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  1. NEW UPDATED RELEASE: Fixed a major issue where the Space Station contracts were not actually finding the space station and therefore was not moving on - BIG THANKS to @metalpoetza for his work on this! Added a new contract Suborbital Return that is available after you first cross the Karman Line Changed the prerequisite of Orbit & Return to require the First Satellite contract as well as the Suborbital Return contract Thanks to @linuxgurugamer and @tater for their continued reports and ideas as well!
  2. Thanks for working on this @metalpoetza! This is going to make things so much better! I am also going to be changing some of the progression elements with feedback from @tater. Reentry will be broken out into Suborbital Reentry and then Orbital Reentry. Also the first Space Station contract will be available after the First Docking contract is completed. Any others I missed @tater?
  3. Thanks for the detailed information and quick response!
  4. Here is a repository of files shared on my Dropbox. It is an assortment of PDF and other types of files that has information about real rockets, studies, engines, etc. Use it for information and please add your own documents to it to help grow our knowledge base.
  5. Hi @Shadowmage! If I haven't said it before, thank you for SSTU and I love all of the work you have done. It is one of my must have mods that I need to play with! I am using this in Realism Overhaul RP-0 and the way it works, the limits on the tank sizes are not necessary to upgrade like in stock. They should be available from the beginning. I have messed around with creating MM patches with the TECHLIMITS information, but I CANNOT get the max and minimum tank sizes available from the beginning, can you help me with my stupidity? Thanks, Pap
  6. Great success!! Thanks for checking! Hey @Daniel Prates, that was not something that was in my contract pack. A big part of the reason is that I personally do not fly planes at all. I have tried and failed many times. Therefore I could not test the missions to make sure they were working and did not want to include them that way.
  7. UPDATE to Version 1.6 Small fixes to many missions to fix completion issues Fix to STS-41B by removing the EVA component as it was not working correctly Fix Apollo Rover missions by allowing the player to accomplish mission using a separate rover from the lander
  8. And after looking a little more into it. It has some weird bugs in my game where I can accept it, but there is no mission text.... I will dig a little deeper.
  9. @Moiety, can you tell me what your debug screen alt-10 says about the mission. There is something in your save that it doesn't like. I just loaded up my test version and am not seeing it as red. Alternatively, you can post the STS-41B debug file created by Contract configurator.
  10. Can you confirm that STS-41B is not listed anywhere? I just looked at the code and it should be. It followed STS-9 and was the first time there was an untethered space walk.
  11. This was done because historically, it was much easier to throw a spacecraft at the Moon than it was to learn how to bring something back from orbit. I don't think most people understand the actual difficulty in bringing things back safely to Earth from orbit. The US failed 12 times with their Corona program before they were successful, then there were many others that failed. There was the tragedy of Soyuz and Columbia. The temperatures that build up outside of a reentry vehicle are hotter than the sun. That is what I was trying to recreate.
  12. @Sandworm thanks for the updates! Does this include the most recent of the Tantares updates?
  13. I am assuming this might happen when only the new Tantares is included? @NISSKEPCSIM can you post the error? @notJebKerman they will show up in relatively normal areas. I used the old nodes from the Stock tech tree and put them in order of how they are on the stock tree, but they will not necessarily be exactly where they would be placed otherwise. Yep, that won't break anything. That is part of the reason I decided to break out the individual config files for the different mods.
  14. @PART[*] { @TechRequired = none }
  15. Hi @DC, The early engines you are missing are from the Taerobee mod (i think) as I have them installed and have both the Aerobee engines as well as the V2 engines.