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  1. If I'm not mistaken, it's the maximum number of Kerbals the part will support with its given bonus. Additional Kerbals present in the craft beyond that number will not be able to take advantage of the multipliers.
  2. Try closing CKAN, deleting the mod manually from the GameData folder and then re-opening CKAN. Download and reinstall Final Frontier from the Compatible list. I'm not sure if there is a file in the FF directory that you need to keep to preserve your current game awards. Check that out first but it's likely that these are stored in the persistent.sfs file (under the HallofFameScenario).
  3. No apologies necessary @Blackline. Not only was that not directed at you specifically (but well done anyway ) but also I am just trying to help those wiser or newer at this than I.
  4. @ChrisDishenI would suggest that, as a minimum, you provide some information as to how you're trying to perform your launch, i.e. screen shots of your vessel and the MechJeb parameters you're using, your KSP log file, a mod list, etc. Your asking it to be fixed when it works successfully for others and not providing any information for the developer to help you is not going to get you much useful assistance. To help everyone, please read the first post in this topic (no logs => no support) and the following thread:
  5. It's obviously in the correct path but do you also have one in GameData by accident?
  6. You exceeded their home timer, not their hab timer, perhaps?
  7. Yes, they are but their max KSP version is still at 1.2.1. I doubt v1.2.2 would be a problem in this case.
  8. I did a flyby of Minmus and, having forgotten to EVA two of the crew, they went tourist just as I was entering Kerbin orbit on the return journey. Jeb smacked them upside the head and they wisely returned to work at 20km during the reentry.
  9. Agreed, on both counts.
  10. Have you tried changing the scene and then coming back to the KSC view?
  11. That said, if you've really finished the contract and it's a known EL bug, simply complete the contract in the Alt-F12 window.
  12. It does, at least as far as I've played it.
  13. I'm no expert but I took a quick look at the log (which I didn't do before) and noticed that you've installed KSP to C:\Program Files. Others have reported that KSP does not behave well in this path. Try reinstalling to another, non-Program Files path and see if that cleans up the log.
  14. Are you sure this is a USI-LS problem?
  15. You're correct, of course. I should have not used "Hab" to describe how to increase the length of time Kerbals can be away without something happening to them. I almost had it right