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  1. Thanks, I'll give it a look (and thanks for a very nice mod BTW). With @Skylon's advice, I did successfully return half a dozen small, test rockets to KSC. I'll work up from there. It doesn't help that I'm trying to come up to speed on two mods at the same time (this one and FRMS/Stage Recovery). Done! And the stability is indeed much better. Didn't know that, although now that I think about and re-read Skylon's post, he was hinting at it. Roger. As I mentioned before, in AGX there are three commands that apply to the fins when I select them for a group action - Toggle Fins, Toggle Deploy Fins, and Extend Fins. The first deploys them (i.e. moves them from/to the stowed position), the second locks them (I haven't quite figured out why you would do this other than simple drag) but I haven't figured out what the third does. It does not seem to move the fin regardless of its state. Could be just me, though. Thanks all!
  2. I sorta get what you're saying. If that's the case, isn't the action misnamed and completely misleading? I hadn't thought of that...too much going on for my single brain cell to figure out. Thanks for the tip. KER does have suicide time and distance (altitude?) indicators although I'm not entirely sure what they're telling me (height by which I must apply full throttle, perhaps?). Again, why didn't I use the info that's right in front of me?!?
  3. Thank you very much for your help. It's now working but not immediately! No fins are at the bottom and I kept it this way for learning purposes. The decent engine is/was a LV-T45 Swivel and initially I had no RCS system, so I added Vernier thrusters, a smaill inline reaction wheel and landing gear (not that landing gear were going to solve my controlability problem). I use AGX for actions so I created a command to deploy the fins (small issue here, more later). Above 5km, my max speed was slightly over 250 m/s. I have MechJeb installed but really would like to learn how to do this manually first. 1st Trial: I launched with the new config, got to separation and controlled the 2nd stage to landing (mostly ). I went back to the first stage, tried the action group to deploy the fins, which didn't work, and deployed them manually but not until a significant rotation rate built up. The stage ended up rolling around the longitudinal axis faster and faster, with and without RCS and SAS, with the inevitable result. Back to the drawing board I went. 2nd Trial: In the VAB, I re-placed the grid fins to ensure they were on right (I finally found the little arrows) and moved them further up the fuel tank. I went back into actions and created three groups for the fins (Toggle Fins, Toggle Deploy Fins, and Extend Fins) just to see which one worked as advertised. Went to the launch pad and discovered that only the first action group worked (I wonder why?). Relaunched and got to separation. 2nd stage landing was...better. 1st stage grid fins deployed correctly, and the stage was very stable with SAS and RCS on but I didn't see the RCS fire at all. Safe, slow and effective landing at KSC. Something to do with fin placement and deployment?? I will continue to experiment with this config until I'm more proficient with my throttle control. Edit 1: The rapid longitudinal spinning seems to be caused by my toggling the Grid Fin Deploy action group. What does this change in the fin's behaviour? I still don't know why the Extend Fins doesn't work.
  4. KSP 1.2.2 I'm having a really difficult time using the grid fins to return a booster to KSC. I'm using FMRS and Stage Recovery mods in sandbox mode to learn how to handle the return of a simple 2-stage, liquid-fuel rocket with the first stage containing extra fuel, 2 grid fins, a probe core and a battery. Everything is fine until I separate the booster. Getting the two fins to deploy is tough because the stage starts to flip and rotate, especially after I get one fin out. Should I be using 4 instead of 2 fins? The fins are positioned with the slightly curved surface facing the ground. Is this correct? I saw the note in the part description about a small arrow having to face space, but I don't see it. From about 5km up, the stage becomes stable provided I turn SAS off. Then as I get close to the ground and attempt to reduce the velocity, the stage becomes even more unstable, especially at low velocities. I've seen video of some very smooth and stable landings of much larger stages. I have MecJeb2 but haven't used the attitude controls so far. I've lost too many boosters to count and I know this is possible. Any wise guidance on what I might be missing in terms of technique or design?
  5. A big Thank-You to @linuxgurugamer.
  6. I'm sure you just want to know but rest assured that the mod developer is fully aware that v1.3 is out. It is considered impolite to push devs for any info because they're volunteers doing this for the fun of it. Having people pester them diminishes that enjoyment. Just play with KSP v1.2.2 for a little while longer and be patient.
  7. @DuskIO, FYI, an output_log,txt file, located in the KSP_x64_Data directory (at least for PCs), is always created if the game starts at all.
  8. @Dacan, @Niko Wicaksono and @maculator In support of Starwaster, Sarbian and any other person who could lend a hand with solving your problems, please read the original post (OP), first line, in this topic. Also, read the topic below to help you sort out how you could be more helpful describing your problem.
  9. Thanks for all the functionality you add to KSP.
  10. If I'm not mistaken, it's the maximum number of Kerbals the part will support with its given bonus. Additional Kerbals present in the craft beyond that number will not be able to take advantage of the multipliers.
  11. Try closing CKAN, deleting the mod manually from the GameData folder and then re-opening CKAN. Download and reinstall Final Frontier from the Compatible list. I'm not sure if there is a file in the FF directory that you need to keep to preserve your current game awards. Check that out first but it's likely that these are stored in the persistent.sfs file (under the HallofFameScenario).
  12. No apologies necessary @Blackline. Not only was that not directed at you specifically (but well done anyway ) but also I am just trying to help those wiser or newer at this than I.
  13. @ChrisDishenI would suggest that, as a minimum, you provide some information as to how you're trying to perform your launch, i.e. screen shots of your vessel and the MechJeb parameters you're using, your KSP log file, a mod list, etc. Your asking it to be fixed when it works successfully for others and not providing any information for the developer to help you is not going to get you much useful assistance. To help everyone, please read the first post in this topic (no logs => no support) and the following thread: