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  1. I was interested in it for a while, but it kept getting delayed, so I stopped tracking it. Then I found it in a Half Price Books store and picked it up. I think it's actually pretty good, and interesting. The principal problem, of course, is that KSP was still (is still) in flux/development, both with the core game and particularly the mods, so that there's a significant risk guarantee of instant obsolescence.
  2. Sorta. I've tried FF, but it's not exactly what I'm thinking of... more along the lines of making the Astronaut Complex a place to go to learn about and further manage the Kerbonauts... I mean, it's nice to think they have a place to play Ping-Pong, but it seems to me there's room for some more functionality there. Just blue-skying... perhaps an ability to sort by last-flown, by most-experienced... filter by profession, perhaps.
  3. I am curious as to whether anyone has done a mod that increases the information available in the Astronaut Complex... say, provides an individual mission history for each active Kerbal, or something of that nature? I've tried to search the forums, but perhaps the search terms I've been using aren't specific enough to get me a useful result...
  4. I vote to go ahead and release. I still haven't seen any issues using the most recent KCT dev build with KSP 1.3.
  5. Running the most recent dev build with 1.3; all nominal so far.
  6. Yeah, that's usually when I'm trying to close down-- either my eyelids are beginning to close on their own, or I'm uncomfortably aware that I'll need to be up early in the morning (usually for work or something trivial like that...) I'll remember Alt-F4 if I need it; thanks!
  7. On the order of 10-12 minutes. The shutdown process probably takes about that, too. Neither is my favorite part of the process, but it's either deal with that or pony up the bucks for a new and more capable computer-- which I'll have to do at some point, but that point is not going to be right now.
  8. I've experienced the same thing on my own low-end system. The main thing I have to watch out for is using mods that load too many/too big textures, I think-- that seems to have a noticeable impact. But my CTDs have been nearly eliminated.
  9. A busy weekend! In a good way. A new crew was rotated up to the Orbital Workshop to continue running experiments; Harkhuf 1 and 2 are on their way to Moho and passed out of Kerbin's SOI; the 'Rosetta' probe successfully docked with/landed on asteroid BRT-215 as it made a Kerbin-grazing pass (at 77km altitude!), and the asteroid was named Hanlie after a brave Kerbal who gave his life for the space program. The new 'Wedjat' space telescope successfully imaged Dres and several moons of Jool before turning its attention farther outward, toward some galactic nebulae. Horus 8 is scheduled for launch soon to check out an anomaly on the Mun.
  10. That's one of the great things about KSP-- it doesn't limit you to one "correct" style of play. I fall very naturally into spreadsheets and project-planning, for instance, so that feels comfortable to me. But I know others would rather fly a plane (or a spaceplane) and would just as soon leave the project planning abstracted. KSP allows both approaches (and more)...
  11. The very first campaign I played, I opted for a 'science' campaign, to introduce/familiarize myself with KSP in easier chunks-- I was overwhelmed at first by all the possibilities in the VAB and reasoned that by limiting it by tech level, I could progress and learn through all the parts in a fairly logical stepwise progression. It worked for me. The next campaign (I tend to restart campaigns with every new KSP version, so there have been a string of them), I went with the full-up Career mode, contracts and all. I was most concerned with "what can I do with what I know now?" and such. It tended to be haphazard. By my third campaign, I had developed a sequence patterned (perhaps inevitably) after the historical US space program. This time around, I'm doing things a bit differently. I decided that my goal was to land a Kerbal on Duna (which I have never managed to do before), and I put things together like a project plan, with subprojects and dependencies all organized around that specific goal. I identified four primary effort-pathways that would need to be followed to attain my goal: Establish a communications network to support each successive phase of the program. This encompassed planned upgrades of the Tracking Station and a planned network of increasingly-capable commsats, culminating in a network with interplanetary support range. Establish a refuelling station at Minmus. This encompassed the probe and Kerbal exploration of Minmus, the identification of sites with good Ore levels, and the development of mining/refining systems. Develop a long-term space habitat. This included early space stations in LKO, and is intended to result in both an orbital refuelling station in Minmus orbit teamed with the mining surface base, and also the design of an interplanetary-capable habitat to serve as the basis for a Duna spacecraft, as well as the development of heavy-lift capabilities. Preliminary reconnaissance of Duna, starting with flyby probes, to identify prospective landing sites. Each of these pathways has subsidiary goals and steps, and they interlink to some extent. So far, so good; I am presently nearing completion of project 1 (comm network), have identified a mining location on Minmus and landed Kerbals there and am designing a surface base, am operating a basic Kerbin orbit space station somewhat akin to Skylab or the early Salyuts, and am waiting for a good transfer window to send a couple of probes to Duna. I'm not absolutely limiting myself to the lined-out pathway; for instance, I have used the Duna probe design for Moho and Eve probes, and have already sent the Moho probes on their way, and I have done a set of landings on Mun as well as Minmus. But I find the project-management-oriented approach is keeping me on track.
  12. Mph. I was starting to have additional trouble, like a Kerbal I'd new-hired from the AC "refusing to work" the first time he went above 25km on his very first mission. For the time being, I've simply turned off the "hab" portion of USI-LS.
  13. My save file is over 6 meg... you sure I should post the whole thing?
  14. Sure. Does he need the whole savefile? I presume you mean the most recent .sfs?
  15. I may be overlooking it, but is there an indicator somewhere of how long a Kerbonaut needs to R&R at KSC after coming home in a homesick state? I apparently relaunched a couple of Kerbals I didn't realize were still suffering from homesick effects... I looked at the Crew Rotation mod to see if that would help, but linuxgurugamer's notes indicate that it's probably not compatible with Kerbal Construction Time, which is a key element for me. Where can I see who's actually ready and rarin' to return to space and who needs a bit more downtime?