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  1. @magico13 I'll play with this tonight. I'll have to kick you some thank you Patreon money when I get my check. [UPDATE] Stage Recovery works great. But even when I set the cfg in ScrapYard OverrideFunds = True It still does not update the cost in the VAB. Is that beyond the scope of ScrapYard at the moment? (Again. I'm playing in sandbox if that makes a difference.)
  2. @magico13 Awesome. Is that fund override settings for something I can flip in in the ScrapYard folder or the Persistent file?
  3. A quick question about ScrapYard. I was just testing it with a Shuttle/ET/SRB stack and after successfully landing my shuttle, I was able to use ScrapYard's inventory to knock the time of construction with KCT from 128 days to 75 days. However, it didn't change the cost of the Shuttle stack in KSP. Is this something that ScrapYard does with KCT? (I was testing with Sandbox instead of Career.) Another question is related to Stage Recovery and ScrapYard. Is there plans to integrate these two mods? I used SR to recover the SRBs on my shuttle stack and while SR says they were recovered successfully, ScrapYard didn't show them in inventory.
  4. Is the Shuttle-C nose cone a probe or do I need to include one?
  5. So if I name my craft [Spork] Bad BDB Parts Rocket or [Spork] Good Tantares Parts Rocket it will assign them the number? Correct?
  6. I'm still thoroughly enraptured by this saga. Hopefully you'll be able to beat that Muse into submission. Maybe a different voice would be helpful. A new report or something if it deals with the war might be a fun change of narrative pace.
  7. @Z3R0_0NL1N3 I could see adding two extra seats to the mid-deck as a config option in an update. My concern about six seats is both related to mid-deck area and tradition. Making room for six mid-deck crew seats would require adjusting the current seating arrangement (which is modeled in, not configed). As well, tradition puts an expanded Mk3 cockpit crew capacity at six and going to much higher might devalue common wisdom.
  8. I thought that I should take some time to enjoy your latest batch of parts. Here's a silly album of what I did.
  9. I definitely have plans to make sure the mid-deck IVA is backwards compatible with every version of KSP after 1.2.2. Having the confidence that the mod will be usable with each new version of KSP once it becomes the old version is very important to me. As for steam workshop, right now I only own KSP from the KSP web store. So I am only able to upload my mid-deck mod to the Civilization V steam workshop. If you have a copy of Civ V already purchased, I think that will work out for you. However, I don't advise purchasing Civ V just to download the IVA when Spacedock is available. (I can say that Civ V is an amazing game and I have always chosen to play that instead of working on an Apollo CSM IVA for a "friend".)
  10. Not currently. After I get ASET implemented, I definitely want to look at supporting popular mods like FASA and Bobcat. I'll have to give the original Mk3 Cockpit a look as well.
  11. Not a dumb question at all. At this time, no, these mods won't play well together. But I am looking at adding RPM and ASET support in the future.
  12. THANKS!!! It took some time. I have to post a thanks to my playtester @TimothyC in the first post. I did the entire thing so I could have a cool IVA for @Speeding Mullet's stupid awesome Shuttle Challenge V4 Maybe...