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  1. I couldn't count all the times I've stranded a kerbal in solar orbit, or lost them because I underestimated how much thrust the lander needed. Or kerbals left stranded on the Mun because they didn't have the fuel (or twr) to leave, or actually did leave but incinerated on the way home. Heck, just the other day I sent something away almost for nothing because I forgot to plan out the core part of the mission (building a base on-site via mod ISRU construction) ahead of time. And then realized I didn't have any competent antennae on the thing so had to follow up with a long range relay. More than I'd like to admit, my DeltaV fell a few hundred m/s short and I covered it with cheats. I felt bad every time, but I took upon the task to make sure that I wouldn't need the cheats. Its okay to not know how to space, but its not okay to do something you don't like doing. If cheating isn't fun for you then you shouldn't do it. Look up tutorials, ask for tips, heck download mods (Kerbal Engineering Redux and Astrogator, or use Mechjeb) if that fits your fancy. If you aren't having fun with how you play, there's plenty out there to help you learn so you can have fun.
  2. By way of mods, there's KIS/KAS as @nascarlaser1 said. Alternatively you could use Infernal Robotics to lift/level the rover, or just move the docking port itself, without needing to have a kerbal get out. There's also Flexible Docking Ports which add flexible docking ports to better facilitate surface docking. If you don't want to use mods, maybe you could experiment with using landing gear to lift the rover. To maybe make it easier you could have a top mounted port on the rover with a down-facing port on the base. That way the rover could just slam itself into the port without having to worry too much about vertical accuracy. I've not tried this myself since I use mods, but I reckon it could work.
  3. An Elon that makes cans.
  4. I had a Harm Kerman in a BDArmory install once. She was a heck of a pilot.
  5. Chucked this at Sarnus, where it will later land on Eeloo and build a base. The thing is totally unmanned, and will have to build a base, bit by bit (via Simple Construction), until said base can reproduce under its own power. Once the base base advances enough, the rover will recycle itself into the base, and the base will build ships to hunt for Karborundum. However I almost put myself through a 25 minute burn for nothing, because it didn't occur to me to design the base modules beforehand, and had to struggle to make useful base modules under a 600 rocketpart limit. I managed it for the most part, but had to make a robotics arm to link the base to the rover because all of the science labs (which Simple Construction uses to make rocketparts) are too expensive for the aforementioned rocketpart limit.
  6. kerneloid
  7. Mostly engineer. However I often find myself wingin' it when it comes to my creations.
  8. Docked tugboat of sorts to my space station. Didn't take too many pictures of it though. This just felt ominous. With the night side of Kerbin being the backdrop it was just a dimly lit orange tank in a sea of black. This just felt too awesome to not take a screenshot of.
  9. Mechwarrior Online and KSP (KerbalWarrior? MechKerbal?). Can't solidly formulate an idea of what this'd be like, but it all sounds entertaining.
  10. That skybox is amazing, where can I find it?
  11. Decided to do my first ever first person docking with a docking port that wasn't on the nose. The ship was sent up there to pull off all the now unnecessary radial equipment (rcs, redundant antennae, radial batteries) since the station is one piece instead of several.
  12. I'm a little bit of option 2 and a little bit of option 7. I've not been everywhere but got bored because I couldn't do the things I wanted. Space is hard and its super easy to just never leave Kerbin, especially when you realize that's its the prettiest of the planets, and the most fun to idly mess about. Those can be disabled by removing the citylights.dll from the EVE folder. Same can be done with celestial shadows (CelestialShadows.dll), which I would also recommend. It looks cool seeing the Mun eclipsed from orbit, but then you get down on the surface and find yourself in an inky black void where no illumination can find you.
  13. Put together a new computer and launched a part heavy mission to Arkas in celebration (and to test the power of the computer).
  14. Gonna ignore my desires to argue and correct everything above the edit, as it seems a lot of it is miscommunication on both ends and I don't want to derail the thread. That's not a bad idea.
  15. TL;DR: Arguing ATEC's idea shouldn't be a mobile app because it could be done on a browser is like saying KSP shouldn't be a downloaded application because it could be done on a browser. And it probably could, it runs on unity, and plenty of web games run on unity. As something of an aside, I'm curious why so many feel the need to say this shouldn't be done now/SQUAD should focus on other things when something is suggested without any mention or implication that it should be an immediate concern.