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  1. Thanks to countless tourist flights combined with plant a flag contracts DH has an embarrassment of riches. However all this frantic avarice has meant that the probe designed for Duna has missed the transfer window <embarrassment intensifies>. To fill in the time Munar and Minimal bases are being deployed. Supposedly to fulfil contracts and support future exploration but mostly for funsies. The old MOM (Mission Oriented Module) concept designs were dragged over from 2.whatever and updated. Landed using the Deliverance system all went well. The Mun packages landed surprisingly close to the Deli class lander and it's Giggity rover. The Minmus missions landed on the same Flats at least and had to delicately trundle across to the planned site. With the core modules in place digging up ore and turning it into crunchy snacks attention turned to the expedition rovers. The Globetrotter design received a few tweaks and took a few test runs totally failing to crash, explode or suffer any existence failures. However it was felt the upscaled Deliverance (which could land two of the rovers) and is commonly known as "McDonalds" was a tad overblown and needed a replacement. The booster stage has been retained in case we need to place an office building in orbit (lack of Frogstar fighters). A slightly widened cargo bay cunningly flipped gives clearance for the wider rover whilst removing the need for a 200ft shoehorn to get out. After a few hamfisted attempts at space an uncrewed rover was eventually deposited on the Mun. Glaring design flaws were immediately apparent when after wrestling the Deliverance into position the EC ran out. Oooops. With nothing to lose it was decided to try and lever the hulk clear by extending the Gigantor. Initially it appeared to be working..... However things rapidly took a turn for the Kerbal. The mission was quickly reclassified as "seismic testing" and a couple of solar panels placed outside. Feeling that the overall design was valid two scientists and an engineer were stuffed into a replacement and hurled Munwards. This time things went flawlessly except for an unexpectedly broken antenna. Loss of contact proved no hurdle to the crew who bundled the engineer out to scavenge the lower rated one off the Deliverance. It's not like it was going to need it... With all the assets in place the slide rule jockeys put heir feet up and the grease monkey tried to up the mining efficiency whilst contemplating rejigging the Giggity rover as a personal transport using the seats stowed in it's lockers. With all the kinks worked out the Minmus side of things went off without a hitch. Except for the rover antenna breaking again. Ho hum.
  2. They originated on the planet Meme in the Comic system.
  3. Really wanted to say something cool and trendy but TBH this sums things up, especially if dubbed over the alien scene from Life Of Brian.
  4. Gilly. With a vengeance. I can live with Eve being a one way trip with my numpty building skills. Dres with it's ability to vanish if you aren't concentrating and even that big shiny thing in the middle that keeps blowing up probes but Gilly.........
  5. I just get the rolled eyes these days. Wonderful woman otherwise. You can tell she's standing behind me can't you.
  6. As long as it was the Zooey Deschanel version and not the dish of the day's wife.....
  7. Clearing out the rescue contracts from the to do list. Luckily no more whales were encountered. Some of the targets were a tad unwieldy..... However mission control spotted a new button and were able to reduce the problem somewhat. The occupants relatives had to be assured he had already moved into the can.
  8. It the secret of recovery is found it will instantly disappear to be replaced by something even more inexplicable.
  9. Checking if it's really full of stars. Removing ability to scream in space. Disabling Dave's ability to do that. Deleting chemtrail evidence. Initiating player time passage awareness slip subroutine. Muting wife. Error 404 Jeb limitations not found.
  10. Jeb took out the increasing kludgefest that is Airship 1 for a little light contracting. A slight diversion on the return leg allowed the team to obtain science data from the desert and tick off the anomaly in the mountains to boot. Meanwhile the kidnapping rescue missions got underway with Grab 1, designed to return both the victim stranded Kerbal and their pod. Things soon took a turn for the Kerbal..... "Aha our first catch of the day!" "Oh dear" "Ah, Kerbin we have a screenshot problem" "Maybe if we deflated it?"
  11. If you're comfortable with full career carry on. Science career does have the benefit of easing a new player into the parts tree without overwhelming them with choices and limiting their progress due to having to pay the bills. You could start a sandbox save and/or a science save at the same time where you get to try out different stuff without impeding your progress. Think of them as simulations of your career game.
  12. You could try this build, https://ksp.sarbian.com/jenkins/job/MechJeb2-Dev/578/ or a build around this version. Versions from #579 are for 1.1.
  13. Started a new 1.3 career with Community Tech Tree, parts buy in on and reputation rewards set to 10%. An initial concentration on obtaining science parts led to a bit of a grind doing every landed/splashed test contract to obtain enough funds to run around KSC grabbing science from every mini biome to get actual rocket parts followed by more contracts to pay for said parts.... With finances finally on the up and tourist orbit contracts the main breadwinner management finally sanctioned a test airship. The A1 is designed to hoover up all the remaining science from around Kerbin and chase down any anomalies detected by the newly launched orbital scanner. Her two crew have enough supplies for a year and with the electric engines can operate without refuelling. After a couple of test lurches and some fettling in the hanger Jeb felt confident enough to take her out to "discover" the island airstrip. Handling was described as "Gud" but performance got "Well it's faster than walking". And then Jeb glanced at his EC remaining........ The extremely sedate ride back was spent explaining to the design team their failings, the failings of their parents and the likely fate of their offspring.
  14. No expert but one possibility is that you have the latest version of Module Manager, might be worth trying the 2.7.5 version.
  15. Having an issue with the ChemCam. Works fine around the buildings of KSC but once out onto Shores and Grasslands returns a "no terrain in range" message. Is also happening with DMagic's XRD. Edit. Tried on Mun and Duna with same error message.