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  • Interests I remember when I was a kid I watched the first moon landing on my grandparents big TV, along with my grandpa, who was equally fascinated.
    And I've watched each and every satellite, probe, and rover to go into the solar system since.
    That's why I'm so hooked on this game.... it's like I get to do it all over again, and this time I'm in command... cool!
    I read a lot... probably too much, if that is possible. My favorite authors are Frank Herbert and H.P. Lovecraft.
    I also love studying history... and obviously I'm a huge science fact and fiction fanatic.

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  1. hehehe... OK, this is pretty funny. Thank you! And FYI, I just finished uploading the screenshots... New Chapter tomorrow!
  2. I've been looking around the internet, and so far it looks legit. Not sure if it's going to be in theaters or made for TV, but if it's made for television, then I'm hoping maybe this will be a Halloween event!
  3. I'll put a check in the mail first thing tomorrow... No... you got me, I admit it, I've been making most of this up as I go along. But I was following a general outline... more or less. However, 3 days ago that outline got tossed out the window... So I'm really winging it for now.
  4. I'm a huge fan, but I have to quote River: "Spoilers, sweety!" I haven't caught up on the last few episodes yet... please don't give any more away.
  5. Yes, trust me, this is one of the best series on the forum, and well worth taking the time to start at the beginning!
  6. These are what I'm most impressed with... the legs look very organic, and the curves flow beautifully, which I know is not nearly as easy as it might first seem. VERY well done!!!
  7. maybe... I don't know anymore... One screenshot I did a couple days ago... one stupid screenshot.... totally, completely, 100% changed everything I had planned. And right now I'm not sure what I'm really doing, and more or less making stuff up as I go along.
  8. No..... everyone that completes the challenge gets one. It's just sometimes @Badie will make a special badge for most original, or most likes, or something like that.
  9. Oh, to bring this back on-topic, I have just about all the screenshots I need for the next chapter. Just need to sort and photoshop and all that. Here's a teaser screenshot I did this morning for anyone that's interested:
  10. I have no idea! In fact, the grey one found me! Literally! Came running up to me, meowing it's head off, then ran over to his brother. I would have never found him otherwise. He quite literally saved his brothers life. And we just scooped them up and got them straight to a vet that was still open.
  11. Yup, I've foiled your devious plans....
  12. I'm finding it hard to believe anyone would do this on purpose either. At least without a really, really good reason. I've been on this forum for quite a while, and I've never seen any kind of malicious behavior on the part of the moderators. However... accidents happen, and forums sometimes crash... so I've taken the precaution of backing up all my Emiko Station story.... and I'd recommend any other writers, or mod-makers, or anyone with a lot of time invested on here to back up your work... it never hurts.
  13. Awesome! If @Badie says it's OK, my Cthulhu badge is all yours!
  14. Invader Zim: The Movie.... Yes. I've heard rumors, but I've been keeping my mouth shut until I had more confirmation. The only thing I know so far is the original 4 voice-actors for Zim, Gir, Dib, and Gaz are all supposed to be returning! I just hope they keep it as close to the original as possible. Prepare for your hideous DOOM!!! hehehehehe