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  1. Squeee... Hi Mr. Musk.
  2. Started playing 3 1/2 yrs ago with version 0.23. Joined the forum 2 yrs ago to post because the change in aero between 0.90 and 1.0.4 left me baffled as to why I could not reenter Kerbin atmosphere without overheating and exploding. That was a tough relearning time. Everything I thought I knew was wrong but the experts here helped me through it.
  3. I beg to differ"Goliath"_Turbofan_Engine
  4. Several versions ago I built a plane and flew it north east until I saw land. Then I flew low through the mountains and down into the snaking river valley. It was quite fun. Since then I have seldom flown planes. I tinkered with spaceplanes a few times until I could do it then went back to rockets. Today I remember why. I am not very creative or competent and building or flying planes. I am even worse at landing. I am okay with that. The bigger issue is the fps hogging mods that make space launches beautiful. My laptop does not like them as much as I. Once I left the runway, I watched an old movie and the first half of a football (soccer) game. I kept am eye on the plane to make sure it was flying straight and true. Basically it flew itself - no MJ or other auto pilot stuff was used. The in game time shows 23+ minutes. In the same real time I could have flown a complete Minmus run and return. It's all good as I had fun today. I built this using the MK3 command pod and 4 Goliath engines. I have never used either before. I was very impressed when I took off at less than 60 m/s. It flies really well - basically hands off with SAS enabled. I kept it below 8k mid flight and tried to maintain around 275 m/s. When I would go much higher or faster it would either start a flat spin or roll hard. I had drifted just a little south of my intended landing site. A small turn north as I approached land. We're going in. Notice when the plane stopped it was facing nearly west. I forgot to turn off SAS as I landed and that as I learned (but obviously didn't retain) causes the plane to refuse to come to a complete stop. Once I hit T it stopped quickly. By the way, yes the other wing is still on the plane. You can see the partial shadow beneath the plan.
  5. Dude, that's harsh. Red Shirts unite!
  6. Having never actually seen the Kraken before, this seemed like as good an excuse to launch a rocket as any. Despite the huge fairing shroud around the payload, this ship flew amazingly well. Boosters away! Once in orbit it's time to head for the Jool system. Once Bop orbit is acheived the ship heads for the surface. The probe design by KSC engineers was based on the mythological descriptions of the beast. The offering mission was ordered by Kerbal politicians to secure the votes of the Kraken worshipping sect, a small but mouthy bunch. The probe also includes a claw device the military demanded, just in case the sect was correct and Krakens are more than mythological or extinct creatures. The probe sits in darkness waiting for contact. It is hard to see but the kraken is behind and on the right of the lander.
  7. I almost missed this thread. I think most of you are too young to get the importance of TOS. Sure the effects are meh by today's standards. The stories are small and sometimes silly, but the series changed a generation in ways I can think of no other show that compares. A least that is my opinion. I remember Lost In Space premiered the previous year. The early black and white episodes had great promise I thought and then they went bubble gum and lost it. So happy when Star Trek hit my TV. Saw every TOS episode when first aired, then again and again in reruns. I now have the remastered DVD set for when I need my fix. I had great trouble warming up to TNG. To me the problem with it was it just tried to be bigger in every way and that lost the heart of it for me. I watched all of DS9 and Voyager, preferring DS9. Actually thought the under appreciated Enterprise was the second best of all the series. I like the new movies however if I have to watch them destroy another Enterprise I'll scream. What are we up to know - NCC-1701ZZZ? Just stupid. Stop it! And quit being ridiculous with suspending all physics because it is considered exciting to fly in atmosphere.
  8. 1966 was a great year to be a kid with our first new fangled color TV - of course we still had to go outside and turn the pole when we changed channels. We had four at the time. Enough for Star Trek, The Monkees, and Batman.
  9. Makes as much sense as anything I can come up with. Seems obvious this is not a common issue. Time to embrace it as a unique feature in my game.
  10. I have never slid down a slope I could not figure out a way to get back up. Note I did not say fell off a steep incline. The victim AKA Jeb walked a short distance from the ship. While trying to return the surface behaved as glass under the Jeb's feet, meanwhile the craft sat there perfectly still just a few meters away. Besides my grasp on real life, sliding would not explain the shuttle on the runway. But thanks for being helpful. Yes sarcasm implied. Old age and years of alcohol abuse will do that. Walk this way - uhmm, no.
  11. Nothing but stock for landing gear. Tried adjusting the friction settings to both extremes. Didn't seem to help. I have not been able to decipher the purpose any of the landing settings.
  12. Impressive! Wish I had thought of it. The big belly mount tank is a bit of a pain to fly. Not sure how you did the wing tip mounts without KJR but I'm going to give it a try
  13. I'm playing in 1.2.2, waiting for a few more mods to update. My current game is heavily modded. My laptop would probably melt if not for the cooling fan unit beneath it. So, not sure if this is a game bug, mod bug, or some setting I fail to grasp - A while back I landed on a steep incline on Mun. EVA'd and could not get back to the ship because the little green guy kept sliding. IRL that would not happen but this is not RL. I accepted it. A few days ago I ditched a shuttle in the mountains just west of KSC. I was pretty pleased to land (on my own) intact on a gentle south facing slope. The shuttle would not stop sliding at 0.9 m/s. Exited to the tracking station where it allowed me to recover. Thought it odd but whatever. Now, I land the shuttle on the runway (like a pro - okay MJ spaceplane guidance), cut the engines, locked the brakes, and flaps down. Plane kept a rollin' (all night long). Why? I have no idea. Check the settings on brakes, they were at stock position. Set them all the way up and made no difference. Any clues? If game bug is it fixed in 1.3? By the way, I am very impressed how few bug complaints there have been in 1.3. After all it was apparently a fairly major internal coding overhaul.
  14. Here is my entry. This was an accidental success. Grabbed a few pics along the way not expecting to use them. I did not have a payload as this was just a test. I'll try again later fully loaded. Started with MJ on but things went sideways (literally) in a hurry and I had to manually wrestle through the thick atmosphere. Not sure where the flaw is in my design. Also the landing was intense. Ran out of fuel. Had to bank hard to the south and set it down in the mountains. The ship and crew survived without damage and that what counts -right? Craft File: Points: 50 but I can do better ========================================================================================================================= EDIT: I still can't get the gimbal balanced correctly. Once the TWR climbs with the solid boosters the craft begins to roll kind of violently back and forth. Eventually it smooths out. I have fuel left over once in orbit even if the ascent is horribly wasteful. I launched again with 5.5k ton of payload. Released into orbit. Then brought it back to the surface. Had to ditch in the ocean because reasons. Point is, everyone made it back in one piece. I did not upload the craft file with the payload. Points: 50 + 5.5 (to orbit) + 5.5 (return) = 61
  15. I'm finding the Mk2.5 parts make a pretty easy to fly craft - or I just got lucky. Takeoff was a breeze and flew straight and true. Used set orbit cheat to test reentry, where I proceeded to scatter debris all over the mountains. My error, the ship responded well. Looking for building advice from the masters - I'm not a spaceplane or shuttle builder. - Wondering what works well to cap off the end since the mini-vectors have no butt. I know I can (and did) just surface attach to whatever last fuselage I use, but is there a 'proper' way to do this? There is no engine mounting plate. Haven't tried the tank mod yet but do like many of the neat parts it adds. Hope to have a complete launchable ship in a few days.