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  1. Gonna ignore my desires to argue and correct everything above the edit, as it seems a lot of it is miscommunication on both ends and I don't want to derail the thread. That's not a bad idea.
  2. TL;DR: Arguing ATEC's idea shouldn't be a mobile app because it could be done on a browser is like saying KSP shouldn't be a downloaded application because it could be done on a browser. And it probably could, it runs on unity, and plenty of web games run on unity. As something of an aside, I'm curious why so many feel the need to say this shouldn't be done now/SQUAD should focus on other things when something is suggested without any mention or implication that it should be an immediate concern.
  3. I like to believe they took a path to development that just didn't require significant road infrastructure.
  4. This is actually my plan for curing my burn out, oddly enough. A lot of KSP, especially long distance travel, is waiting. Roving around can be fun, assuming roving actually requires constant attention, instead of Alt+W and correcting every 15-30 minutes, I even roved for 2 hours because I landed by the wrong mountain on Arkas and enjoyed it because the dunes demanded full attention. This is why I'll never use Mechjeb, because then KSP would just turn into waiting and watching. If I wanted to do that I'd have saved myself the trouble of buying KSP and just watched Scott Manley's Interstellar Quest.
  5. Wouldn't that leave out consoles? Outside of having a laptop or tablet that can behave like a laptop, this wouldn't really work for console players. Even then that loses the convenience on PC, doubly so for those who play fullscreen. Why would I bother opening a webpage to access an in-game function while I'm playing the game? In fact, why would you bother with a website at all? A website would need an internet connection to function, which might not be happy for the servers, and would mean those who play KSP without consistent/constant internet connection wouldn't be able to make use of it. You'd be better of making a program that's downloaded for the function, so constant internet connection isn't required. But if you've developed such a program, may as well port it to be a mobile app since it would work for console and PC, and save them the trouble of switching screens. I personally think an app is a great idea, since its basically Fallout's Pipboy app, but for KSP. And with considerably less sibling trolling potential.
  6. Clicked this thread thinking it was about making the runway not a true flat so idle planes wouldn't roll down the runway. Anyway, I do think this would be interesting to see, however not for KSC, partly because we have more than enough runway there to smash as it is.
  7. I'd get a kick out of it.
  8. Recoupler and Editor Extensions.
  9. Oh that's not the ascent vehicle, that's the capture vehicle. The ascent vehicle had a max apoapsis of 125km, although I was aiming for the capture vehicle's initial 96km orbit when I launched. I decide to roll with the not-so-optimal timing and plotted the most direct intercept course, which happened to take the capture vehicle through the atmosphere, and (I didn't notice until you pointed it out) apparently an escape trajectory.
  10. Here's my entry. what @Hypercosmic said is more or less correct, however it does matter how you launch. If you go for a rather flat trajectory (which I did) you may find yourself a little behind the target. I myself ended up having to take a shortcut through the atmosphere and only caught the pod just before reentry. Had I left room in the rescue vessel's pod, a spacewalk probably would've been faster (and been easier).
  11. I'll give this a shot. I've not got much else to do right now anyway.
  12. I'd hate to be the Kerbal assigned to babysitting a relay. I mean yeah, you could probably go a whole career without transmitting science, but what if you just don't like that one guy? At least he'd have good internet.
  13. That is pretty awesome.
  14. Something I've planned into rockets before, was being reused after being dumped in orbit. Particularly I did it with shuttle tanks, or large center stacks that made it to a stable orbit. I'd put docking ports on them so they could be easily grabbed, tugged around, and refilled. I didn't have any particular plans for most of them, but the idea was that asteroid wranglers, large interplanetary vessels, and refueling stations would be able to make use of them whenever I need it since it'd already be in space. Unfortunately, I never got to extensively try any of this because my hard drive died before I ever got any missions underway to make use of it. But, now that my computer lives again I'll once more have an opportunity to try it. Have you ever tried, or do you not think its worth the time and effort?
  15. Well, hopefully I continue to entertain with... Goofening 2: The Sequel This was a tug intended to move the rover from its spot in orbit to a transport ship and join them in holy matrimony with lots of bolts. My spidey sense tells me this is going to be a trilogy My spidey sense was wrong. Here's Trajectories making modern art though.