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  1. @TheSpacePotato
  2. which texture?
  3. about the kopernicus update?
  4. mentioned it at page 1
  5. Voon and Laho
  6. not yet - it works but I want special unique values for every planet. @Calvin_Maclure That signature of yours is so awesome! where did you get it?!
  7. Tbh I've NEVER encountered this bug in the 2 years i'm working on kss. The only thing I can think of is that there is a mod that breaks the orbits ... I develop kss only with hyperedit installed.
  8. hahaha genius!
  9. I have never issues with KSS I can read
  10. Without logs or screenshots to prove it. i can't fix anything.
  11. is this about KSS? because accept from the ksc sunrise bug (which is something that happens after moving kerbin around another star), these bugs don't occur with KSS anymore. And next time you want to report an issue, add logs or evidence of this issue.
  12. True