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  • Interests I remember when I was a kid I watched the first moon landing on my grandparents big TV, along with my grandpa, who was equally fascinated.
    And I've watched each and every satellite, probe, and rover to go into the solar system since.
    That's why I'm so hooked on this game.... it's like I get to do it all over again, and this time I'm in command... cool!
    I read a lot... probably too much, if that is possible. My favorite authors are Frank Herbert and H.P. Lovecraft.
    I also love studying history... and obviously I'm a huge science fact and fiction fanatic.

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  1. NO!!!! That's not what I meant, and do NOT go there! Not on my thread!
  2. Yeah, Emiko isn't super hardcore sci-fi... it's more like campy, semi-humorous 60's sci-fi. But I'm glad you liked it so far, and I look forward to whatever you come up with! The issue now isn't whether the fusion reactor is clean or not. For the record, it's quite clean. The big problem is the Grand Kerbal is being an unreasonable pain in the butt, and doesn't want to hear it. To her a reactor is a reactor is a reactor.... and they're all dangerous. Clean or not, she's being really stubborn, and wants it off of her planet.
  3. It's a known bug with asteroids... but I've never seen it this bad. I'm guessing it's because Emiko Asteroid is so big.
  4. Everything OK, and you're not far off.... lol. Part of it is real life getting in the way... again. But the big problem is I'm starting the Emiko Station rebuild and I'm having a real hard time because the surface of the asteroid isn't where it seems. In a couple cases, it's nearly 2 meters below the apparent surface, and it's really time consuming and frustrating getting everything to line up straight.
  5. 430 Oh wait... that's the Enterprise...
  6. "Err... Mortimer, about that....." I am SO glad Mort got what was coming before the end! I'm sad to see it end... this was great. But I look forward to your next adventure!
  7. OK... this is soooo off-topic... but there is one other possibility when it comes to cloaks and bloaks... (I apologize @Kuzzter.... lmao.... )
  8. What if the fighter re-bloaked??? "I know it's around here somewhere... thud...."
  9. I don't think so either.... I don't recall a Trek episode where two cloaked ships faced off... but there was a TOS episode where the Enterprise stole a Romulan cloak, and once Scotty got it working the Rommies were just as blind as everyone else to it. So it stand to reason once a ship is bloaked no-one can see it, be they also bloaked or not. Later down the road ways were discovered to detect a cloak... at least partially... but that was in the later series's...
  10. ....with a bloaking device!!! Let's just hope it isn't booby kerbal-trapped...
  11. This is arguably one of the most iconic scenes in all of Dr. Who. And the one that roped me back in. What happened is Dr Who went off the air in 1996, and didn't come back until 2005.... which I was quite skeptical about.... until this episode. This one absolutely sold me, and made me a fan of the revival. But I have to warn you.... most hardcore Dr Who fans will agree, nothing is ever quite as it seems.... and there are usually hints inside of hints.... including mine....
  12. Ready..... Aim...... Extinguish!!!!
  13. Hmmmm... some of the stuff I wanted to do for the next chapter is turning out to be a lot trickier than I first thought...
  14. Awww, thanks you! But seriously, if @SQUAD ever did decide they wanted a story, and by some miracle did ask me, the first thing I would do is reach out to the other authors like @Kuzzter and @CatastrophicFailure and @KSK (and others) and ask if they would want to join in. Then try to make it a really epic story, not as crazy as Emiko Station, but one that really fits the game. But to bring this back on topic... @SQUAD has made no indication they want one, and even if they did, there is no way it would be ready for 1.3
  15. I'd absolutely love volunteer to write it!