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  1. I'd hate to be the Kerbal assigned to babysitting a relay. I mean yeah, you could probably go a whole career without transmitting science, but what if you just don't like that one guy? At least he'd have good internet.
  2. That is pretty awesome.
  3. Something I've planned into rockets before, was being reused after being dumped in orbit. Particularly I did it with shuttle tanks, or large center stacks that made it to a stable orbit. I'd put docking ports on them so they could be easily grabbed, tugged around, and refilled. I didn't have any particular plans for most of them, but the idea was that asteroid wranglers, large interplanetary vessels, and refueling stations would be able to make use of them whenever I need it since it'd already be in space. Unfortunately, I never got to extensively try any of this because my hard drive died before I ever got any missions underway to make use of it. But, now that my computer lives again I'll once more have an opportunity to try it. Have you ever tried, or do you not think its worth the time and effort?
  4. Well, hopefully I continue to entertain with... Goofening 2: The Sequel This was a tug intended to move the rover from its spot in orbit to a transport ship and join them in holy matrimony with lots of bolts. My spidey sense tells me this is going to be a trilogy My spidey sense was wrong. Here's Trajectories making modern art though.
  5. Testing a launcher for a rover. Steered too hard and drag did the rest. Staged for giggles.
  6. Landed the crew tank with the rovers and loaded them up. Driving to a probe landed at what would be a good place to build a base. Taking rad jumps the whole way. Mun night sucks for screenshots, but makes the drive more fun.
  7. All mods are fine, except cheat mods and autopilots since this is a pilot skill kinda challenge.
  8. I figured that doing this would mean an overhaul of how the game loads anyway.
  9. It shouldn't be expressed as all that the game is, but it shouldn't be shunned either. When you first started, how many craft collapsed because they didn't have enough struts, or was unstable and flipped? How many Kerbals were left stranded in solar orbit because of a botched Mun mission? Failure and absurd rocketry is as much a part of the KSP experience as anything else.
  10. Landed 2 rovers in the Polar Crater on the Mun. Gonna send up a crew tank and fill them with Kerbals before sending them on their duties. Just the start of rebuilding a space empire lost with my old hard drive.
  11. This was inspired by a rover I sent to the Mun, which was built to land nose down. Due a shortage of fuel on the transfer stage, and over-engineering of the landing stage, the rover had to finish the maneuver by looking retrograde to burn prograde, and looking prograde to burn retrograde to capture at the Mun. The challenge is to do a land and return mission to any celestial body of your choosing, but the twist is that the control point must be backwards. Rules Launches and landings must be done with the command pod/probe core facing down. At no point can you switch to a control point (pods/probes/docking ports) that faces forward. The point is for burns to be made while looking the wrong way. Engines, as well as the rest of the rocket can be placed normally. It's only the pod that needs to be backwards. Mods are allowed, with the exception of cheat mods and autopilots. Not sure if autopilots would even know what to do, but what this is still a pilot skill challenge. My submission:
  12. I'm not even sure this is possible in vanilla. Jool doesn't have oxygen, and I don't think the pressure at 1km would allow rockets to have any appreciable thrust. Heck, Kerbals almost float at that altitude.
  13. Here's some: Prefix: Ar Ara Aro Ari Aru Am Ama Amo Ami Amu Medo Meda Medi Medu Nap Grun Pac Paca Paci Paco Pacu Alt Alta Alti Altu Tov Tova Tovi Tovo Tovu Sur Suro Sura Suri Suru Surr Surra Surro Surri Ouref Nia Nio Niap Hil Hilu Hila Hili Aur Suffix Has Zi Ricas Paj Kas Klip Pon Cine Ne Nna Ai Rai Lon Lons Llon Verrin Rin Kon Nerk Terk Mic Nic Nno Nni Para Poro Pun Pin Lili Roi Noi Koi Best I can manage for now, might conjure some more when I'm less plagued by tired brain.
  14. Go to the KSP directory, in there you should see something along the lines of KSP_x64.exe. Make a shortcut from that.
  15. And the other one is supposed to spit fire. If both ends are on fire you have problems.