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  1. Okay. I tried the new Skylab updates and I found a problem: Got into orbit and found out that one of my solar panels was broken. Is this as intended? @Jso @CobaltWolf
  2. If I remember correctly Saturn Multibody Heavy has the middle core stage at 50-60% thrust with the side cores at max thrust. After side separation, the middle core throttle up if needed.
  3. As Jso's reply you quoted states: the numbers were not correctly inputted. They'll get fixed. If you're struggling with the "in progress" Skylab, you might need to wait until it's finished before using it.
  4. The Skylab/MOL labs are a three step process. You need a lab, experiments and ResearchKits. Send up the lab with experiments to perform and ResearchKits to fuel the lab. Then choose to run experiments from the Manage Operations button in the lab. That will take time, power, and ResearchKits and turn them into an science data you can return to Kerbin. We'll have to get a better explanation in the part descriptions.
  5. Is it just the Skylab S-IVB shell that had most of the weight? Screenshots would be helpful. We're pushing another balance fix this evening and I want to get it all fixed.
  6. Because the IVA never got finished. There's someone who's (slowly) working on an IVA but none will be done by @CobaltWolf because it's not a priority or necessity.
  7. Buran did but use OMS to circularize. The Energia second stage carried it to a elliptical low orbit and the OMS rised and circularized after. Buran also only had two OMS engines. Pak also included a Buran tank butt with extra Monopropellant for the end of Buran style shuttles. Just changing the launch profile to have the booster do the orbital insertion will make a huge difference in performance.
  8. What we need is some enterprising modder to make an Apollo Telescope MOUNT that is animated.
  9. It will break everything. [Edit] More specifically, the mod is in a precarious state of flux as numerous systems are being updated, rewritten, tweeked, or dropped completely. A career save should not be subjected to updates like this.
  10. Constellation Space Program Redux - Three Part Challenge This challenge is a revised version of @Death Engineering's Constellation Space Program Program for KSP 1.2. Why? Because no matter what happens in real-life, Constellation will never die. One thing that the last challenge was lacking was a completion badge, so I've gone ahead and corrected it. It's January 2008 and the first prototype of the Orion spacecraft has just been unpacked. This new spacecraft can carry up to 6 crew and is designed for missions to the KSS, munar orbital and deep space missions. There is a team of engineers working on a new lifter family, called Ares, based on technology developed for the retiring Space Shuttle program. Another team is developing the Altair advanced munar lander, while another group is off in the corner talking about landing on "the red planet". These three new spacecraft, all developed using technology from the Space Shuttle and Apollo space programs, make up the Constellation space program. Expectations are high for this revival of deep space exploration, and there is no sign on the horizon of any kind of global financial meltdown that might impinge upon the development of the Constellation space program, in any way, whatsoever. The Constellation space program is divided into three main mission profiles: Missions to the orbiting Kerbal Space Station to replenish supplies and deliver crew Munar orbital/landing missions Duna flyby/landing missions In addition, there is a rules sub-set for anyone wishing to develop only the Duna spacecraft and carry out the "red planet" landing missions. See "Duna Direct Challenge" below. This challenge puts you in charge of implementing the visions of the Constellation space program. You will need to develop a space launch system, a command module for at least 4 crew, and a new lander program. Once ready, you will then plan and execute a series of missions ranging from un-Kerballed ballistic tests to landings on the Mun and Duna. Three kinds of points are awarded: Design Points, Mission Points and Science Points. Design points are awarded based on design principles which resemble the Constellation hardware and for completion of various stages in the design process. Mission points are awarded for carrying out specific mission profile steps designed to push the limits of the Constellation space hardware, and your mission execution skills. Unless otherwise specified, all points only count once. As several of the Mission Points include rendezvous and docking with an orbiting space station, there is a 'persistent' file provided below which includes a simple space station in a 120 km orbit and features two of all three types of docking ports. If you choose to launch/use your own space station, it must be in an orbit with Pe/Ap both above 120km. It should also have at least 4 Kerbals on board. Challenge Summary: For a minimum of four crew, develop: ⦁ Space capsule with separate Command and Service modules which will jettison the Service module before re-entry (Orion) ⦁ Two-stage to orbit lifter for the crew capsule (Ares I) ⦁ Two-stage to orbit (first stage plus an KDS) for the Orion/Altair/Duna spacecraft (Ares V) ⦁ Munar lander (Altair) and Duna lander ⦁ Duna Surface Return Vehicle ⦁ Perform science in space, on Duna and on the Mun Using only the hardware developed above, perform: ⦁ Missions to an orbiting space station ⦁ Munar landing and return using KOR mission profile ⦁ Duna landing and return using separate Duna lander and Duna ascent vehicle (the lander stays on Duna as-is) Design Points (Max 70 points): Mission Points (Max 66 points): Duna Direct Challenge (Stand-alone challenge scoring for Duna Landing Missions only - Max 30 points): Challenge Rules: Optional: New SAVE files with simple space station at 120km, 2 of each docking port and four Kerbals on board (KSP v 0.90): 1. Save-game directory: https://www.dropbox.com/s/evmp0jbtbdsa597/CCR.zip 2. Just the persistent file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cx4jyo93r1wlro3/persistent.sfs [*]Stock or mod parts permitted. [*]Other than SAS, no flight assists. Fly it yourself without mods that aid in flight/landing. [*]Low orbit is considered to be minimum 75km x 75km. [*]Boilerplate test launches do not need to use an actual capsule but do need to have similar mass to a final capsule. For example, the boilerplate capsule/KDS should have the same amount of fuel that the the KDS and Orion service module carry, a probe core, and either re-enter or be able to de-orbit itself. [*]Un-Kerballed test launches should use the final, "announced" hardware and be robotically controlled to mission completion. [*]Once you develop your space hardware, post it on this this thread as an "announcement" from your space program. The hardware should remain unchanged throughout the challenge steps after your announcement. [*]You may announce hardware separately as they are developed, but you cannot claim points on a mission step unless you have already posted about the hardware used in that mission in another post. In other words, you can complete and earn points for each phase of the space program (R&D, low orbit, Mun, Duna) separately before the next phase is developed and "announced". [*]The leaderboard will be updated as posts are submitted, so feel free to announce hardware and post mission steps as they are completed. The intent is to treat each challenge entry like a developing space program and to encourage discussion as each space program makes steps forward. [*]For space station missions, the space station must be in a circular orbit of at least 120km. [*]Where "pressurized" is stated, this means any command pod and not the open-air command seat, although seats may be present in addition to the command pod(s). [*]Science points require at least one Science part, one communication part, and a probecore and remains powered. Mission Completion Badges
  11. Thanks so much. I'll see what I can do to tweak the resources that I need. This was super helpful.
  12. So, to get the amount I'm shooting for, of need to set each value to reach the final number after being multiplied by the capsule volume? That's a little perplexing. Each crewed part from BDB ends up with 5 days of supplies (oxygen, food, and water) for the max number of seats on board. Where is that getting computed?