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  1. I was bored. It can actually go fast enough to break its "guns!" Next stop, AT-TE! Though I'm 99.99% sure I could re-purpose the AT-AT head into a PERFECT AT-ST Main Body with minimal modifications! Just don't know how I'll balance it... Screw it. I'll just put it on a chassis!
  2. 5+
  3. Stare at the screen. Would surf a bit in the fourms if I had to.
  4. My first "flying boat!" (That Titanic that I strapped wings on doesn't count) I call it the Duckling!
  5. I might be wrong, bit isn't pain the same thing as feeling (physical) things? Just exageratted? If so than no...Mental pain is a big yes for me though. Also: is it in pill form? If it is than no. I really dont like pills.
  6. I direct you to my signitute!
  7. You do realize that KSP for the most of its lifetime has BEEN Sandbox? There have been so many threads about lack of goals in not just Sandbox, but Carrer too, as well as Science mode! It seems some people buy for JUST carrer mode nowadays. KSP is all about exploration and building and flying, where YOU make the rules! Career was just an addon to it. Now I bought this before Carrer mode hit it huge, but I cant imagine how many threads poped up like this in "ye old days." Plus, why is Sandbox harder for newbies? It gives more space and flexability in expirementing and eventually refining techniques! You complain of lack of goals but KSP has had no goals for years! Now to remedy the carrer mode problem you seem encountering, Im sure a Custom difficulty could help adjust to your playstyle. Now sorry if this rambling was indecipherable but I can get quite defensive of this game... Just expirement and fly, make your own! Because that is what people have been doing for years.
  8. Fight For The Waterhole (ANOTHER Art Class assignment) Yeah I'm not the best at drawing humans at a small scale...or perspective...or animals...Oh well! Hey, at least the other 3 in the back look pretty decent! (I'm not even gonna talk about the coloring, I really don't like coloring...) (Also all work is being passed back next week for prepare for a "buttload" [as my art teacher DOESN'T like to say ] of work. [maybe...I rushed them a WEE bit]) I'm probally going to sound really stupid but I think it looks more like Shakespeare with a different haircut... (Edit: It DOES look like him, on par!) (Edit, Again: IS THAT PEN??? You are brave sir!)
  9. The KLAW!
  10. Should be able to just use the Klaw, much more stable. Recovered a whole fusalage of an aircraft with it!
  11. May 12, 1918, HMTS Olympic rams U-103 during WW1. Sure what really happned was her propeller scliced through the U boat's conning tower but she as an OCEAN LINER rammed a lightship (which sank) AND survived a ram from a crusier, IN BETTER CONDITION. Oh and thats my attempt at dazzale coamoflauge, not battle damage... And:
  12. 1625: Break Time! (everything in this room is broken)
  13. Sounds For The Supermarket 2 Again, I dont think they made these "secret subliminal meassages" work properly...
  14. 1622: Is that an Avenger with a torpedo I hear?