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  1. Hey everyone, a couple weeks ago our good friend @Badie from Squad started a "Weekly Challenge", which seems to have attracted quite a lot of attention, and is off to an excellent start. And after talking to her a little about it, I thought it might be a nice idea to start a thread with suggestions for future challenges, so she isn't stuck trying to do it all herself. The rules for your challenge suggestion are up to you, but please bear in mind these weekly challenges are just for fun, and a chance to show off some of your wilder KSP creations and/or moments. They aren't meant to be as difficult or strict as "official" challenges, so to speak, and with maybe an exception here and there, not the kind of challenge you would do to earn a badge. So I'll go first with a suggestion I pm'd @Badie a couple days ago concerning the new green meanie monoliths recently added into the game. Turns out they're randomly generated anywhere on a planet or moon, and will never appear twice in the same place from game to game. So you can't help anyone else, or spoil it for anyone, by posting a screenshot of where you may have found one. Which is my weekly challenge submission. Quite simply, find a green meanie monolith and post a screenshot of it, and maybe the ship and/or rover that located it.... the more unusual the location the better. Now, I leave the floor open to the rest of the forum... what can y'all come up with for a weekly challenge???
  2. Introduction: Five years into my latest career game, I began tracking an unusually large class-E asteroid. This is the story of what happened next. Although it is really a mission report, I will be writing it in the style of a fan-fiction illustrated novel.... ...and a cheesy 1960's science-fiction adventure. Enjoy! Table of Contents: Chapter 1 - Is This The End? Chapter 2 - Harfield and Jandolin Chapter 3 - A Brief Pause... for Espionage Chapter 4 - The Chariot Chapter 5 - Chariot to the Mun Chapter 6 - Disaster at Home Chapter 7 - Code 7 Chapter 8 - Mun Tag Chapter 9 - Armageddon Chapter 10 - Abduction Chapter 11 - Aftermath Chapter 12 - Visitors and Ghosts Chapter 13 - Piper's Tale Chapter 14 - Thompberry Kerman and the Tower of Power Chapter 15 - Flyover Chapter 16 - Spy vs. Spy Chapter 17 - The Voice Chapter 18 - The Crossing Chapter 19 - The Saucer Chapter 20 - Alpha-77 Chapter 21 - The Zaltonic Space Center Chapter 22 - The Great Race Chapter 23 - My Name is PIPER!!! Chapter 24 - The Fall of Thompberry Kerman Chapter 25 - Questions Chapter 26 - A Brief Intermission Chapter 27 - The Ultimate Challenge Chapter 28 - Plans within Plans Chapter 29 - The Doodlebug Chapter 30 - She Speaks To... What??? Chapter 31 - The Darkening Chapter 32 - More Plans within Plans Chapter 33 - Space Pirates Chapter 34 - Emiko Tower Chapter 35 - Chariot Into Darkness Chapter 36 - Duna Runaway Chapter 37 - The Vision Chapter 38 - The Pit of the Kraken Chapter 39 - The Darkness Falls Chapter 40 - Thompberry Station Chapter 41 - The Mystery of the Monoliths Chapter 42 - Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun Chapter 43 - Where the Heart Is Chapter 44 - Munquake!!! Chapter 45 - The Nightmare Chapter 46 - Eve Chapter 47 - The Northern Munolith Chapter 48 - Frannie's Epiphany Chapter 49 - Dresperation Chapter 50 - A Ghost of the Past Chapter 51 - Broken Chapter 52 - The Darkest Side of the Mun Chapter 53 - Prelude to a Backstory Chapter 54 - Emiko's Tale - Part 1 Chapter 55 - Emiko's Magical Mystery Tour Chapter 56 - Back to Reality... Sort of Chapter 57 - Halo Jumping Chapter 58 - Homecoming Chapter 59 - Afterlife Chapter 60 - The Vanishing Chapter 61 - Sins of the Father Chapter 62 - All Roads Lead to Emiko Chapter 63 - Zombie Chapter 64 - In The Dark Chapter 65 - Until Death Do Us Part... Chapter 66 - Welcome to Belladonna Cove Chapter 67 - Emiko's Tale: Grilled Cheese and Monsters Chapter 68 - Emiko's Tale: Happy Halloween Chapter 69 - Screaming In The Night Chapter 70 - Ghosts In the Machine Chapter 71 - My Best Friend Chapter 72 - The Looking Glass Chapter 73 - Can't Find My Way Home Chapter 74 - Pandora Chapter 75 - Karn Evil Chapter 76 - Pandora's Box Chapter 77 - Destiny Chapter 78 - Blinded by the Light Chapter 79 - Terror at 20,000 Kilometers (more or less...)
  3. OK, I just looked that one up, and wow!!! Are they serious? I mean, I'm impressed, but I also realize more than most just how much work they're talking about! I tip my hat to anyone that's able to complete it.
  4. Yes, when you access kerbnet you'll open a little map window. An anomaly will show up as a little question mark on that map. You have to turn and catch them in the light just right... it's more of a very dark green tint than actual green.
  5. I told you before... we cannot confirm or deny anything about a green monolith suddenly appearing out of nowhere on the Moon!!!
  6. OK, this weekend has been great, and I've gotten so much done!!! Most important, I've learned how to do something new, which is always a really good thing. So I promised to get back to finishing the story of Emiko's adventure on Earth... and I will, I promise. But you know me, I can't just sit her down and have her start talking... Oh no... I think this requires something new...
  7. Oh yeah, I'll get video... and it to keep this sort of on-topic, I'll post it on this thread first if that day ever comes....
  8. I will SO do that!!!
  9. Hehe... I grew up in upstate New York, where 24" of snow overnight is just considered a halfway decent storm.... Now I live in Florida, and I've heard it only snowed once here in the last 20 odd years... and a few measly snowflakes locked up the whole town! Man, I wish I had been here to see it, or get to see it again someday... I know this is bad to say... but it would be hilarious to watch!
  10. Ahhh yes, that's right!!! Pardon this old memory...
  11. I should probably also mention "The Butlerian Jihad" is supposed to take place around 13,352 AD... if I did the math right.
  12. Awesome finds, everyone! Hey, don't forget I started a thread to suggest other weekly challenges, if anyone else has an idea for a future one.
  13. Opps.... my bad! I looked thru... not sure how I missed it!
  14. @ZooNamedGames... Well said, nice! I think most everyone here has heard already my story, so I won't get into much detail this time. But in a nutshell, I'm on disability, my back is all screwed up, and even though I'd love to try and find a nice, safe desk job somewhere, several doctors and a judge have permanently benched me, like it or not. This all happened about 8 years ago now... and honestly, the first few years sucked! I tried to find stuff to do, but most of the time I found myself sitting home, bored out of my skull, and making everyone around me crazy. Then this goofy KSP game comes along... and wow... it's not so goofy at all... in fact, it really IS rocket science... and astronomy... and little green astronauts... and building massive space stations.... and everything I really love! Finally, I had something I could get really lost in, and tax my brain to it's max... and best yet... it never really ends!!! On top of that, about a year after I joined this forum I started writing Emiko Station... having no clue what I was really doing... and to my amazement, I find I really like to write! It's really fun, and people are really seeming to like it... and now I have a second thing to keep me busy, and my brain really active, even if I am stuck at home. This game, and this forum, means so much to me... and has really done so much FOR me.... I don't think I really could ever thank @SQUAD properly in just one lifetime.
  15. That is just about the coolest thing I've seen in KSP yet!!!!
  16. WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!
  17. I don't remember off-hand if they actually showed it in the series or not, but I think @StinkyAce is right, land and dock on the water would probably be easiest. I'm not surprised its hard.... the model (and your work) itself is beautiful, but I have to wonder if it would be aerodynamic or just another pretty plane that flies like a bus...
  18. Awesome chapter... but I think this was my favorite line.... What a great way to get around rule 2.2b...
  19. My big concern would be if they find something alive on Titan. I know it seems far-fetched, but I've heard several times lately from prominent scientists there might be a slight chance of finding some sort of life form... albeit really, really primitive and strange, on Titan. If this does turn out to be true, then hands off... we stay away from Titan, or anywhere else we might find some life form (like Encelidus or Europa).
  20. It could still happen.... dun dun dunnnn.... Thompberry is based on two things. The first is a passage from Lovecraft's "Whisperer in Darkness", which described how super advanced aliens had the surgical skill to safely remove a human brain and preserve it in a canister, etc... The second is something from "Dune: The Butlerian Jihad" (Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson), called a cymek. A cymek is also a brain pod, so to speak, but in this case, that brain pod can be attached to just about any mechanical device: a transport... a small walker... a huge armored walker... a star-ship.... you name it. And when it's connected, the brain can "feel" what it's attached to, much like a body... and control it just as fast as a body..... and this is what makes it so unbelievably deadly!
  21. Wow... amazing precision. And that last shot was so beautifully Kerbal! That was fun!
  22. Wow... Scott would definitely put a really..... interesting.... spin on things... lmao.....
  23. I'm surprised to not see this one yet: Betelgeuse I know most of us here know this, but I've heard people who aren't into astronomy really butcher it the first time the try to pronounce it.