more... quiet After seeing the movie 'Life' I can see why they'd want to do so... although that alien was ridiculously OP on the ISS