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  1. Took a second, but I get it....
  2. Cool... I was wondering about this
  3. Maybe... I honestly don't know. But I do know that "Abandon Ship" is the one order some senior bridge crew have been known to ignore... And if they did, I believe Mr. Sulu... excuse me... George Kerman... would be the first to strap himself and yell, "With all due respect, we're staying!!!" That's my question... Because honestly, as good friend's as we are, I just can't tell, or even guess, which way @Kuzzter actually went with this...
  4. I did not mean to sound like I was running Hannah down... quite the opposite. I've heard some of things she did, like landing a small plane in the last couple weeks of the war inside Berlin while it was surrounded by Russians, I believe on a bombed out road.... and getting back out again in one piece.. that is really amazing no matter who you are. And like @LordFerret pointed out: So I suppose it would be a little hypocritical of me to praise one for their achievements and not the other, despite the.... situation. OK, if I get a pilot named Hannah Kerbin, I will keep her.
  5. I had a feeling that was the case. I imagine y'all were pretty busy the last few days.
  6. I was wrong about saying that... I didn't realize until after that it's still going strong as ever... lol. You are exactly on target... But again, it's only loosely based, and I can guarantee the one thing that won't happen is a campy unmasking at the end. I promise something more... creative...
  7. Introduction: Five years into my latest career game, I began tracking an unusually large class-E asteroid. This is the story of what happened next. Although it is really a mission report, I will be writing it in the style of a fan-fiction illustrated novel.... ...and a cheesy 1960's science-fiction adventure. Enjoy! Table of Contents: Chapter 1 - Is This The End? Chapter 2 - Harfield and Jandolin Chapter 3 - A Brief Pause... for Espionage Chapter 4 - The Chariot Chapter 5 - Chariot to the Mun Chapter 6 - Disaster at Home Chapter 7 - Code 7 Chapter 8 - Mun Tag Chapter 9 - Armageddon Chapter 10 - Abduction Chapter 11 - Aftermath Chapter 12 - Visitors and Ghosts Chapter 13 - Piper's Tale Chapter 14 - Thompberry Kerman and the Tower of Power Chapter 15 - Flyover Chapter 16 - Spy vs. Spy Chapter 17 - The Voice Chapter 18 - The Crossing Chapter 19 - The Saucer Chapter 20 - Alpha-77 Chapter 21 - The Zaltonic Space Center Chapter 22 - The Great Race Chapter 23 - My Name is PIPER!!! Chapter 24 - The Fall of Thompberry Kerman Chapter 25 - Questions Chapter 26 - A Brief Intermission Chapter 27 - The Ultimate Challenge Chapter 28 - Plans within Plans Chapter 29 - The Doodlebug Chapter 30 - She Speaks To... What??? Chapter 31 - The Darkening Chapter 32 - More Plans within Plans Chapter 33 - Space Pirates Chapter 34 - Emiko Tower Chapter 35 - Chariot Into Darkness Chapter 36 - Duna Runaway Chapter 37 - The Vision Chapter 38 - The Pit of the Kraken Chapter 39 - The Darkness Falls Chapter 40 - Thompberry Station Chapter 41 - The Mystery of the Monoliths Chapter 42 - Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun Chapter 43 - Where the Heart Is Chapter 44 - Munquake!!! Chapter 45 - The Nightmare Chapter 46 - Eve Chapter 47 - The Northern Munolith Chapter 48 - Frannie's Epiphany Chapter 49 - Dresperation Chapter 50 - A Ghost of the Past Chapter 51 - Broken Chapter 52 - The Darkest Side of the Mun Chapter 53 - Prelude to a Backstory Chapter 54 - Emiko's Tale - Part 1 Chapter 55 - Emiko's Magical Mystery Tour Chapter 56 - Back to Reality... Sort of Chapter 57 - Halo Jumping Chapter 58 - Homecoming Chapter 59 - Afterlife Chapter 60 - The Vanishing Chapter 61 - Sins of the Father Chapter 62 - All Roads Lead to Emiko Chapter 63 - Zombie Chapter 64 - In The Dark Chapter 65 - Until Death Do Us Part... Chapter 66 - Welcome to Belladonna Cove Chapter 67 - Emiko's Tale: Grilled Cheese and Monsters Chapter 68 - Emiko's Tale: Happy Halloween Chapter 69 - Screaming In The Night Chapter 70 - Ghosts In the Machine Chapter 71 - My Best Friend Chapter 72 - The Looking Glass Chapter 73 - Can't Find My Way Home Chapter 74 - Pandora Chapter 75 - Karn Evil Chapter 76 - Pandora's Box Chapter 77 - Destiny Chapter 78 - Blinded by the Light Chapter 79 - Terror at 20,000 Kilometers (more or less...) Chapter 80 - Annabel Lee Chapter 81 - The Fall of Zaltonic Electronics
  8. I have to agree... and personally, I think it would be an honor to meet any president, current or former, whether I agreed with that persons political view or not. Or for that matter, meeting most any world leader. Like someone or not, you really have to respect the office if nothing else.
  9. yeah..... I guess I set myself up for that one! OK, so the general consensus appears to be it's OK to add a red-headed character, so long as she has curvy fingers and reads Lovecraft??? Weird as it sounds... I can do that... lmao.... OK, the clues I were referring to were Chibi, her teenage friends, her wildly painted van, and the very real possibility of a big dog being added back into the story.... along with some werewolves, zombies, vampires.... aliens.... come on, its easy!!!
  10. Oh, that's right! But that still begs the question, did the bridge crew listen to her evac order, or stay with her... it's happened before....
  11. I don't know..... I've been digging thru past pages, and there are two questions I haven't been able to answer: 1) Did Shirley order the Enterprise to abandon ship? (I'm assuming she did) 2) Did the bridge crew listen? (I'm assuming they didn't) So unless I missed a page somewhere, there could be more than just Shirley that's MIA
  12. I tend to do it for cosmetic effects... simply put, whichever way looks cooler.
  13. I'm not sure... do we still know the ultimate fate of the Enterprise? Yeah, that was what i was thinking... until we know what happened to her we can't say how many were lost....
  14. Oh wow, I suppose I have.... I forgot I wrote that... it was right after chapter 16, and well over a year ago, and to be completely honest, back then I had no idea this would go on for so long... or take so many unexpected twists along the way. I suppose it's too late to turn back now... all bets are off from here on... Carlenna-Kraken has raised the stakes, and we can only cross our fingers and hope our heroes survive the oncoming storm.....
  15. Just did...
  16. Agreed... this was really fun to watch, and more important, listen to... this kid's imagine is great!!!
  17. OK, I have a question... Considering we already have werewolves and zombies and aliens in the backstory, and of course, a brain in a jar in the main saga... does anyone have any big objection to... well.... one of these? Minor Spoiler:
  18. Oh, look at that...... and it's expandable??? I'm wanting this DLC more and more...
  19. Ahhhhh... well, it was a good guess. But I've had rabbits, and I totally understand how it was still a clean cut through the wires! Hope she feels better.
  20. Oh wow,,, that sucks.... and sounds suspiciously like a cat
  21. Hehe, I would definitely use something like this in Emiko Station for a dream sequence going bad... lmao....
  22. Wow... floating away??? I'm assuming it's just one of your mods needs to be updated, but still, that is a really cool but creepy bug! Oh no, I broke reality!!!
  23. I'm thinking the main one should be there, but the other two I mentioned not yet.