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  1. It's a little unclear in the rules : are unlock all and infinite money enabled or disabled?
  2. The new mini-dlc looks nice. Thank you paradox for your incredibly addictive games! (Seriously though Paradox games are addictive, I have over 1500 hours logged in EU4 alone)
  3. I don't that will happen anytime some because if we don't already we could easily add the "full 25" or "81 tiles" mods
  4. Okay cool! When do you plan on opening it up for new people?
  5. I'm extremely intersted in this! Count me in when you expand this. I can't play until next Wenesday though. (I'm on spring break so I'm in Boston) But count me in!
  6. totm

    Me too. British English (I may be native born American but it's spelled colour not color!), Morse code, a fair amount of Mandarin Chinese and Latin. a pinch of Russian (I know the Cyrillic alphabet though), and taking German! Edit: Oh, and the Treble Clef!
  7. The Secret Lie of Walter Mitty. A thrilling action movie about a spy named Walter.
  8. When you manged to get several friends to play KSP. When instead of selling your old computers you set it up to run folding@home 24/7.
  9. I build my own planet with a massive aerospace forse and offer to meet with @DarkOwl57. He agrees the our governments would be stronger together. Our Federation.
  10. That's because the iceberg melted in your soup. Waiter there is portal in my soup!
  11. I leave and build my own hill far beyond The Great Attractor. My distant hill
  12. Any members of the Osedax Genus They are nasty and cool.
  13. Same. Personally anything by Andrew Lloyd Weber is pretty great.
  14. That and when aword processor when it allows for fine size editing making it 12.5 font size and 2.5 spacing it. Also, The font work looks good! Regarding the names: I think it would be fine to leave it in a Latin alphabet because most would most other languages understand the Latin alphabet. For example Chinese has Pinyin so Chinese would be fine with Latin alphabet names.