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  1. What I do is I have a part that creates all materials, fuel, energy, etc, with toggles. I use a battery as the model, changed it's name added the proper sections in the config, and call it my Demon Battery. Then you don't need the cheat options, and you can test things with it on,off or use it to re-fill tanks to you can test things. Saves a lot of time testing designs and ship configurations, pus if you have other ships doing things the cheat won't affect them too.
  2. One of my early stations, built around Kerbin, then pushed to Minmus. Crzy 8 Mining and Manufacturing Station around Mun
  3. I have, but it was the improperly installed nVIDIA drive. The WINE emulator was emulating DirectX so bypassed the openGL interface with the nVidia driver.
  4. You are pretty close on percentages to reality for Level 1 support. I work for a small Internet provider. So small I do everything, except pay the bills and make the large decisions. This means I have the "What is my password?" (write it down!), "How do I get my email?" (same way you ahve been for the past 5+ years!), and "Why doesn't my computer work?" (turn on the computer, instead of JUST the monitor) as well as the "My internet stopped working." (spend 2+ hours or real troubleshooting only to find the $VENDOR device upstream (in the case I can remember off the top of my head it was an AT&T DSLAM) has failed and was being replaced as I did my troubleshooting). I also happen to do web coding (not design, I can't make things look pretty if I tried but I do make the pretty work). At level 2 and 3 you get a slightly lower percentage of bs-ing and googling, and a slightly higher on memorization and thinking, but not by much. Az
  5. Plan on many days if you wish to see anything beyond the "tourist trap" areas. First, I recommend entering from the Montana (North) Entrance. Take at least half a day to visit the old fort and the hot springs. From there to east along the grand loop. Take your time, and stop often to view the different nature areas, not just the thermal features. When you get about halfway down Yellowstone stop at the Canyon Visitor Center. Continue southward along the outer grand loop to about a 2/3rd of the way down, and stop at Fishing Bridge Inn for a meal. Everything in the park is expensive, but the food is normally really really good. Continue southward (and now west) along the grand loop, which will bring you to Old Fathful. I recommend at least a full day there if you can manage it. The Inn itself is very rustic, and has a several year waiting list. If they offer it (sometimes to do) take a trip out on Yellowstone lake and see the lake from the water's side. Please remember that you are in the animals' home, and not a human one. Do not approach them, not not try to get closer if it means stepping off the roadway. That is the fastest way to get hurt. Take it from a Wyoming native, Yellowstone is always changing. There is somet6hing new to see each and every time you go there. Az
  6. @Malah If you read back a few pages, I have done everything suggested. The final step was to try a different Desktop manager. That solved the issue. 1.1.x was horrid for linux compatability. 1.2.0, so far, is much nicer. I have a minor issue, but still working on figuring out if it is a dying keyboard or a bug to be investigated.
  7. Check your KDE/Gnome settings. I know Unity is having trouble reading KDE4-plasma for screen resolution. I switched to XFCE and have not, yet, had a problem on 1.1.3, or 1.2.0-pre, with wacky resolutions at startup. The desktop manager is ALL I changed. Nothing else. Az
  8. @JoelleEmmily Does it bread the vid driver? I don't think so, but it doesn't release it once it tries to use it, causing everything else to fight with it. At least from what I can tell so far.
  9. I know for a fact that Firefox + flash cause issues with KSP on linux. The wrapper for flash never properly unloads from memory until firefox is also removed. I have installed a flash blocker to cut down this issue.. I'm to the point of removing flash, but I have a couple of sites that require it for me to use them., so I am still holding off for now. I've only been using XFCE now for about 3 days. I am using a NVIDIA card nd the proprietary drivers on OpenSuse. That may be why you are having issues vs me not. I still have to use the -force-glcore, but so far that and the language being set to C are the only work arounds in use. Az
  10. I can say that XFCE works like a charm once I got everything else configured. No wierd resizing issues. So far no crashes from out of memory, or any other wierdness. It also seems to run faster, though I have not yet compared framerates. Az
  11. @JoelleEmmily I always launch from terminal, in windowed mode. Even set up a bash script (similar to the one previously offered in this thread) to mitigate some of the known issues. It thends to work best when I bypass most of the items in the script. I use flags on the command line to turn them on/off to see what helps and what doesn't. Back to my regular issues with screen resizing: KDE + Plasma. (Original Config): Still has wierd windowing issues, lots of crashes, and a few memory crashes that force X to completely reset. Tried Gnome: It works, graphically, the few times I loaded it. No sound though. I'll have to check drivers and configuration. It doesn't seem to see my bluetooth speakers. Tried IceWM:. only one thing I can say is "DON'T!" Any opengl game (KSP, others that come with linux) causes the system to crash, hard. Tried XFCE once. had issues. not entirely sure it was KSP or something else. Will be trying again when I have more time to experiment. Haven't yet tried: lxdm, XDG, WindowMaker, e17, fvwm2, marco (MATE) Currently back to my Original configuration. I am still having the strange screen sizes load up, along with a few random crashes (nothing I can find in the log files, yet) along with 1 memory error today that reset everything back to logging into KDE. The initial "black screen" opens, then it "flickers" about the time I expect the hand off to the KSP code. At that flicker point it resizes to the strange sizes. I usually kill it at that point (command line.kill, or Ctrl-C depending on what it lets me use at the time), and try again. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Usually not.
  12. Finally had a chance to change desktop managers. KDE4 + Plasma (original) has the resize issues. Gnome seems to work okay, if a big sluggish doing screen refreshes... and lots of issues with my sound card. IceWM... don't even try, it will lock your system up hard. It doesn't properly support the openGL video drivers and when launched, it locks up. Tried several OpenGL programs, not just KSP to verify this. I will test more as I can. These were just the initial tests for each Windows Manager. Az
  13. That I haven't tried, yet. I have xfce and Gnome installed as well. I'll give them a shot. Az
  14. Nothing in syslog. Screen outputs always show graphic type errors, or out of memory errors (when using mods). PLayer.log and KSP.log are always similar to those I posed about 2 pages back.