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  1. As a self-proclaimed NASA fanboy, I understand how outlandish SpaceX's claims are. Maybe they could do a one-off in that time. Or maybe not, as they have ZERO manned experience. But a full-reusable colony ship? Get real.
  2. Do you seriously expect a company with no experience beyond LEO to develop something such as the ITS in a short time? NASA will get there first for sure, and do it much better.
  3. Spacex is way too ambitious. They can choose reusable or a mars mission, not both.
  4. *In a "Make (Target Body) more interesting" thread* This sample is not a suggestion at all! There's nothing here of any value! Shaking your head, you wonder who sent you here, and what they hoped would be gained from this mission.
  5. Great idea, optimizing CPU is essential for surface bases and keeping them stable.
  6. I love the IRL STRV, it's such an innovative and quirky concept.
  7. "Now you too can take the highway to the danger zone" The description is almost as good as the craft, great work man!
  8. Exactly the same. I had done Mun and Minmus missions, but once I got a rendezvous, I knew that was when I understood KSP.
  9. That's what they said about space travel in general. Humans always find a way.
  10. Amazing design! Now I can both listen to Danger Zone AND gain air superiority in any Wargame: Red Dragon game ALL WHILE playing KSP!
  11. Nice F-15 replica.
  12. Okay, so these are the guidelines for the Strange SSTO Challenge! Level 1: Build the weirdest looking SSTO craft you can Level 2: Build a strange SSTO without nuclear engines Level 3: Build a strange SSTO without jet engines Level 4: Do not use wings! (Fins are okay, though.) (EDIT) To clarify, mods that just add data and such, like Kerbal Engineer Redux, Kerbal Alarm Clock, etc., are allowed, but no modded parts, or planet mods. And also, I'm pretty sure that I won my own challenge. I don't even have a name for this thing. https://postimg.org/image/lsah0p3bl/ https://postimg.org/image/heh3sf6v5/
  13. So I was trying out a new medium plane I had just made. And I was flying out to the island runway, usually when I test a new plane I take it to the island runway, land, and return to the KSC. And the plane was doing quite well. I was halfway back to the KSC and descending slightly from 15km. Suddenly, my plane stalled, went into a weird dive where it stayed flat and spun in circles. I was able to regain control at about 1km, but as I started to pull up the wings fell off and I crashed into the ocean. Any thoughts on what may have happened? I was at the same speed that I had been for the whole flight when I began to randomly stall, and my engines were working fine. I still had about 400 liquid fuel left in my tanks.
  14. So, this is kind of just a thread about one of my missions and its motives. I have been playing a career game for a while, and suddenly I realized something: Jeb was missing! In all of my manned launches, my ship was flown by Valentina or some other random pilot. So I did some solar system digging and realized that Jeb was on the moon. In a lander. With no fuel. Guess I forgot that when I took a 3 month break from KSP. So I hastily threw together a rescue rocket. I'll post more as I go along.