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  1. I can't weld the many Near Future Structural parts or their lights won't work. Same type issue with the 16 greenhouses and 40 gigantor solar panels. All that is a limitation of Ubiozur. I'm on a Walmart purchased HP laptop. The frame rate as you would suspect is sloooow. On the other hand the base is huge. I'm showing 300 parts in the SPH but before welding it was more than double that size. I expected the slow down and am ok with it. It would run a lot faster if I weren't running a lot of the visual mods.
  2. @Sassenach I posted this elsewhere but in case you missed it, here is a base I built using Firma. Unless I'm doing something wrong, I do want to caution/advise others that welding the Air Lock to the building seems to make EVA impossible. I had to transfer my crew to a cupola which had not been welded.
  3. First up is a Mun monolith: And one from Minmus. This one is from my 1.2.1 game;
  4. No idea how to delete my original post. I solved the problem by tapping warp on and off once I rotated to the orientation I wanted. Where there's a will...
  5. I built a base. It's big. Really big. According to vehicle stats in MJ it has a capacity of 471. In my mind I see 100 being more realistic. Here is the album: Yes it's Minmus. Yes I modded the color with Dark Minmus. The mods used on the base are Firma - a cool set of blocks to make whatever. Near Future Structural for all the connecting tubes. Greenhouses are old z_thing parts as are the golf ball tanks that I scaled down. The flag pole is from Flag Decals (thank you!). Some of the dish antenna I think are from C A Probes Plus. Pic 1) I used HE to set the base in place (yeah yeah, I'm a cheater). Then I discovered KSP auto-filled the base with every Kerman in KSC (serves me right). So I had to recruit a pilot to start bringing some of them home. I'll send a bus next. Pic 2) The mining and processing plant. I haven't worked out all the details but I figure KIS/KAS will be required. 3) In the center is the Command Center (home of bureaucracy). The Science Center is on the right. On the left is the Engineering complex. The golf ball is my recycling center. 4) The Power Producing solar panel arrays and the Greenhouses. I oriented the base so these are aligned to receive sunlight all day. 5) The base was designed with Duna in mind. This pic is the drilling pumps to tap into buried water. Finally a place where the stock 2.5 barrel tanks look like they belong. 6) The Habitat Pods. Beyond is the Commons Building for meals, exercise, and socializing. 7) An overall view from slightly above. 8) Flying my flag above the science tower. 9) Jeb on his way to his flight home wandered through the mining facility. Gives a better sense of scale of just how big is this base. Even using welding, this murders the frame rate on my laptop. I don't care. It was fun.
  6. I've built a base in the SPH. It's huge. I want to move the complete project temporarily to Minmus. Starting on the runway I'm using F12 to set orbit to Minmus. The Alt orientation never matches the runway - this is true even when setting orbit to Kerbin. It tends to stand the base (or rocket) on end despite the control from here being set on the runway. I added SAS so it can be reoriented. All's good. Now switching to Hyper Edit and using landing, the base rotates about 45 degree from the east/west Az orientation of the runway. I'm using hold rotation (or whatever it is called in HE) to keep the base upright. None of the Navball indicators match what I am after and trying to manually use SAS isn't working. Once the base starts rotating, getting it to stop is proving impossible. I have plenty of electricity. What am I missing here? Is there a way in HE to rotate about an axis?
  7. Love the rover and the lander. One question - is having the ladder built into a landing leg not possible? I'm guessing this was not done for symmetry reasons (or explodey reasons).
  8. Physics load is definitely not your friend. I briefly tried Ubiozur Welding but I'm not patient enough to figure out how to use it. Grabbed KJR and works perfectly. When I complete my Duna colony I'll take some screen shots.
  9. Can't speak for the functioning parts. I play sandbox. Not sure how I'll use these yet, but I had fun for about an hour last night just snapping parts together. Works as advertised. Looks good up close. Nice Job.
  10. It could serve as a stress relief ball or a Jibber Jabber (from the '90's)
  11. It's really nice to have Squad be able to talk about what they are doing again. You can feel the passion in this KSP-Weekly. I do have to agree that the excitement caused for quite a bit of confusion due to the rapid fire topic changes. I had to reread several sections to figure out what area was being discussed. Of course some topics are beyond my understanding anyway, but they sound like good things to come. I'm looking forward to someone setting up the mission builder to teach gravity assists, so I can learn how others use Eve to get to Jool.
  12. The Squad chimp as a playable character might make for some very interesting "What did you do in KSP today?" posts, whenever Squad do or propose something some don't like, or shelve an idea some have been begging to see in game. Might even make for some great challenges - send Squad into the sun with the only SRB's
  13. Continued to tinker with my Vector powered NCC-1701 Enterprise. I redid the cover of the saucer section to try and clean up the clipping a little. I'm pretty happy with how it is going. Afterwards, Trauki, who happens to be my favorite pilot - she has a nice smile and rarely breaks stuff - made a quick run to the KSS to retrieve Jeb and Bill. I had forgot where I left them. Flawless flight. On the way home all were inspired by the beauty of this game. My laptop potato may run slooooow but I can always warp and the views are gorgeous.
  14. Here's what I did to make this work with Blackrack's updated dll. Rotate your texture horizontal to the right. Change unlit to false in cfg and add the other two lines: unlit = false useNewShader = true penumbraMultipler = 10.0
  15. Cobbled together from various mods. Has 3 different sized docking ports. Lot's of room for expansion. Serves no real purpose. Very Kerbal.