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  1. I have an entire playlist of his music blasting in the background. Literally finished Liberty Bell just now. And I am currently playing KSP right now, how convenient.
  2. First of all, mods, idk where to put this thread (Not gameplay related, Mac isn't PC :P) and its not exactly the most important question but if you have to then move it. I just found out Siri on my Mac can open all my games! The thing is, I can't play KSP. Well...Not exactly...I have to open it using the Unix executable due to something about OS X. Siri only opens KSP (here) So does anyone know how to get Siri to directly execute the executable of KSP? Its not mandatory, I'm just wondering if its possible...
  3. My trains seem to constantly have seizures...It seems that putting a lot of landing gear on small craft is not a good idea. It seems to be the "suspension" they have over powering the weight of the relatively small cars? Then theres the bigger trains (signature for reference) which in this update, can't go very far without one or all of the smaller rover wheels breaking...
  4. -80(+)
  5. traindriverSpace Speak like Yoda I must. Answer. Name, what is yours? Your quest what is it? Path what Fear is?
  6. But cracked craters are owned by you it has ye trademark
  7. nnnnnnnOOeeesssssss
  8. intergalactic
  9. I personally find burnt bacon quite nice.
  10. 1853: Gasp is that the new B-21? No its a weather ballon.
  11. Granted. They are high by low standards. I wish I could dominate the Forum Games section.
  12. I say screw stealing it and eat it straight out of your hands. I eat the cookie. Again.
  13. No. @kerbinorbiter
  14. banned for grating cheese not the left way.
  15. Haven't claimed it though. My crater. @cratercracker plz no