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  1. could it be a mechanism that helps jettison the nosecone for reentry?
  2. Not sure about that, but I found a pic of it on the real s/c.... looks like a giant holster for a badass space cannon
  3. possible image reference for Mercury and Gemini color schemes?
  4. you could add some gunmetal blue (?) mixed with the black which already looks amazing; Give it that blue-ish black glint in the sunlight
  5. Found this little tidbit today; Still, I couldn't imagine hearing Nixon of all people reading this aloud https://www.archives.gov/files/presidential-libraries/events/centennials/nixon/images/exhibit/rn100-6-1-2.pdf "Fate has ordained that the men who went to the Moon to explore in peace will stay on the Moon to rest in peace."
  6. Designed a variant to bring a crew of five to LKO at about 61k. Puts the spacecraft (9.75t) into a good 85-89km orbit with a couple hundred m/s left. Based off of the Ares I design and uses a Titan III SRB and a modified S-IV utilizing 1 J-2 engine. The spacecraft has a low TWR @ .23 in Kerbin SOI, but I used the Daleth K upper stage engine for the ISP advantage which proves useful.
  7. 2 small redundant modules were launched by Saturn I's into LKO and docked to form the first space station: Archimedes Orbital Station 2 docking ports on aft and starboard ends for crew with airlocks above the docking ports to provide easy EVA access. A middle docking port was tucked into a 1.875m cargo bay for resupply craft.
  8. Apollo LASS (Lunar Applications of a Spent Stage) and the pressurized rover awaiting crew was soon a busy mission to purge the tanks and get that sweet, sweet oxygen into that tankage.
  9. Very excited to hear this!!
  10. Today was a busy day: The first Lunar Base is born and awaiting crew. The J-2 was only fired twice (TMI and braking) the RL-10's were for course corrections and final 'vernier' landing. The crew will finish converting the tankage into living space and begin the first set of missions.
  11. In the Kerbal world it works flawlessly; but realistically not so sure... especially from a safety standpoint. with problems with LOC or LOS from no reentry capability if something occurs. Not only that, but would the crew really withstand the G's from a non-human rated rocket without escape probability? Doubtful, but in this beautiful Kerbal universe they seem to love it LOL. With life support and advanced options enabled (including random failures) an escape system for a human rated rocket is invaluable.