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  1. Yup! You're right! I could hear the voice, but I couldn't quite place the face...
  2. For some reason I'm thinking this may have been a Gandalf quote...
  3. Introduction: Five years into my latest career game, I began tracking an unusually large class-E asteroid. This is the story of what happened next. Although it is really a mission report, I will be writing it in the style of a fan-fiction illustrated novel.... ...and a cheesy 1960's science-fiction adventure. Enjoy! Table of Contents: Chapter 1 - Is This The End? Chapter 2 - Harfield and Jandolin Chapter 3 - A Brief Pause... for Espionage Chapter 4 - The Chariot Chapter 5 - Chariot to the Mun Chapter 6 - Disaster at Home Chapter 7 - Code 7 Chapter 8 - Mun Tag Chapter 9 - Armageddon Chapter 10 - Abduction Chapter 11 - Aftermath Chapter 12 - Visitors and Ghosts Chapter 13 - Piper's Tale Chapter 14 - Thompberry Kerman and the Tower of Power Chapter 15 - Flyover Chapter 16 - Spy vs. Spy Chapter 17 - The Voice Chapter 18 - The Crossing Chapter 19 - The Saucer Chapter 20 - Alpha-77 Chapter 21 - The Zaltonic Space Center Chapter 22 - The Great Race Chapter 23 - My Name is PIPER!!! Chapter 24 - The Fall of Thompberry Kerman Chapter 25 - Questions Chapter 26 - A Brief Intermission Chapter 27 - The Ultimate Challenge Chapter 28 - Plans within Plans Chapter 29 - The Doodlebug Chapter 30 - She Speaks To... What??? Chapter 31 - The Darkening Chapter 32 - More Plans within Plans Chapter 33 - Space Pirates Chapter 34 - Emiko Tower Chapter 35 - Chariot Into Darkness Chapter 36 - Duna Runaway Chapter 37 - The Vision Chapter 38 - The Pit of the Kraken Chapter 39 - The Darkness Falls Chapter 40 - Thompberry Station Chapter 41 - The Mystery of the Monoliths Chapter 42 - Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun Chapter 43 - Where the Heart Is Chapter 44 - Munquake!!! Chapter 45 - The Nightmare Chapter 46 - Eve Chapter 47 - The Northern Munolith Chapter 48 - Frannie's Epiphany Chapter 49 - Dresperation Chapter 50 - A Ghost of the Past Chapter 51 - Broken Chapter 52 - The Darkest Side of the Mun Chapter 53 - Prelude to a Backstory Chapter 54 - Emiko's Tale - Part 1 Chapter 55 - Emiko's Magical Mystery Tour Chapter 56 - Back to Reality... Sort of Chapter 57 - Halo Jumping Chapter 58 - Homecoming Chapter 59 - Afterlife Chapter 60 - The Vanishing Chapter 61 - Sins of the Father Chapter 62 - All Roads Lead to Emiko Chapter 63 - Zombie Chapter 64 - In The Dark Chapter 65 - Until Death Do Us Part... Chapter 66 - Welcome to Belladonna Cove Chapter 67 - Emiko's Tale: Grilled Cheese and Monsters Chapter 68 - Emiko's Tale: Happy Halloween Chapter 69 - Screaming In The Night Chapter 70 - Ghosts In the Machine Chapter 71 - My Best Friend Chapter 72 - The Looking Glass Chapter 73 - Can't Find My Way Home Chapter 74 - Pandora Chapter 75 - Karn Evil Chapter 76 - Pandora's Box Chapter 77 - Destiny Chapter 78 - Blinded by the Light Chapter 79 - Terror at 20,000 Kilometers (more or less...) Chapter 80 - Annabel Lee Chapter 81 - The Fall of Zaltonic Electronics Chapter 82 - Emiko's Backstory - Rise of the Un-Poofed Chapter 83 - Emiko's Backstory - The Outsiders
  4. This just made my whole day!!!!
  5. What do ya know.... Rod Serling was right.
  6. I'm sorry, he's currently busy killing off a character or two... Is @Badie in the house yet?
  7. OK, my daughter just sent me this link... I read this when I was 12!!! I don't know about y'all... but I think I'm pumped for this one!
  8. There are actually a bunch of similarities with what I'm doing with my Emiko Station story... and I would gladly explain what's happening, but I can't really get into detail without giving the movie away. That creeped me out a lot.... it was so "perfect"....
  9. I know... but I agree with @DualDesertEagle... this should have been done a week ago, and it's frustrating having to stop for the weather every afternoon. But this happens here every year, and I'm betting if I went back a year on this thread I'd find myself grumbling about then, too... lol. The good thing is it's given me time to flesh out some little details.
  10. ability: Sarge Bill Bob Valentina Jebediah Dilsby Tedus Clauselle Melbe Kenlie Lisa Nimzo cuteness: Lisa Kenlie Clauselle Melbe Nimzo Sarge Valentina Jebediah Dilsby Bill Bob Tedus
  11. Yeah.... sorry. It's mostly the rain, and the afternoon T-storms. If I were to add it all up, I've lost probably 5-6 days since the last chapter because of having to shut everything down. And I had to re-write some of it to make everything tie together. So where I'm at right now is all the new KSP/KSC briefing room screenshots are done. The new set for the next chapter (the Fishhead Hotel) is finally rebuilt to what I need. The new characters, hotel staff and all that, are done. Special new guest appearance character is also done: I'm hoping to get most, if not all, of the remaining screenshots done today... if the weather behaves. From there it's just a day or two to sort, upload and write it up.
  12. yeah, I saw that coming... figure if I mention the name now, it'll get it out of everyone's system...
  13. I worry about this "infodumping" a lot, especially in long chapters. Mostly because, to be totally honest, I'm never really sure what I'm doing... lol.... I change things so often and fast I'm not sure myself what's going happen down the road... so I don't want to lock myself in by saying too much too soon... does that make sense?
  14. I'm with both of you on this.... I watched a classic Sherlock Holmes (with Basil Rathbone) a couple weeks ago... and while it was a great movie, it was anything but a real mystery.
  15. Wow... the last two days have been a marathon... and I got a ton of work done! This is going to be a really fun chapter. I can't say much.... but if you think d'Alain's castle was bad... wait until Emiko and Chibi visit...
  16. Wow... I have to think about this... I have a couple favorites for most cute... it's not that easy.
  17. yeah... if I knew then what I know now....
  18. I liked it, actually. No problem reading it.
  19. One thing I've found myself doing a lot lately is going back and re-reading Emiko before each new chapter to try and make sure I'm not accidentally turning someone or something I wrote earlier unreliable. It's actually quite easy to forget some detail I wrote 30 chapters ago, and write something new that totally contradicts it.
  20. Yeah, I know that couldn't have been easy... nicely done!
  21. Wow... It would have been fun, but this was before my time. Amazingly enough, and a little off-topic, but this was held on July 20-24, 2015... and I joined this forum on the last day, July 24, 2015.
  22. Hey everyone, a couple weeks ago our good friend @Badie from Squad started a "Weekly Challenge", which seems to have attracted quite a lot of attention, and is off to an excellent start. And after talking to her a little about it, I thought it might be a nice idea to start a thread with suggestions for future challenges, so she isn't stuck trying to do it all herself. The rules for your challenge suggestion are up to you, but please bear in mind these weekly challenges are just for fun, and a chance to show off some of your wilder KSP creations and/or moments. They aren't meant to be as difficult or strict as "official" challenges, so to speak, and with maybe an exception here and there, not the kind of challenge you would do to earn a badge. So I'll go first with a suggestion I pm'd @Badie a couple days ago concerning the new green meanie monoliths recently added into the game. Turns out they're randomly generated anywhere on a planet or moon, and will never appear twice in the same place from game to game. So you can't help anyone else, or spoil it for anyone, by posting a screenshot of where you may have found one. Which is my weekly challenge submission. Quite simply, find a green meanie monolith and post a screenshot of it, and maybe the ship and/or rover that located it.... the more unusual the location the better. Now, I leave the floor open to the rest of the forum... what can y'all come up with for a weekly challenge???
  23. That's how I learned most of what I know.
  24. Understood...
  25. I'm actually quite curious about this myself... but in reverse. Is there a list of what words are not allowed? The reason I ask is because of writing Emiko Station I've encountered words you can't write... not just swear words. The one that immediately comes to mind is the 4-letter N-word for some Germans in WW2... paraphrasing.... Now I'm not sure I'd use it or not... I don't really have a reason... but I'm definitely not going to if the forum is going to auto-correct it into something else. But this makes me wonder what else I should avoid.... which is why I'm asking.