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  1. You reckon Elon plays stock or with Realism Overhaul?
  2. If you're unsure why rovers flip, keep in mind that 30m/s is 67mph (108kph). You are moving at highway speeds in a rather off-road environment, and in low gravity situations like Duna or the Mun, that only exaggerates every little bump.
  3. I always imagine a fleet of something. Usually large trucks or boats, but occasionally airships for the rather rare mountaintop landing.
  4. I'm well over 20+. Easily the 70-80 range.
  5. I got 2. Stock enough (Kerbal Engineer, and Editor Extensions), and modded to the Kraken's doorstep.
  6. I do not use nose ports enough to rely on the just the engines. That's not to say I haven't, but its quite the ordeal trying to snipe dock with an off-center belly port from 300 meters away.
  7. Sorry guys, I might have to drop out of this.
  8. Can we not? This line of discussion will only turn into a fecal festival. If you don't like it just silently protest by backing up your install every update.
  9. And bigger nuclear engines.
  10. I do use the monoprop in them, but that's because I have a mod makes EVA fuel use a ship's monopropellant. Otherwise, eh. I don't really go out of my way to make use of a pod's monopropellant, but my fleet's backbone is Kerbal powered so sometimes I'm glad to have it.
  11. Sounds fun. I have diddly in stock warfare experience, but it sounds fun. I'd be interested in participating all the same cause why not. One question: is Kerbal Engineer okay? All it does is add displays for deltaV and whatnot, doesn't add parts or autopilots, and won't mess with save or craft files.
  12. Seems like a perfect 50/50 with the community. Sandbox player myself. Just like being able to send up whatever.