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  1. This actually is possible now in 1.2. There is a line that can be added to the part config file called identicalPart. You can set that as a comma separated field and every part that is grouped in there will unlock with the part where you placed the config. identicalPart = Part1, part2, part3, etc
  2. Thank you @JedTech! I am really glad that you are enjoying it!
  3. Hey @wile1411, You are correct in your thinking about which Contract Packs to keep alongside. Also, you should be able to use ScanSAT as that support is not really implemented in my pack as well. Enjoy! @Mr Shifty It has "some" support with all of the major life support mods with some of the Space Station Missions. It should work well with late game mods since there are missions to land on places that are very far away from the home planet.
  4. I have a couple of ideas. Can you test if I send them to you?
  5. Excellent news! I know how difficult getting the install correct can be!
  6. Career Evolution Contract Pack The smart contract pack that fixes many of the issues in stock career mission progression. I only play Career mode in KSP because I need to have a direction, a mission, a plan. The contracts give me something to do so I can plan my missions around them. However, I have not played stock career mode since my first career. Thanks to @nightingale and his Contract Configurator mod, I haven't had to. There are amazing mod packs created by @nightingale, @severedsolo, @inigma, @Yemo and many many more. The issue I had with all of these modpacks is that they work together to some degree, but the do not necessarily progress logically because they are all from separate packs. WHAT IS THE CAREER EVOLUTION? It is a Contract Pack that takes the player from uncrewed launches like sounding rockets, to the first satellite into crewed launches that explore the solar system. There are contracts for uncrewed exploration of the solar system as well as crewed exploration that includes space stations, surface bases and more. It uses a logical progression so you will explore your nearest planetary neighbors before getting contracts for the rest of the solar system. You crawl before you can walk before you can run. WHAT ARE THE MISSIONS? Early Space Program (No Crew) Satellites (No Crew) Mun & Minmus Exploration (No Crew) Crewed Milestones Planetary Flybys, Orbits & Landings (No Crew) Space Stations (with MUCH influence and code from @severedsolo great pack) Crewed Flybys and Landings Surface Bases (with MUCH influence and code from @severedsolo great pack) WHAT ELSE DO I NEED TO KNOW? These contracts support all modpacks where the HomeWorld is the 3rd planet from the Sun. This means Stock, and stock resizes, RSS, all RSS resizes as well. This currently does NOT support Galileo's Planet Pack but I am looking at ways to remedy that. I HIGHLY recommend Stock with Outer Planets Mod by @CaptRobau or one of the RSS variants. The contracts are designed to take advantage of the extra planets. You MUST use a Unmanned first Tech Tree. These are the ones I recommend: Historical Progression Tech Tree by @pap1723 (me) Unmanned Before Manned by @Yemo Engineering Tech Tree by @Probus REQUIRED MODS Contract Configurator from @nightingale Module Manager DOWNLOADS GitHub SpaceDock License: CC-BY-NC-SA
  7. Looking at the log, it does not look like Contract Configurator is installed? Try deleting the whole Contract Configurator folder. And installing the 1.2.2 version again.
  8. @MatBailie There is some extensive information here: Also, please provide feedback on what changes you think should be implemented.
  9. @Edwin1993 EDIT: Do you have Contract Configurator installed? And is it the most recent version for 1.2.2? -Was told you are good here. When you first started your career, in the Difficulty Options, you can de-select contracts to show up. Is there any chance that you accidentally did that?
  10. Have you researched enough technology to unlock the other configurations? Only Booster is available from the start.
  11. @MacLuky has taken over for Lionhead and these are mostly configured for RO still.
  12. This is actually very accurate. If you look at the orbits of the early satellites, they were highly elliptical like you are getting. It wasn't until later when restartable engines and bipropellant engines came around when you/they could fine tune and circularize orbits.
  13. Hello @MattMarquo, This is not released for 1.3 yet. That being said, you should be able to use it in 1.3 with the new Kopernicus and MFI, but you will have to download them separately and I have not tested it to see if it works. A 1.3 release will be out Soon™