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  1. 0.7 will be compatible with 1.3. I'm not going to make 0.6 compatible. It will only slow the progress to 0.7 down.
  2. It will be explained soon
  3. 8 for basic KSS, 16 for full.
  4. Don't use kopernicus ring shadows. It will be fixed in the future.
  5. @DAMAN2U1 I dont see, "compatible with Dmagic Orbital Science Mod" on page 1.
  6. New Horizons
  7. Solar panels should work in 1.2.2. You used the link to the right kopernicus version? ( on page 1 )
  8. Hahaha maybe a good idea to make the energy requirements a little higher.
  9. They're just bigger versions of the stock antennas, capable of transmitting to all the star systems (except around The All). I'll add a list, when I release the next update.
  10. @AndrewDrawsPrettyPictures There is a bug from scatterer when you increase the screenshot's size ( i use Screenshot_Supersize = 4) - the sunflares do no longer appear. That's why you can see the sunspots normally they're only a little visible. Thx for your solutions, going to check them out!
  11. Approaching Irke Landing on Irke Anyone who knows how to get rid of the blue reflection in the ocean?
  12. Good idea
  13. Didn't know that!
  14. Maybe the scatterer shadows and the EVE shadows conflict? I use both on all celestials - with atmo or not.