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  1. That is how my initial thinking was. But to me, I'm not going to force the player. I prefer to play semi realistic, but I know the way everyone plays is very different. If someone wants to send their single seat SSTO to go flyby Duna, who am I to tell them otherwise?
  2. Can you start unmanned before manned with the Engineering Tech Tree?
  3. VERSION UPDATE to 0.2 Drastically modified all contract payout values Changed most crewed missions to only require a minimum of 1 crew Changed how the Space Station contracts chose the vessel to target Fixed type errors for some of the contracts Removed the need to launch a new vessel for all of the uncrewed flyby and landing missions Thank you for the continued play-testing and keep reporting in!
  4. @ValynEritai It is stable enough, it won't break anything, but there are some things that are still getting worked out. So the way that it pulls the planetary data is definitely causing some issues with Sigma Binary. Essentially what the pack does is to find Jupiter / Jool, it searches for the first gas giant that is further away from the Sun than Kerbin / Earth. With Sigma Binary installed, it cannot find what it is looking for. I have been looking into different ways to try and get a listing of the planets, but I haven't found a good strategy yet. Unfortunately, this will not work with Sigma Binary for the time being. For all the crewed missions, I will probably change the requirement to only one crew. To me it is not realistic to send one person to Duna or even the Mun alone, but I am not the one playing the game. I can play it how I want to, I will not force the player. I will make the change to only require at least 1 crew. That way the player can have the option of fulfilling the contract how they prefer. Thank you all for your continued testing and feedback!
  5. Don't focus too much on reading the documentation. Use the Contract Packs that have already been made and find the ones that accomplish what you are trying to accomplish. Then, use Contract Configurator documentation (the best documentation of any mod in KSP, well maybe kOS as well) to extend or change what you want.
  6. That was going to be my plan, but I wasn't planning on too many ESA missions (basically only what is in the pack now). I had the idea of creating an ETS Timeline as well. I haven't had enough time to go throught all of ETS to determine exactly what the missions would be.
  7. No, this is the correct place to post! I am glad you are enjoying the missions! I had never considered the Root Part not being returned. What the contract does is it checks to see if the craft safely returns to the planet. I have slightly modified the code so that it should check off the parameter and leave it checcked off once you accomplish it. @Jasseji, it would not require a TON of work, but there would be major gaps in the progression. The idea of the pack was to progress through the different "accomplishments" of the human race in space. If you notice, there is not any Mercury missions, this is because once Vostok 1 happened, it doesn't really make sense for the player to be tasked with sending someone up in a Suborbital flight. Which side of the Iron Curtain were you planning on playing with? I have been working on a separate US only Contract Pack as well.
  8. I am messing around with implementing some Test Flight information and am wondering how exactly the following work in TestFlightCore: techTransfer techTransferMax techTransferGenerationPenalty I understand that techTransfer brings in data from a different Test Flight part. Can it use multiple parts? For example, if I want to have a small amount of data transfer from every rocket launched, can I set a list in the techTransfer? Is it a one time transfer? Does it only happen when the part is unlocked, or, can I have it that every time a different engine is used, this engine gets some of the data? THANKS!
  9. Thank you, hopefully they won't expire, but if they do, it sounds like it might be a Contract Configurator bug.
  10. There is not much to check, sounds like you did it correctly. That being said, there is nothing written in the contracts that has them expire. They should be available until you choose them.
  11. Yes, I will include that in the OP. Can you check your install. The contracts are not setup that way. For example, the Polar Satellite that you mention has no expiration and no specific time table to finish.
  12. I understand what you are saying. The mission just says that you have to have at least 3 people on the initial launch. You can land as few as you want. I will change it so that you require two people. I never liked that people would send missions with the Kerbals all alone.
  13. Hey Captain, When you say that you don't like when I require at least three for a mission to the Mun, do you mean that I shouldn't force the player to have that many?