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  1. Feel free to listen to some glorious music while perusing the album.
  2. Yes. Just the MODULE{...} stuff. You need to make sure to not add other brackets though.
  3. @Abrecan Try making this a .cfg file.
  4. @Beale If there's on part I'd love to see sooner rather than later, it would be a Soyuz/VA Launch Abort Tower. There are a lot of failure mods calling to me.
  5. This is a very cool looking mod. I'll have to give it a try in a play thru.
  6. An odd question that might be better served in a different thread. I was trying to use Scrapyard the FMRS (@linuxgurugamer's recovery mod). When I land the first stage of my stockalike Falcon 9, FMRS says that the parts are recovered but ScrapYard doesn't show them in its inventory. Is getting these two mods to work together a possibility (I realise you two have worked together on Stage Recovery/FMRS recently).
  7. @magico13 I'll play with this tonight. I'll have to kick you some thank you Patreon money when I get my check. [UPDATE] Stage Recovery works great. But even when I set the cfg in ScrapYard OverrideFunds = True It still does not update the cost in the VAB. Is that beyond the scope of ScrapYard at the moment? (Again. I'm playing in sandbox if that makes a difference.)
  8. @magico13 Awesome. Is that fund override settings for something I can flip in in the ScrapYard folder or the Persistent file?
  9. A quick question about ScrapYard. I was just testing it with a Shuttle/ET/SRB stack and after successfully landing my shuttle, I was able to use ScrapYard's inventory to knock the time of construction with KCT from 128 days to 75 days. However, it didn't change the cost of the Shuttle stack in KSP. Is this something that ScrapYard does with KCT? (I was testing with Sandbox instead of Career.) Another question is related to Stage Recovery and ScrapYard. Is there plans to integrate these two mods? I used SR to recover the SRBs on my shuttle stack and while SR says they were recovered successfully, ScrapYard didn't show them in inventory.
  10. Is the Shuttle-C nose cone a probe or do I need to include one?