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  1. Any one figured out how to resize the pic size? This probably only affects a few of us with limited data plans but it sure would be nice if people used albums or spoilers on graphic intensive posts. Also jpgs are generally much more data friendly than pngs. Just saying.
  2. For the world is hollow, and I have touched the sky!
  3. 22.56gigs but 0.23.5 through 1.1.3 and their respective mods are zipped into one 7.52gig folder. So who knows - a lot.
  4. I've had it installed since it was first released. Finally sent probes 'out there' just this winter. Always felt like just knowing those planets were there was incentive to dream of future voyages. So what now? A massive manned mission - one day.
  5. Oh look, albums work. Not sure how to enlarge pictures here but it works. This is a proof of concept test launch. I want to build a station - or possibly interplanetary vessel with rings. First I had to see if I could get a pre-assembled ring in orbit. First attempts to launch it as a saucer failed, Turned it up on edge and after a few tries... success. Best of all no Kerbals were harmed in the making of this launch. Yes I used MechJeb - sue me. No really, don't. I'm just a poor boy, from a poor family.
  6. Landing is hard... Actually did touch down on the runway but... drifted, almost hit the control tower, couldn't slow down - looks like the landing gear choice wasn't a good one. turned back towards runway. Crossed went airborne and this happened. Crewless drone. No one to blame but me.
  7. Thank you. Just what I was looking for along with some bonus stuff.
  8. DLC - we have all known it was eventually coming, so I don't get the outrage. A few but vocal group will get it for free. The rest of us will either skip it or pay up. You may think that is unfair, but life isn't always fair. It is what it is. Art pass - I thought I would add an opposing viewpoint since most of the comments are pushing Squad to change the aesthetics to a more unified look. The original take on the game I thought was a cartoonish space program with rockets built from spare/recycled parts. If you accept the premise then the parts not matching makes sense. Having to Macgyver things together makes sense. I personally don't care for the clunky decouplers but I have learned to hide batteries and mono tanks inside some of them (works for me). I personally don't want them all looking like spaceplane parts. YMMV. What I would like to see is more rocket parts (habitation, work space, etc) for long term space flight and station parts. If they change the look of the original parts, I won't get upset but I don't find it particularly needed. Feel free to disagree.
  9. Anyone have a working link to this old z_thing part?
  10. @GregroxMun Is there a tutorial somewhere to explain how you quickly made this neat change? I'm thinking Dres could profit from a facelift.
  11. Not all by us. Some is Squad originated and with the historical aspect inland KSC makes sense.. Devs - my preferred game style is sandbox. Will this expansion play nice in my sandbox?
  12. Sent the lads on a quick jaunt to Mint Chocolate Minmus. I have no idea how changing the color is done, but apparently it is pretty simple. It also makes for a more interesting landing on an otherwise routine mission. Yes that is a green monolith in the background. Hard to see in the white background forum but Kerbin is high above the monolith.
  13. I noticed this as well. Also - what happened to the clouds?
  14. Hmmm I wonder:
  15. Mint chocolate - even better!