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  1. Was playing around in my early career and found a good alternative to the atlas for the first orbital missions too.. at about the fraction of the cost... The Mercury Castor can perform the same results, at about 1/3 the cost.. not bad for only 6,700.00... although the TWR at burnout is about 4.2~ @ peak Ap of 75-86km and even it out with coinciding the burn time with my time to apoapsis (TWR is about .92 at ignition, so its a nice ride to the end)
  2. boat tails and reversed interstages would be a nice addition
  3. in fact it does have x2 F-1's per booster. to quote from astronautix - Saturn MS-LRB-23(L) Part of Saturn LRB stage series Family LOx/Kerosene propellant rocket stage. Liquid rocket booster strap-ons using 2 F-1's. Status: Study 1967. Thrust: 15,486.60 kN (3,481,526 lbf). Gross mass: 874,100 kg (1,927,000 lb). Unfuelled mass: 18,100 kg (39,900 lb). Specific impulse: 304 s. Specific impulse sea level: 265 s. Burn time: 162 s. Height: 47.85 m (156.98 ft). Diameter: 6.61 m (21.68 ft). Span: 6.61 m (21.68 ft). No Engines: 2. Also, link to the LV: http://www.astronautix.com/s/saturnv-23l.html
  4. Saturn V-23(L) - My workhorse for interplanetary missions Also... is anyone ready for a 'Voyage'...? Basically the Saturn MLV V-4(S)-B, but Voyage names it as the Saturn VB
  5. @Jack Wolfe where'd you get that fancy light mounted on the orbital module?
  6. Summoned I see! Eternity of sleep keeps me vigil. @Drakenex Time to Arise!
  7. hey all, just a quick snippet of info I noticed regarding the Saturn V paint scheme, but didn't know if anyone else knew; Upon looking at some info regarding model painting I found some info regarding the S-IC - mainly SA-500 - SA-502ish that the paint schemes match BDBs well, but this particular scheme proved to heat the intertank region too much... They did slap a fresh coat of white on the top halve of the black paint; it can be seen in some photos. Just a neat thing I learned SA-500F Apollo 4 Notice the nice new paint compared to the square just above the USA - It looks like the repainted various pieces in the S-IVB and Interstage structure as well.
  8. could it be a mechanism that helps jettison the nosecone for reentry?
  9. Not sure about that, but I found a pic of it on the real s/c.... looks like a giant holster for a badass space cannon
  10. possible image reference for Mercury and Gemini color schemes?
  11. you could add some gunmetal blue (?) mixed with the black which already looks amazing; Give it that blue-ish black glint in the sunlight
  12. Found this little tidbit today; Still, I couldn't imagine hearing Nixon of all people reading this aloud https://www.archives.gov/files/presidential-libraries/events/centennials/nixon/images/exhibit/rn100-6-1-2.pdf "Fate has ordained that the men who went to the Moon to explore in peace will stay on the Moon to rest in peace."
  13. Designed a variant to bring a crew of five to LKO at about 61k. Puts the spacecraft (9.75t) into a good 85-89km orbit with a couple hundred m/s left. Based off of the Ares I design and uses a Titan III SRB and a modified S-IV utilizing 1 J-2 engine. The spacecraft has a low TWR @ .23 in Kerbin SOI, but I used the Daleth K upper stage engine for the ISP advantage which proves useful.