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  1. @Avery616I'm pretty sure the KSP Police will be confiscating your copy of the game and, or at least, subjecting you to public ridicule... okay, not true. Kind of an old post now but if you want to learn study up. Ask questions. Get MechJeb and use it as a mentor to learn the basics. When I started I knew nothing about orbital mechanics. My solution to everything was add more boosters. As example, I dug back into my screen shot archives and found my Tiny Titan craft. I was quite proud of this ship as it was capable of landing on, and returning from, Mun. Today it is kind of embarrassing how over the top over engineered it took for me to make the journey but I did it and so can you - but only if you want. No one is going to make you.
  2. This... was... hard! No IVA. No Map View. No Overlay. Just sheer determination. Took several tries to get the feel for it. Album included (I notice once again imgur duplicated some pics and put them out of order - sorry don't know how to fix it): Circularizing is the hardest part of the challenge. I burned all my fuel before making orbit on my first several attempts.
  3. Hats off to those who have already done this. As I suspected getting to space is easy. Not sending Jeb to the third star on the right and on to tomorrow, yeah, not as easy. I'll get this. I hear Major Tom to ground control playing in the background. I miss you NavBall - words I never thought I would utter.
  4. Hmmmm, Getting to space should be kind of easy (famous last words). Reentry I believe I can handle. I think the hardest part will be achieving something resembling circularization. As long as Pe is above 70k who cares if Ap passes the dark side of Mun? Time to find my Pink Floyd CD. Probably need to load up Space Oddity too because you know, Red Shirt....
  5. Once last entry. One or two man escape pods are nice if you just need to get droids off the ship with secret base plans, but what if you have a situation where the entire station needs immediate evacuation? This 100% stock escape pod weighs under 14.5 t and can return a crew of 16 to Kerbin landing safely on land or water. Here it is docked to the KSS: Undocking complete with plenty of RCS thrusters aboard: Burning for reentry. A smaller engine might work. Note the cubic octagonal struts used as landing legs to protect the engine bell: Chutes set it down at under 6 m/s. The crew would probably appreciate it if I turned the crew cabins around so they faced up:
  6. The big 4 seem to creep into every flight. When I remember to give them the boot my lineup includes Trauki - she is my favorite pilot. She almost always returns to Kerbin with an intact craft. Jeb can't say that. I also have Jendine as a back up pilot. My engineer of choice is Harmy. Why? His name is close to Harney - they sell great tea.
  7. Decided to try a pod that can carry 4 passengers. No chutes. No landing gear. Less than 5.4 T. Could be made much lighter with chutes but I'm still enjoying doing this like the last challenge. -------------------------------------- Okay, here is a lightweight (2.8 T in VAB) 4 man escape pod. 100% stock. Drone core, 4 man crew compartment, docking port jr., 2 chutes, Oscar B, spark, and micro landing struts. No heatshields and no airbrakes.
  8. Installed one too many mods. My laptop potato needs more RAM. 8G is not enough. Playing a slide show at the moment. What mod can I live without??? sigh.
  9. I thought back on other games that I have played through the years looking for a common thread. Not sure I found it. I started with Pong. Seems simplistic today but when it came out there had never been anything like it. Moved on to Asteroids. Again unique and bonus, it was space related. Later did other 2d stuff like Commander Keen. Then came the 3d engine and Wolfenstein 3D and later Doom. Played them to death. As amazing as they were at the time their limitation was the bad guys and monsters were always in the same spot. Once you learn the pattern it gets boring. I'd play other games after this with my kids but never really got in to them. Most are just repeats of a theme and the motion makes me sick to my stomach. I will add the Lego games with their big open worlds are kind of fun. Then came KSP. It has the uniqueness of the early games. Far better 3D capabilities than the early games. The big open worlds of Lego. With a few mods the visuals can be breathtaking. I don't get sick playing. The solar system is constantly in motion meaning it changes slightly with every launch. On top of this I get to be design/engineer of the crafts and the missions. I get to be the pilot (or not, thank you MJ). I guess what appeals to me most is I get to use my brain, and emotions, and not just my reflexes and a quick trigger finger. I continue to learn from this game even after 3+ years. As Snark said, it is as close to going to space as I'll ever get.
  10. Built the simplest escape pod I could come up with to use on my station. No chutes necessary but I did use landing legs. Deorbit burn Gets pretty warm but no heat shield needed. Spark engine is all that is required for landing. Safe at home
  11. Interesting. Flies straight as an arrow without wings. Got so used to tumbling rockets at abt 12k that I just auto attach fins. Thanks.
  12. You inspired me to try again and take this a little more seriously: On reentry I dumped the delta wings to make the ship more manageable, so not entirely fully reusable..
  13. I swear I've tried this with force roll on and again with it off, and the craft still rotated. I accept I'm probably doing something else wrong as it apparently works for others. What finally did work for me was setting both values to 180.
  14. Seems to be a little confusion on what the challenge is about. My attempt orbits a rocket around Kerbin then lands on Kerbin under power with no chutes and (strangely) no landing gear.
  15. I am probably just not seeing how to adjust this but on launch the craft always rotates 90 degree clockwise. How do I stop this from happening.